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Greater Gods

Celestial Plane- The Aether


  • Symbol: Blazing Sun
  • Area of Influence Order, Light, Life
  • Color: White
  • Preferred Race: Avian
  • Preferred Class: Paladin
  • Appearance: She appears as an Astaren Avian female dressed in radiant white robes with gold trim. She has pale skin, pale blonde hair, and flawless white wings. In one hand, she carries the stars of the Aether and wears a pendant of power.


  • Symbol: Moon and Stars
  • Area of Influence: Moon, Dreams
  • Color:Black and Silver
  • Preferred Race: Elf
  • Preferred Class: Mage
  • Appearance: Nyx appears most often as a woman garbed in a black gown that seems to also be part of the sky with a field of twinkling stars. Her skin shimmers with an inner light and streaks of her jet-black hair seem to shimmer with the very essence of the stars themselves. Midnight-black eyes see everything and nothing all at once and they hold so many secretes behind them.

Nyx inhabits the world of dreams and cannot take corporeal form since her body had been rent to pieces and scattered. She has taken special interest in those creatures which are governed by the moon and hunt by her silvery light. Nyx has declared herself the patron Goddess of werewolves, or lycans as some call them. They are her Children of the Moon.


  • Symbol: Hourglass/Sands of Time
  • Area of Influence: Time
  • Color: Gold
  • Preferred Race: Human
  • Preferred Class: Mage
  • Appearance: Often dressed in layers of robes and thick clothing most often seen on the natives of the desert, with the ends of his clothing tattered and jagged. Chron doesn't seem to have any likes or dislikes, but rather, remains in some indifferent state that makes him sometimes seem remorseless; he generally does not interfere with the affairs of mortals or even other gods unless the flow of time is disrupted, upon which he rights quickly, efficiently, and often mercilessly.

Terrestrial Plane


  • Symbol: An oak tree that is half in bloom and half barren
  • Area of Influence: Earth, Nature, Healing
  • Color: Green
  • Preferred Race: Elves
  • Preferred Class: Druids
  • Appearance: He appears as an elf with long brown hair and brown and green eyes wearing white, green, or brown robes. Jirhai wears a crystal pendant around his neck.


  • Symbol: Symbol of Chaos
  • Area of Influence: Night, Darkness, Chaos
  • Color: Purple
  • Preferred Race: Dragons
  • Preferred Class: Illusionist
  • Appearance: Often concealed by an aura of dark mist, or appears as only a silhouette of winged creature. His eyes are solid with no pupils and alter in a gem-like color depending on mood or purpose, typically the only distinguished detail when he is revealed.


  • Symbol: Trident
  • Area of Influence: Water, the Ocean
  • Color: Blue
  • Preferred Race: Sea Nymphs
  • Preferred Class: Any seafarers
  • Appearance: She appears as a blue-grey skinned sea nymph with long red hair and silver eyes. Unlike other sea nymphs, Sela has a blue tail and scales that cover the entirety of her body. She carries a golden trident with her, wears a pearl crown, and decorates herself in treasures collected from sunken ships.



  • Symbol: Death's Head Grin
  • Area of Influence: Death
  • Color: Grey
  • Preferred Race: Undead/Drow
  • Preferred Class: Lich
  • Appearance: Sometimes he appears as a hooded and ragged form of black robes and a rotting visage, and other times he appears as a beautiful drow, reflecting both sides of death. Always lacks irises and pupils, which likens his eyes to tombstones. Fond of bargaining with mortals, he is most often known to sheperd the dead to the afterlife, where he reigns.

Lesser Gods

The Mortal Sphere


  • Symbol: Striking Fangs
  • Area of Influence: hunting, curses
  • Color: Indigo
  • Preferred Race: Lycans, vampires
  • Preferred Class: None
  • Appearance: Wraith manifests as a feral, dark-skinned woman with long, dark hair that is almost the texture of fur. Her eyes produce an ethereal, white glow,and her lips part above gleaming fangs that drop from her upper jaw. Her body is decorated in swirling indigo tribal markings, her ears taper into lengthy, fur tips, and her hands and feet support elongated claws at the end of fingers and toes. She is the incarnation of the mortal curse, the origin of the taint of vampirism and lycanthropy; the punishment of the gods.


  • Symbol: the Quill
  • Area of Influence: Writing, Knowledge, Lore
  • Color: Bronze
  • Preferred Race: None
  • Preferred Class: None
  • Appearance: Meran appears to be human in all regards, even choosing to walk amidst the mortals. He is a tall, finely dressed, scholarly sort with blonde hair and dark black eyes.


  • Symbol: Sword and Shield
  • Area of Influence: War
  • Color: Red
  • Preferred Race: None
  • Preferred Class: Warriors
  • Appearance: Usually appears wearing traditional armor of a warrior. Seria is a woman with long brown hair, silver eyes, and red tribal tattoos that cover the right side of her face. She wears ruby jewelry and carries a variety of weapons.


  • Symbol: Anvil
  • Area of Influence: Craft, Blacksmithing
  • Color: Orange
  • Preferred Race: None
  • Preferred Class: Artisan
  • Appearance: Valdek manifests as a dark skinned giant. Clad in golden armor, the Craft God wields a large hammer. Beneath the golden helm, gleam piercing, orange eyes.


  • Symbol: Harvest Cornucopia
  • Area of Influence: Indulgences, Mortal Pleasures and Emotions
  • Color: Yellow
  • Preferred Race: Hobbits
  • Preferred Class: None
  • Appearance: Zagreus manifests as a fat, rosy cheeked hobbit with a jovial demeanor. He wears bright clothing, and often carries about a pint of unidentified alcohol.

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