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Astra's True Form



The true form of the Goddess is rarely seen, a non-corporeal form that consists of a swirling mass of pure, blinding light. This energy shifts, emanating the different colors on the light frequency. At times it may seem to radiate the singular pulse of the sun, and at others, the shimmering spectrum of a star field. The Goddess adopts this form at her rest, or in times when she needs to call upon the unlimited resources of her power.

Typically, however, in her interaction with mortal and immortals alike, the Goddess adopts the form of an Astaren avian female. Tall, elegant and ethereally beautiful, the blonde haired and violet eyed avatar can appear with or without wings, but always dressed in garments of white, trimmed in gold, no matter the style.

Depending on the situation, she can appear in the regal couture of the Queen of the Aether, in a variation of the local dress of the one whom she visits, or in the uniform of the commander of the armies of Light.


Astra is the giver of life, and mother of all things, light and dark. As such, like any mother, she attempts not to choose sides when inevitable squabbles arise in the natural order, seeking rather to preserve the delicate balance in which all life can thrive. It is only when that balance is severely threatened, by one side or another, that the Goddess sees fit to intervene. Often, this level of imbalance is only achieved when immortals intervene in the affairs of the mortal plane, prompting a reaction of similar influence to counter its effects. In this manner she has come into opposition of Nox, the God of Chaos and her eternal nemesis, several times over the millennia.


Before the time of the shaking,

Before the tainting of mortal blood,

Before the beginning of everything, there was The Continuum.

The swirl of the Aether oversaw the balance, and Order and Chaos, Light and Darkness flowed never-ending over the void. The Gods of these domains, Astra and Nox sat in Divine Council.

To exist in an Eternity outside of time, to be the beginning of everything, to be together but alone- bound to an oppositional force, is her eternal curse.

Realms rise and fall, mortals and gods both pawns in an eternal game they would never know of, or hope to understand.

Her favored, His favored;

His rebellion, Her judgement.

His Chaos, Her Order

Through the cycles of new born Time, she plays the game, and along the way tries to preserve her creation from the chaos the eternal divine war inevitably brings.

There will never be peace, there will never be a victor, there will never be defeat.

There will only ever be, the eternal game, and the winner of the current hand.

He rests for a season, and she takes her rest.

For when He wakens,

Her hour will come to rise.


The Aether; The physical upper atmosphere of the terrestrial realm, and the totality of the living spirit world.


Tix; Messenger of the Goddess, shapeshifter

Keturah; The desert born Sehraka, prophetess of Astra

Bastion; Astaren monk

Alea; The spirit of Chance

Fortuna; The Lady Luck

Serafim; The Light Bender and Paladin of Astra

Lademonius; Paladin/Komodo

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