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The City of Adrasei
The City of Adrasei
Area Map
General Information
Area Leader: NPC: Governor Elizabeth Bronwyn
Area: City Area: 399 sq mi (1,032 km²)

Land Area: 385.09 sq mi (997.38 km²)

Water Area: 13 sq mi (35 km²)

Population: 750,828
Distance From Haven Island: 332 mi (534.302 km)
Travel Time from Haven Island: Avg. 66 hours
Seasons and Weather: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall (26° - 93° )
Notes of Interest

The City of Adrasei; Mainland Adrasteia:

Established on the eastern coast of the vast expanse of the mainland continent of Adrasteia, the city of Adrasei has become a hub for trade, pre-industrial advancement and a model of democratic governance for the wider realm beyond. Public service to the local and visiting population is a matter of pride; Adrasei natives seeking to excel in the delivery or whatever product or service individuals might need. The best education, entertainment, healthcare, centralized shopping, tourism and civil service can be expected in this regional metropolis.


Geographic sub-areas in Adrasei

Almost entirely a city scape in its southern quadrants, the northern areas within Adrasei's borders still boast extensive tracts of forest and farm land, as well as a coastal river that helps serve to transport northern resources down the coast and toward the city harbor for shipping and trade. Within the city itself, there are clear demarcations between the older areas of Adrasei in the west, where progress and development has suffered, and the east, where prosperity abounds.

Settlements of Adrasei

Residents Square

The public heart of the residential district is a quaint blend of nature and development. A tall branched lamp post on a raised, stepped dais indicates the center of a cobblestone square, the borders of which are marked by a series of benches located on every side. Raised stone planters at strategic points display flowers and plant life in season, or decorations for the winter holidays, and here and there, thinner trees appear to grow up out of the cobbles, though a closer look reveals the soil that they are planted in. A peaceful retreat, the square is one of the more popular places for social interaction here, helping to build a sense of community among the local residents.

East Central Avenue

East Central Avenue runs east to west here, though a luxurious residential district. Beautiful homes line the northern side of the street, set amidst manicured gardens. Traveling west leads one back toward the Central Avenue Intersection, while heading east takes one further along the neighborhood street.

Old Town Slums

Every vagabond and miscreant needs a place to hole up for the night, and the slums offer a hair better comfort than sleeping under a tree. The level of privacy is variable, depending on which room or house is chosen or which part of the forest on the outskirts of town one chooses, if desperate enough to pick the latter. The slums of Old Town are residential corpses of a part of Adrasei that refuses to die. Resourcefulness is never in shortage here. The original stone structures have expanded beyond practical and safe measures as the impoverished population continues to expand along with the city. There is no uniform design to the makeshift additions however. Fine crafted lumber, possibly stolen from the lumberyards, is nailed right alongside crudely cut down trunks to form supporting frames while new walls are a mix of recycled stone and clay. A semblance of dignity is attempted in the form of a rough paint job, so that shanty town expansions vaguely resemble the original buildings. If a roof cannot be bartered or paid for, then perhaps luck can be tested in trying to stay in one of the dozens of tent camps that litter the streets. The tents do little to keep out the chill, but that is what the fire pits in the center of each grouping are for.

WildHollow Farm Homestead

A sign welcomes visitors to Windhollow Farms, the main supplier of Adrasei's produce and livestock. The main path through the farm leads to a yard dominated by a large homestead, where much of the farm's business is conducted in the office within. Standing at two stories, the red-painted homestead provides shelter for the family who owns the land. Large enough to serve as a dining hall and kitchen for the other families who live and work off the farmland, the homestead also bears a wraparound porch, and two chimneys that billow smoke throughout the year. Along with a water pump and smaller home for the family's pet dog, the yard also hosts a small flower garden that is tended to by the daughters of the farm workers. To the western side of the yard is a line of eight worker's cabins, just large enough to comfortably fit four people and furnished with homey accommodations. Though the families who live within the cabins tend to change with the seasons, there is rarely a time when not all of the cabins are full, with workers and their families and children alike.

Player Run Shops and Businesses

Business Name Owner Location
Raven Manor Paige Old Town
The Cat's Meow Katrion Old Town
Appollyon Abbadon Old Town
Business name here Name TBD

Clans with Headquarters in Region Name

None as of yet.

Training areas in Adrasei

City Arena

The open air oval pit that is the focus of the attention of those in the stadium seating, does not reveal its barbaric main purpose at first glance. Sand and dirt are kept clean and rinsed, spread evenly between the two opposing gates located to the east and west of the pit, both of which lead down to the warrior's staging area. On northern perimeter, six columns rise up, from a staging area just below the concourse level of the southern arc of seating, offering a frame of classic architecture that might belie the more sinister intent of the shackles that hang from them midway. Whatever entertainment is offered here is more likely than not of the dangerous and violent kind and seems to be offered by participants wiling and unwilling both. Most attendees depart grateful to have enjoyed the show, rather than have been a part of it.

