Arc: When the Wall Falls

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Why create a place like Ankou.. to isolate and see how far its citizens would go without magic, only to stop them when they push their limitations..?

Why do you not send them to prove that they are more than average? Isn't that the sort of story you want?

If they survive what is to come, it will be proof enough.


Chapter One: The Beginnings of Redemption

A centuries old machine, one of the sins of Ankou, is found and given a chance at life. The God of Lore begins his tale where it left off, and leaves only a year to prepare for the devastation that will come.

  1. RP:The Price of Redemption
  2. RP:The Reborn Girl
  3. RP:The Visitation of Lore

Chapter Two: A Deadline Fought

An immediate backlash begins over the deadline of Ankou. A hand controls the assassins who seek to purge the world of Ankou's hero, before the fight even starts.

  1. RP:The Psychic Assassination Attempt
  2. Seeking the Alpha
    1. RP:A Request for Aid
    2. RP:The Fae's Price
  3. RP:The Lady Di'Ohm's Assistance
  4. RP:Seeking the Runner
  5. RP:A Battle Not Fit for Knights
  6. RP:Assassins in the Keep
  7. RP:The Interrogation
  8. RP:Securing the Enemy's Aid
  9. RP:Death of the Psychic

Interlude: The Catalyst

Where one fails, can another succeed? When a protagonist meets an untimely death, what can the Story do but find another protagonist to carry the tale through? The Savior of Ankou, a genius of righteous conviction, met his end and left Ankou without a chance for redemption, but in his place comes an unexpected heroine. Even an anti-hero can deliver a good story.

  1. RP:The Chronicler
  2. RP:Knowledge and the Skeptic
  3. Forgotten Memories
    1. RP:The Nameless Child
    2. RP:No Man's Land
  4. Blinding Hate
    1. RP:Hatred Borne
    2. RP:Hatred Breathed
    3. RP:Juxtaposed
    4. RP:The Ankou Breed of Vampire
    5. RP:Beast With Two Fronts

Chapter Three: The Call

The Story proceeds.

  1. RP:Of Fire and Fate
  2. RP:The Underground Channel
  3. RP:The Inventor's Son
  4. RP:The Cyborg
  5. An End and a Beginning
    1. RP:The Final Symphony
    2. RP:The First Steps
  6. RP:The Beast and the Cross
  7. RP:Reluctant Allies
  8. Salvation or Perdition
    1. RP:Beneath the City
    2. RP:Down the Rabbit Hole


Ankou Ennis lives, but what is the price left to be paid for Ankou's salvation?

  1. RP:Rest
  2. RP:Recovery

Lost & Found

The following scenes have been found floating around the wiki with notation that they belong to this arc, but have not actually been attached to it. If you know about where they belong, please do set it accordingly.

  1. RP:In the Pursuit of Knowledge
  2. RP:From the Shadows
  3. RP:The Early Bird
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