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The City of Astaria
Area Map
General Information
Area Leader: NPC: Senate Chairs
Area: 140.5 sq mi (364 km²)
Population: 15,457
Distance From Haven Island: Portal Located on Island
Travel Time from Haven Island: N/A
Seasons and Weather: Winter, Summer(3° - 52° )
Notes of Interest
Location of the Temple of Astra

Astaria City:

Astaria was one of the first cities built by the ancient civilizations, roughly two hundred thousand years prior to the Mortal War as a land based city. Over time, it grew and flourished, matching even the lost empires on Miriton in advances. With the onset of the Mortal War over one million years ago, it, along with the remnant of the race that dwelled there, was nearly destroyed.

While the Dark Age stretched on for two hundred thousand years, the Astaren Empire survived through small settlements across the various islands. At the end of the Dark Age, however, the settlements finally began to grow into cities across the realm, with each taking turn at being the Astaren Capital.

Because of their status as the Goddess Astra's favored race and how close they came to destruction, the goddess sought to provide them with a failsafe to ensure their survival as a race if cataclysmic war ever happened again. When their race was finally advanced enough to build the floating city fortresses of old, they were summoned by Astra to Adrasteia and commissioned to build one such city that would serve as an ark and preserver for her favored.

Thus, the new Astaria was built one hundred thousand years ago, and uses this ancient technology. The city itself is a ship built into the top of Meran's mountain and built with a secret and classified technology that would enable the city to launch to escape the sort of the destruction the first city suffered in the event of another apocalyptic war.

Hidden in the city was the single key that can be used to activate and launch the floating city should the need or desire arise, but its existence and location were lost to time, until now. The Astaren had retained knowledge of the a distress beacon that their history claimed could summon help from beyond the the realm if the need arose. Though it was uncertain of who or what they were calling.

When Astra sealed Adrasteia off from the world to protect the realm from the destruction being caused by a wider universal Immortal war, contact between the avian populations on and off realm was severed and that was when the gradual loss of knowledge of what Astraia was began. It was only with the global cataclysm of a rift in the dimension of time, that the separating barrier was breached, and the truth revealed to the Astaren by the fallen God and Avian General Solaris. With the secrets of the city revealed, launch has occurred, and Astaria flies now, secure above the island of Haven.


Player run Shops and Businesses

Clans with Headquarters in Astaria

Training areas in Astaria

Map of Astaria City

Strategy Training Room:

A spacious, well lit room, the walls of the strategic training chamber are lined with incredible weapons of ingenuity crafted by Astarian history's most remarkable innovators and warriors; historical treasures that symbolize times of great trial and even greater triumph. it is a fair facsimile of the true war room of the citadel that lays much nearer its core. On the surface of the table that lies at the center of the room is a skillfully etched map of Astaria, and of the realm below. Geography of various islands are updated as frequently as new developments are constructed below. On top of the map are deliberately placed figurines which represent various entities of significance to whomever makes use of the strategy board; An excellent training tool for those seeking the rank of Khar, the strategic training room is often the first opportunity for such a one to demonstrate the skill to lead.

Combat Training Room:

Effort and determination fill the air within these quarters. Warriors, battle mages, and fighters alike train here, seeking to hone in on skills that could someday put them in a higher position of power. Hopefuls. The room is vast in size and height, and square in shape. Nine pillars of marble section off the room into nine smaller squares. Surrounding these squares, dozens of astaren fight. Some in groups, others individually. Some with bare hands, and some with weapons. Some on the ground, and others twisting airborne. Weapon racks, wooden targets, and injured fighters are scattered thoroughly, painting a scene truly fit for war . The weapons range from the littlest of dirks, to the greatest of axes, daggers, swords and pikes. Bows, spears, and javelins- everything ranged as well. The ground is solid stone, whitewashed, rough and unforgiving, wearing evidence of the occasional bloodstain. The cost of the learning curve. Instructors teach the younger astaren, while those with experience work out by themselves. Sounds of swords clashing, skin smacking on skin, and grunts of pain filled one's ears. This is where the astaren come to train, and hopefully leave a warrior.

