Welcome to the Isles of Adrasteia

The Isles of Adrasteia is a free, online web based Multi-User-Dungeon (MUD) with a player base of role-play enthusiasts eager to interact with new members of the game community. Register now to create your unique character and step into a new and ever expanding world full of drama, intrigue and adventure.

An Entire World Awaits

Adrasteia is a growing and evolving world, where opportunities for in character discovery and exploration abound. Islands as large as small continents, or as small as sandbanks can be written into existence and added to our game database as explorable dungeon tiles, along with the new terrains and races that might occupy them. So long as due creative process is expended in developing the new geographical region, the opportunities for expanding the game world are limitless.

Join Our Community

If you are new to role-play, members of the game community will be here to help you through the learning process, or you can review the brief tutorial and role play sample that we have provided on the wiki for help. With nine playable game races, the option to apply for unlimited customized races, as well as multiple base classes to choose from and UNLIMITED character accounts permitted for free, your options for character creation and storytelling are truly boundless. Register today, and let your stories begin!