Arc: War in the North

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Tensions within Rosfjorn grow as numerous enemies begin to show themselves to the tribes. War seems inevitable. Follow The Story of Rosfjorn with a concise summary, or browse the logs below to follow independent sub arcs.

OOC Note: All role plays are simultaneously in Progress!

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War in the North

With the threat of White Wraiths the tribes form an alliance to shred their common enemy. Along the path however, new obstacles present themselves. Will the tribes hold the north or shall they fall into destruction?

The Clans

The Wraiths are not the only danger the small Rosfjoran communities face in the harsh wilderness. The soaring threats of the Harpies who seek male lifeforms with which to breed, means that mature males, vulnerable enough to be taken are at risk. The clans ally to protect their young from this new threat.

  1. RP:From Above
  2. RP:Kidnaping Children
  3. RP:Northern Meeting
  4. RP:Captains Backing
  5. RP:Negotiations Begin
  6. RP:The Desert Emissary
  7. RP:Saving The Drow
  8. RP:The Intruders
  9. RP:A Gathering
  10. RP:The Drow and The Elders
  11. RP:A Roughskin Delegation Arrives
  12. RP:Rescuing the Desert Emissary
  13. RP:The Doctor Arrives
  14. RP:Unexpected outsiders
  15. RP:Of Trade, Skills and Alliances
  16. RP:Eija Visits the Seer
  17. RP:The Healing of Signe
  18. RP:Of Visions and Changes
  19. RP:Clearing the Wildlings
  20. Festival of the Ancients

White Wraiths RP

The long standing and most dangerous enemies for the clans to the south, the White Wraiths have wrecked havoc on the Rosfjoran communities for generations. Divine intervention has offered some security for a while, but there are signs that the wraiths are on the prowl again, and that little may be able to hold them back.

  1. RP:The Summoning
  2. RP:An Ambush?
  3. RP:The King and His Thrall
  4. RP:The First of Many

The Witch of the Reach RP

Hidden away in the northern reaches, a wicked power grows. Illisaria the witch vampire seeks to establish her influence and power through pacts and contracts with all who bear influence on the isle, be they beast, man, or spirit. Her agenda is her own, her objective unknown; but the witch would be queen of it all.

Hell Raiser RP

As if the threats found in long established enemies to the north was not enough trouble for the souls of Rosfjorn, there arises in their midst a new menace. The Necromancer Alareik who seeks to turn the savage, death ridden lands to his own advantage.

  1. RP:Exploring the Temple

Independent Role Plays in Rosfjorn

The following is a list of all of the role plays that have taken place in Rosfjorn that may occur outside any of the main island arcs.

  1. RP:Death of the Psychic
  2. RP:The Lake, The Witch and The Curse
  3. RP:Exploring the Temple
  4. RP:Saving The Drow
  5. RP:To Hunt
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