Tower of the Magi:

To the west of the citadel and on the northern fringe of Port Street, the eye is drawn to a towering spire that seems to be the highest vantage point in the city. Flanked by pairs of pointed and only slightly less imposing turrets on either side, the facade seems to rest not on a standing building, but as the functional and decorative face of a space dug into a rugged chunk of mountain underside that was not leveled after the city launched. Grand open archways on both the ground and second floor levels of the facade, on closer inspection, serve as massive windows through which the occupants can look out over the city, but others cannot see in. Inside, torch lit and rough carved tunnels lead to various buried rooms and chambers of work and rest within the mountain, while stairwells lead up from the main lobby into the libraries and study halls of the tower itself. Renown as a school of magic, the Tower of the Magi in Astaria plays host to students and magus of every race and alignment, and like the temple to the south, serves as an attraction to visitors in search of knowledge in one of the oldest settlements in the realm.

Citadel Keep:

Within the corridor-connected buildings of this lofty segment of the citadel are the guardians of the Astaren. The collective towers and keeps house their many armories, entire buildings devoted purely to the purpose of housing the racks upon racks of swords, lances, maces, shields, breastplates and Gods-know-what-else. Training facilities are a common feature, specific locations devoted to the tutoring of recruits and the advancement of military officers respectively. Barracks are also to be found in this area, with soldiers in training often living in isolation from the civilians a tier below until their education is complete.

Economic areas in Astaria

Astaria Market Way:

Star Street climbs on, and a journey further eastward along the path eventually spills into the trade and service area of the city. Blacksmiths, tanners, tailors and more can be seen calling for the attention of the milling throngs of shoppers who wade in and out of the stalls and booths, drinking in the exotic sights of rare silks and foreign luxuries, the tempting smells of fine meats roasting on spits. Opportunists haggle with merchants, some spending days in search of ancient artifacts or the rare artwork collected or created by this noble race. Heading along the Market Way, the din and thrum of activity seems to increase. For many, this is one of their stops on the way home, and it seems there are less in the ways of luxury items, and far more practical goods and produce for sale. The scent of cooking food reveals a few stands where some might pick up a quick meal on the go, while groceries and necessities for home life are also sold in the stalls on this portion of the path. Winding streets spread north and east of the market, leading toward the section of the city where most of the local residents have built their homes.

Pilgrimage Areas in Astaria

Temple of Astra

On entering the temple, the peaked marble ceiling reflects the light within, directing eyes toward the over-sized and intricate statue in ivory and gold, of a beautiful Astaren female with eyes downcast and arms extended that graces the main public altar. The remnants of offerings are scattered at its feet, and comfortable cushioned lounges line the large window openings for the rest of those who wish to remain extended hours in supplication in the hope that Astra will reveal herself. Beyond the sculpture, arched and torch lit hallways lead along the length of the temple on either side, one to the austere and humble accommodation of the temple acolytes, and the other to the secure area known only as the Inner Sanctum. There, it is rumored, the goddess has been known to meet her favored, face to face.

Prayer Chambers

The murmur of sound and the sweet, heavy scents of incense and hallucinogens drift on the air in this enclosed, intimate antechamber of the temple. Windowless, and lit only with the glow of what seems to be hundreds of candles, smoking bowls lay in several places around the room, their fumes lifting the occupants beyond the physical plane and into awareness of the aetherial world. The prone forms of supplicants and acolytes both, lay on thin mats, enraptured in the throes of visions and and experiences of the Aether , encountering Aether spirits and other disembodied souls as they drift through that realm. For many, entering this heightened state of awareness is taken as a first step before entering the temple, in the hopes that it will make them all the more able to make contact with the more elusive goddess.

Useful information about Astaria

  • Astaria is a flying city; a citadel fortress that hovers over North Haven island.
  • A center of knowledge, learning, philosophy and world Lore.
  • The Astaren are Astra's favored race, and she is often found in their form, or dwelling in their midst in her temple.
  • Astarians are generally of good or neutral alignment, though some Astaren have been known to 'fall' seduced by other belief systems and philosophies.

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