Arc: The Great Reformation

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This arc follows from the When the Wall Falls arc.

The wall has not yet fallen, but the cure has been released.

Reformation is underway.

Its source is an unlikely and unusual one, but whether from the West or not, the wheels have been set in motion. Change will be inevitable.

In fact, it's already begun...

Chapter One: The Beginnings of Change

Plans are devised to begin a great change in the East, but who will be the major players in one of the biggest historical events in Ankou's history since the plague?

  1. RP:A Working Plan
  2. RP:The Good News
  3. RP:Chance Helper
  4. RP:Operation Blood
  5. RP:Venture

Chapter Two: Wheels in Motion

With the foundation setting, East Ankou's population can do almost anything to shape its future, but they can't do it alone.

  1. RP:Leader of the Survivors
  2. RP:Reconstruction
  3. RP:The Headquarters
  4. RP:The Mercy Kill
  5. RP:Overkill
    1. RP:Unlikely Companions
  6. RP:The Professor
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