Militia Training Grounds

A series of buildings varying in size are scattered around the open area compound here, and the noises of combat training can be heard echoing on quieter days and nights. Training dummies erected for target practice stand spined with feathered arrows, and cavalry on horseback can be observed making sweeping runs past them with swords outstretched. Though many of the forces stationed here are volunteers, there is no doubt that all of the city's armed guard are trained, and competent for its defense.

Economic areas in Region Name

City Market

At the heart of a pedestrian cobblestone walk, and extended into a festive atmosphere to the north, the city market is filed with the bustling din of gazebos, merchant stalls, and otherwise free-roaming people peddling their wares to passersby. The merchants all attempt to make a sale of random wares, from pottery to fish, fruit to clothes; whether it is from one of the two gazebos in white wood-frame, shading their bazaar, or from one of the many stalls that line the square. From the west the sounds of the animals at the zoo exhibit echo over the noise of the market, adding to the merry din of the city, while the clop of hooves against the cobblestone to the east nearby, suggest at the presence of the city fire house stables that can be found in that direction.

Undercity Plaza Shops

The cobblestone and railed in steps that lead down and up from the east and west into the developed undercity of Adrasei, end here in a large central plaza that sits under a high decorative ceiling. A fountain splashes merrily in its center, a few benches set around it to offer a place for weary shoppers to rest. All around, in every direction, shoppers travel the cobblestone pedestrian walkway, disappearing every to often into one or another of the shops to make a purchase, while a wandering minstrel provides music of the lyre that lilts in the background. With as many options to shop as there are available in the plaza, a visitor would be advised to pay attentions to the signs posted here that point shoppers in the direction they might be seeking.

Historic Landmarks in Adrasei

The Cross Keys Tavern

Upon entering the refurbished and gild edged double doors of the Cross Keys tavern, one thing becomes evident immediately. Despite an aged stonework exterior and a dated design that betrays the building itself a historical landmark, every effort has been made to make the Keys a contemporary and functional watering hole for the heart of the busiest city of the realm. Immediately opposite the doors, a highly polished, dark redwood bar sweeps in a full circle, grounding the center of the tavern. Padded barstools, some with high backs and others without, occupy almost every foot of its length. There remain only two segments in its eastern and western arcs without seating, and these appear to be both access points and service stations for the floor servers who hustle back and forth to pick up orders for the tables and booths which occupy the spaces between the curve of the bar and the walls. Within its circle, two barkeeps work in tandem, moving back and forth along its length, serving guests from the stocked shelves that rise in a custom made display in the center of the service area. In a unique design feature, most of the light in the tavern comes from a series of pedestal mounted gas lanterns, affixed at intervals along the inside edges of the bar top, and from more traditional chandeliers that hang low over the table seating areas. A cheerful fire is kept going near booth seating in a corner of the room, with a large pair of ornate, crossed keys mounted on display above its mantle. There is a well-used message board mounted on the wall nearby. As an older building, space is limited and the press of bodies constant when a good crowd is in, but despite these constraints, the Cross Keys continues to thrive, and is one of the premiere destinations for any visitors seeking to experience what the mainland as to offer in a tavern experience.

The Fairmont Inn

One of the oldest buildings in Adrasei, the Fairmont Inn has been family owned and run for generations by one of the earliest and now, wealthiest families of the city, although the current owners are content to live with modest style and fare. Rising three floors into the air, the rougher stonework facade, has been softened over the years with the addition of customized wood-carved trim and in some places, intricate, painted ironwork design. At each level, and even in the slanted incline of the red brick tiled roof, wide, box window projections delineate the location of the inn's larger featured rooms, adding to the quaint charm of the historic design that sits in the midst of a rapid developing city. The entrance is a single, porticoed doorway, that opens directly onto a cozy, fire lit reception and lounge area. The inn makes no boast to anything beyond boarding, and thus this area holds simply a few cushioned sofas and armchairs in which people can relax while they wait to check in, or to meet the remainder of their party for a planned excursion. A bell sits on the counter to be rung for service, and is promptly answered by an attendant who seems to be related to the owner, and evidently living in a private suite of rooms on the ground floor behind the desk. A pair of polished wooden staircases flank either side of the reception area, leading up to the second and third floors and the numerous rooms to let that can be found in this elegant old building. Time spent at the Fairmont is always a pleasant precursor to the adventure to be found in the city beyond.

Useful information about Adrasei

Adrasei is the current spawn city for Adrasteia, and one of two regions with an ooc departure lounge for direct transit to all of the game regions.

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