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Isles of Adrasteia Area Leaders

An Area Leader is someone who is an exemplar within our community. By sponsoring and spurring on RP they have become well known in a specific area and are granted leadership over said area. An area leader becomes the IC and OOC defacto ruler, whether this makes them king, queen Emporer etc all depends on the government style system they put into play.

As an area leader, you will become responsible for creating arcs and stories for others to participate in. You'll also become responsible for updating and increasing the lore of your area.

Within this page you will find a table for the Isles of Adrasteia and it's current leaders. If your name is not on this list, you are not the admin approved leader.

If becoming an area leader sounds great to you, scroll down to the requirements section and the application section. Fill it out and Amail it to all current admins and moderators.

Current Area Leaders

Area Leader Deputy Government Type
Ankou Ennis Island None None N/A
Astaria None None N/A
Continental Adrasei None None N/A
Great Tal Island None None N/A
Haven Island None None N/A
Illynfel None None N/A
Miriton Island None None N/A
Ridgemourn None None Anarchy
Rosfjorn None None Tribal
Soteri Island None None N/A
The Abyss None None N/A
The Jangalan Subcontinent None None N/A

Area Leader Requirements

1. You must be in good standing with the Admin team. Generally this means that you keep your nose out of drama.

2. You excel at keeping ooc and ic separate.

3. The character applying for leadership must be a least 6 months old.

4. You must be able create an run an arc. Proof will be asked for within the application process.

5. It must make logical sense that your character would become an area leader.

6. Your character must be well established in the area.

7. You must be an active player.

8. Be willing to work with admins to sponsor story.


1. What is the name of the character who is applying for Leadership?

2. How long has this character been around?

3. Is it logical for them to become a leader? Please explain why.

4. Are you affiliated with an ooc drama?

5. Has this character led an arc all the way to it's completion?

7. Are you willing and capable to take over the areas wiki pages?

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