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Ankou Ennis Island
Area Map
General Information
Area Leader: NPC City Council
Total Area: 596.7 sq mi (1,545 km²)
West Ankou Area: 232.3 sq mi (373.851km²)
Population: 17,981, (Averaged 58,083 before Plague)
Distance From Haven Island: 156 miles (251.058 km)
Travel Time from Haven Island: Avg. 31 hours
Seasons and Weather: Rainy and Dry (54° - 77°)
Notes of Interest
Ankou Technology cannot be taken off island. Magic cannot be brought in.
Death waits on the other side of the wall.

The Isle of Death

About a day and a half's sail to the south and west of the central island of Haven, the lucky or the skilled might discover the mysteries of Ankou Ennis Island. Hidden from the naked eye by the reflective barrier that is mounted on the enclosing wall, save for the shadowed opening of the harbor channel, and a patch of coastline on the east of the island where toxic corrosion has depleted the disguise, this island has followed its own evolution as the favored domain of Valdek, the God of Craft, and Meran the God of knowledge and Lore.

At one time the primary sphere of Valdek, Ennis thrived in leaps and bounds, a self contained reality with little connection to the outside world. Inventions abounded, the discovery of steam power and clockwork craft, driving the society from the medieval simplicity of the world it occupied, towards the height of mortal evolution. It was the concern for the rate of the development and knowledge of the mortals, that Meran, the teller was appointed to begin his most infamous and ongoing tale. Nobody knows how the rumors of the treasure horde believed to be hidden on Ankou's east side began, but almost all know that the pursuit of that treasure was somehow connected to the beginnings of the plague.The gods alone know of the curse that rests on the treasure horde, and that the plague of living death it unleashed was meant to return the mortals of Ennis to their humbler roots again.

In the face of the sweeping contagion, the residents of Ennis attempted to protect their future, erecting an unbreachable wall that divided the island in half. The infected were hunted and destroyed, or driven into quarantine on the East side, while the West side inhabitants closed ranks, living in fear and dread of the event that their counter measure would be over run. Some residents trapped on the East side survived the first wave of contagion, and have learned to eke out an existence among the plague ridden, often by hunting and stealing the bounty of newly arrived treasure hunters, or the weakest of the newly turned undead.

Knowledge and invention has slowed, Valdek having ceased to bestow his blessing, but it was permitted that the residents of Ennis could retain the knowledge they already had. As a security measure to ensure that what had occurred on the island would not happen elsewhere, the most developed aspects of Ennis technology were cursed to crumble to dust, should they be taken beyond its shore. Trade remains limited with the outside world, although travel to and from Ennis has become more common over time.


Geographic sub-areas in Ankou Ennis

West Ankou Ennis

It is loud in the heart of the city. There is the constant noise, never ending activity and the nonstop bustle of the people. They dress finely, walk proudly and carry the strangest of inventions. Some appear to have body parts replaced by mechanical workings that function just as well. Further to the south is the beginning of a track; planks, connected to steel railings. If one is unlucky enough to find themselves snagged, it would be suggested to move quickly for a giant machine is known to follow the path laid out. It is the only way to get past the large wall that seems to divide the island, erected by the island residents who feel that the plague that is on the eastern side is dangerous enough to be kept out. This half of the island is where life and invention thrives, and just about anything can be gotten for the right price.

East Ankou Ennis

This half of the hidden island doesn't seem at first, to be all that unusual. It was once run by the same civilization that claims the other half. Only there is a stillness here, a quiet that doesn't exist in the steady stream of noise that comes from the western border. Not even the animals make noise here - there are no birds, no burrow of creatures. What is left of buildings are aged, as though they have been here for centuries. Greenery threatens to swallow it all, what manages to remain standing.

