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Haven Island
Area Map
General Information
Area Leader: Theodore, Mayor of Port Haven, Atticus Finch, Mayor of Lanmere Village
Area: 727.2 sq mi (1,883.4 km2)
Population: 23,632
Seasons and Weather: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall (25° - 80°)
Notes of Interest
Contains the Dwarven Nether, City of Astaria, and Portal to Soteri
Haven is the Departure point to other islands in Adrasteia
Haven Island

The Isle of Haven

Situated at the heart of the chain of territories that make up the Adrasteia realm, the isle of Haven offers up for many who find its shores, a slower and for the most part untroubled taste of life as compared to some of its neighbor territories. A busy, bustling port town offers up a bounty of pleasure and profit for the flesh, where drinking, gambling, whoring and profiteering abound, while the shaded forests and sleepy inland village of Lanmere offer up all of the quaint amenities of country living. Sprawling stretches of rolling open countryside, spill into high and low land forests of various kinds, bordered on the north and west by rugged mountain peaks, and to the east and south by expanses of beach and rocky coastline. Nestled into the peaks and crevices of this island paradise, communities of various races thrive; sometimes independently or in private enmity, but more often than not in a balance of existence that sees the ebb and flow of peace and trouble across the land. A hub of trade and travel, it is unlikely that any visitor to the realm will be able to avoid or resist sampling Haven's fare


Geographic sub-areas in Haven

For an island of compact size, Haven offers a variety of forested, mountain and low land terrains that are unique in their appeal and environment. From the coastal bluffs of the north east, to the volcanic mountain rages of the west and from the depths of steaming jungles to the expanse of water logged marshes, Haven is a land that almost any can come to call home.

Settlements in Haven

Port Haven

Located in the shadow of Haven's south point lighthouse, this port town lives up to its name for the sea weary travelers and tradesmen who finally make it to land. Bustling with life, the moderately prosperous and generally peaceful seaside community offers fare for any appetite and profit for those who provide it. The sights and sounds of port assail the senses; from hawkers calling their wares in fisherman stalls, to makeshift vendors selling stock for resupply. The hammer of repairs in progress for ships on the dry docks, and the ring of steel on steel from the smithy, overlays the constant view of bodies on the move. Some conduct business in port at the Customs and Excise offices, while others take a break from labor to stroll in the quieter serenity that is the town's public garden. More often than not, however, traffic flows to and from the port's most popular destinations, the Jolly Roger Pub and the Drunken Tumbler gambling hell, or its more discretely patronized Bordello, in a town that never sleeps.

The Abyss

For a long, seemingly never-ending stretch of walking, all that abounds in the descending tunnelway is a darkness devoid of hope or solace and a strange, ever-present hissing sound. The further one treads into the darkness, the deeper one descends into the earth, and gradually, the tunnel begins to widen and overarching beams start to appear at a regular interval, their corresponding pillars half-embedded into the tunnelway's walls for maximal support and aesthetic. Each pillar has been marked with intricate patterns which bring attention to a ring of golden scarab beetles embedded into each of the structures, the rings each circling the circumference of their respective pillars. The beetles shine like real gold when light is cast upon them, though it's wisest to leave them in their place as Abyss wildlife has never been known to be docile. The pillars eventually lead to a plaza where a relatively calm marketplace crowds and where certain guild headquarters can be found. It's here where the elite of the drow commission high quality weaponry and armor, and where House slaves venture to restock the kitchens and cellars with goods. Smalltime drow with great aspirations will occasionally find their entrances into their careers with the Houses here by chance encounters, while others simply meet their deaths. Narrow passageways framed in carefully crafted stones surround the plaza, though none ever bother to explore these passageways. Continue through the plaza toward the east and you will find a series of tunnels to follow.

Lanmere Village

Lanmere Village

Inland of the port town's merchant center, cobbled streets give way to gently rolling terrain where quaint cottages rise as warm homesteads in lush countryside that reflects the changes of the seasons as the days unfold. On the banks of the lazy moving river that cuts a path across the land from the High Country snow packs to the sea, several cottages stand available for rent in Lanmere Village; that community welcoming of all who come through in peace. All the staples of village life are here; a quaint meeting hall and schoolhouse, the bell tower and the jail as well as the village green where the public notice boards advertizing good and services can be found. Renters have their choice of single or two level bungalows, each with a covered porch offering views of the countryside and riverfront. Each cottage offers a winding walkway that provides access to its door, and to the nearby riverbank where rowboats remain tied off, inviting occupants to spend pleasant hours on the water.

The Hobbit Shire

Off the beaten tracks of the High Country trails, walking becomes rougher before one reaches the worn and well used trails the hobbits have made for themselves through the forests. The incline here is not particularly steep, as you seem to be approaching on a gentler slope of a ridge than the one you were walking toward initially; one that seems to eventually dip slightly into the mountainside, rather than rise. The woods thin here in a miniature valley, broken by small farmland, fences and a rise of hills and smaller mounds in the center of it all. Were it not for the path ribboned around and between them, and the chimneys and smoke cresting from the green grass covering the hobbit homesteads of the shire, those hills might seem like any others. This is not the case however, as the eventual movement of the shire’s occupants to and fro about their business reveals that this place is like no other in the realm. Stay around for a cup of tea and crumpets. Hobbits like nothing better than a social gathering.


