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Life Expectancy: 3500 – 4000 years
Homeland: The Mountain peaks, and lowland jungle terrain.
Average Height: 6’ 4”
Average Weight: 180- 200 pounds
Preferred Classes: Mage, Illusionist, Warrior, Bard
Classes this race can be:  Any
Preferred Alignment: Chaotic good
Preferred Weapons: Elemental magic, spears, glaves, range weapons.
Aggression Level: Moderate
Intelligence Level: High
Magic Rating: High
Strength Rating: Moderate
Weak Against:  Physical melee
Strong Against:  Dark magic
Related Races:  Humans, Elves
Allied Races:  None
Enemy Races:  Dragons



  • The Astaren: This subrace of avian are held in some reverence by the local populations, mainly for their similarity in appearance to the deity Astra, who chooses to manifest in their form. Largely humanoid, and sometimes elfin in appearance, and generally considered attractive, the Astaren dwell as close to the Aether as they can manage, choosing to build and populate opulent cities in the natural formations of the mountain tops.
  • The Terramide: This subrace of avian is known among the common people as bird men; the moniker earned for the fact that their bodies above the neck take on the appearance of the various subspecies of birds of prey. Of the two subraces, the anthro Terramide are more often found in the low lands, and dwelling close to or among its other inhabitants. Their preferred territory is the denser jungle and they often adopt a tribal way of life.


Both subraces of avian are taller on average that their human or elfin relatives, and tend toward lithe and athletic build, although the Terramide are capable of a more muscular physique if they limit the time they spend in flight. They are not naturally strong physical specimens; their bodies having evolved for the mechanism of the sustaining of flight. Avians are unable to carry much more than a quarter of their own weight in normal flight at maximum. The wings of both subraces manifest at will, and are often worn cloaked in illusory shield, leaving them to all appearances wingless unless they choose to reveal the appendages.


The psychology of the subraces has evolved as a reflection of their different cultures. The Astaren are a proud and haughty race, keenly intellectual and inclined to philosophical debate. They are by no means uniform in world view and heated contradictory attitudes and philosophies have been known to evolve within the group.

The Terramide, on the contrary, view themselves as guardians and servants of the natural world they inhabit. Fiercely territorial and proud of their aptitude in tracking and hunting, they are a people of few words, and believers in action.

Both groupings tend to prefer their own company.


The Astaren: Highly civilized and developed, a measure of advanced magical technology. Deeply attuned to the arts and music and a stronger belief in the deities.

The Terramide: A very tribal and communal society. They are almost primitive in their weaponry utilizing natural resources to craft most of what they own. A deeply spiritual race, they tend more toward shammanistic ritual than traditional beliefs. Many learn to walk between planes and realms with time and practice.


The Astaren traditionally worship or otherwise revere Astra, though others are known to turn away and become acolytes of other deities.

The Terramide have by and large moved away from the worship of the greater deities, in favor of a more direct reverence for nature's laws. Of all the traditional gods, they are mostly attuned to Chron, given their persuit of travel through time and space.


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