Player run Businesses

Business Name Owner Location
West Ankou Memorial Hospital William West Ankou
West Ankou Train Station Garith The Wall
Merchant's Stronghold Derrick, Brianne East Ankou Ennis

Economic areas in Ankou Ennis

The Captain's Arms

The Captain's Arm's offers up an artful blend of the traditional and the inventive in the decor it presents to the customers who cross its threshold. Round, dark wood tables that stand chest high on an upright man, are scattered around the taproom floor, the only seating offered coming from the tall bar stools tucked into their sides. The gleam of brass and copper is evident, both in the central circle plate that is embedded in the table tops, as well as in the ringed foot rests attached to the bases of table supports. Along the north facing wall, the long, polished wooden bar is trimmed with decorative copper piping that runs along the top and bottom doubling as arm and foot rests for those who choose to lean, while offering a frame for the circular patterns of wood and metal carved into its face. The expanse of wood paneled wall behind the bar is dotted with nautical paraphernalia, including a large, spoked ship's wheel and what seems to be the painting of an impossibly large galleon ship. Barrels containing liquor on brass taps of newly invented design line the wall beneath them, and tucked into a corner a large copper furnace seems to steadily burn. Its pipes run along the walls and up corners to the ceiling where they end at the copper light fixtures that hang over the room, the soft flickering gas glow they emit adding to the cheery atmosphere. The bar keep 'Cap' is a burly silver haired man, often found wearing a captain's cap cocked cheerfully to one side as he serves up round the clock. If he's ever actually captained a ship, no one seems to know, or much care.

Westside Market

If ever there was a thrumming heart to a city, the Westside Market would certainly be it. Rather than the glimmering bronze that gilds most of the city, every effort has been made to infuse color into the surroundings. Streamers and paper lanterns hang festively at every stall and building that has been erected along this particular strip of pathway. Artisans have set up booths to showcase their wares and latest inventions in hope of securing futures patrons and clients for themselves, while merchants- both living and clockwork- call out to hawk their goods to any who might pass by. Ever vigilant, steam and clockwork soldiers patrol the streets, but the atmosphere here is almost festive. It could almost be mistaken for a fairground, and in fact, it does seem that a few street performers have set up their shows here as well. Those businesses that have their own buildings have mostly been divided into two levels with different stores occupying each floor and sets of stairs outside that allow for immediate entrance to the second story shops. A few of them have a bit of a line to gain entry to some of the more popular, well known businesses on the market strip. In any case, the Westside Market is most certainly a bright patch in the shadow of the wall that divides the city.

The Merchant's Stronghold

The sign hanging outside the derelict building seems to be newer than anything else along that street. Merchants, it reads, though the five story building seems much less of a business building and much more of a stronghold. For many, it is the first stop on their adventures, and for good reason. Should the treasure hunters be at home, chances for survival increase exponentially. For a low price, they'll give adventurers weapons. For a cut of the treasure on the island- should their patrons be so fortunate to find it- they'll offer access to their prime weapons cache. Entrance to the stronghold seems to be impossible unless one knows where the ladder has been installed. The first and second floor stairwells have been destroyed, and the windows on those floors barricaded. Catching the merchants at home, however, still depends largely on luck. There's always the chance they're out hunting down the goods they've sold once it was clear their customers had not survived. But. Business is business.

Useful information about Ankou Ennis

  • Due to a Divine Barrier erected by the Gods of Craft and Lore, the advanced technology of Ankou Ennis cannot be taken off island. Likewise, magic cannot be brought into the island as the user will find themselves very quickly drained of their mana with no ability to replenish.
  • You can reach this island by using the out of character command available in the Departure Lounge located to the west of the Limbo Spawn point, or by travelling south west out of Haven's port Harbor until you reach the Ennis Harbor Channel.

  • The favored God of the inhabitants of Ankou is Valdek, God of Craft. Where spirituality is evident, it is usually devoted toward getting him to bestow his favor once more, but many have moved away from religion altogether in the pursuit of science and technology as generated by mortal inventiveness.

  • Items such as brass goggles, gaslamps are common. Their clothing is Victorian style; parasols, cravats are normal here.


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