A hastily erected military style outpost seems to be under development here, at least two rough hewn buildings and a lofty guard tower rise into the air on the north rim of the new formed crater of the mountain. A still steady stream of pilgrims and curiosity sight seers appear to pass through a basic clearance check by the shift of armed Astarian guardians on duty, before they are permitted to pass through and into what appears to be a gate like arch which shimmers and hums with the golden light and technology as yet unknown in this realm.

The Nether|The Dwarven Nether

The pulley elevator grinds to a halt and visitors make an exit onto what appears to be a horseshoe shaped terrace carved into the interior face of the mountain; the central of three. Evidence of levels above and below is present. Access to the upper and lower levels is had on foot, and the well-traveled byways of the city are almost always active in the eternal gloom of the gas-lit under kingdom. This central terrace is clearly the domain of the city's middle and merchant class, shop fronts for every conceivable craft plentiful in that curving arc. Masons, smiths, carpenters and weapons and armor forges abound. On each flank of that working heart, homes ranging from modest to moderate luxury are carved into the rock, and evidence of the tunnel openings that form well used trade and travel routes to other underground cities abound. The crafting class forms the backbone of this Nether kingdom, and are often found bustling to and fro along their lengths.

Player run Businesses

Business Name Owner Location
The Drunken Tumbler Finn Port Haven Town
The Jolly Roger Leoxander, Roelstra Port Haven Town
The Harbor Clinic Keturah Port Haven Town
The Healer's Clinic Keturah Lanmere Village
Lexi's Bordello Alexiana Port Haven Town
The Warrior's Anvil Helen The Fairgrounds
The Fish Stall Ganjimu Harbor Docks
The Treasure Trove Jecket Port Haven Town

Clans with Headquarters in Haven

  • The Nyxian Wraiths
  • House Umbra Spectris

Training areas in Haven

The Champion's Arena

The arena is a large coliseum of Romanesque design, both circular and standing taller than most of the surrounding buildings like a proud and stalwart sentinel. It is built from stubborn stone, set and reset for large columns that line the outside of the building to support overhanging bleachers made of equally hard stone and granite. While there are many archways that lead spectators to the large and accommodating seating arrangements, there is a door on either side of the structure that leads not up into the seating, but rather down into the bloodworks of the Arena. The bloodworks are a damp place that have attained their moniker by the amount of blood stained into the walls and floor from wounded combatants; they continue into a narrow passage that winds into a staircase, which ascends to the gate of the arena’s sandy middle.

The Lanmere Militia Barracks

The buckler-and-crossed-daggers emblem decorates a great white sheet hung above the spacious desk that commands the centre of the room, where a bored-looking clerk keeps record of supplies and garrison on parchment rolls. A few sword-bearing men relax in a number of chairs against the room's walls, but their garb is casual; the small room which serves as the barrack's reception needs the attentions of only one armed guard, who has his place by the door which serves as both entrance and exit. A single door sits nestled into the corner of the room, which would open into a common room, and a set of stairs opposite leads to the different quarters for men and women. Post in Haven seems a dream assignment. Crime is low to non-existent, shifts are short and few, and the small garrison this diminutive building houses seem to have made fast, strong friends.

Economic areas in Haven

The Market Bazaar (Lanmere)

In the midst of the bustle of the Merchant's Bazaar, an oasis of calm and green invites shoppers and travelers to pause a moment in their labors. Benches scattered about play host to mothers watching children at play on the greenbelt square, while the well used and weather beaten message board at its heart is often the focus of attention of town patrons seeking to advertise their services or otherwise seek or share information. Where the green is calm, the surrounding maze of bustling vendor stalls betrays that this is the center of trade and commerce for the village a little further along the way. Everything from bread and produce, to dairy, meats and spices can be found here, while artisans from the neighboring dwarf and hobbit territories ply their wares in weapons, wood and ale.

Devil's Row (Port Haven)

The Devil's Row is aptly named, an always busy thoroughfare known throughout the town for playing host to several of the island's more risque businesses. Drinking gaming and lust abound, and the sound of fights spilling out into the streets is not at all uncommon. Nestled to the north and south sides of the start of this infamous street, are two of its more popular and scandalous haunts. Expect the unexpected, walking in the shadows.

The sounds of laughter and curses float out onto the night air, as does the tinkle of glasses and coin. Ever so often doors open out onto the street, and it is as the nearby buildings have taken an exhale of smoke and ale. Day or night, those seeking a change in fortune find a personal haven in the pleasures of the Row. At the end of this gritty street towers the old city wall. It runs the length of the port town borders, ending at the main island thoroughfare.

The High Country Market (Forest High lands)

Set in the small valley between two of the larger high country hills, one might find the high country market bustling with activity. Any number of various races might be found peddling their wares in the lines of shop stalls or off the back of wagonloads. Anything from livestock, produce, furs, tools or various samples of artisan crafts from the neighboring mountain folk might be found for a reasonable price. Contrasting starkly to the relative peace of the surrounding landscape, the market boasts an ambiance of voices blending together; each trying shout over the next in effort to draw attention to their own business. If ever there is a need for anything while trekking through the mountains, the high country market is the place to find it.

Useful information about Haven

Haven's sea port is an active ic departure point over water to the various other islands that have been built in game. The Harbor master's Office in port is one of two ooc departure lounges in game.


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