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Ilynfel Island
Area Map
General Information
Area Leader: NPC: Clan Leaders
Area: 260 sq mi (673.40 km²)
Population: 7,404
Distance From Haven Island: 121 mi (194.731 km)
Travel Time from Haven Island: Avg. 22 hours
Seasons and Weather: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall (32° - 64° )
Notes of Interest
Fae refugees from Tal brought an increase in magic, claiming much of the forests as their own.

Illynfel: The deeper blues and greens of open water become shallower, brilliant shoals as the approach to Illynfel begins, and it is easy to understand why this small, secluded island is considered a gem of the realm. Large rolling hills varied with cloud capped peaks or flatter green tablelands seem to loom out of the water, casting a shadow over a lush and forested, rugged coastline that seems rocky near the shore. Even the beachfront seen from the water at a distance, seems of a darker, grainier blend of sand, playing host to small row boats that have been dragged above the water line until the local fishermen have need of them. Well-traveled trails stand out against the green of the countryside, winding higher like the stroke of an artist’s brush on a dark canvas across the land as they climb toward a vibrant blue sky.


Geographic sub-areas in Illynfel

The Island of Illynfel

Rolling Hills

North of the settlement valley, the terrain expands into a seeming endless rise and fall of undulating knolls and hills. Empty of trees or much plant life beyond lush grasses and the occasional field of wildflowers, some of the rises venture an incline steep enough to require the effort of a climb, while others present only a swell in the lift of the land. Dotted throughout the landscape, projections of smooth stone offer a dull grey contrast to the vibrancy of color around; boulders dotted here and there as if thrown down by the hand of some gaming God, or small clusters of rubble piles as if some long forgotten monument has been reclaimed by nature. In the distance, toward the west, higher peaks reach toward the open sky, casting long shadows over the rolling hill country below and forming a near impassable barrier to the sheltered coastal and midland terrain beyond it. This region is the favored grazing ground of the highland clans for the ease of visiblilty and plentiful resources. A traveler can't go far without encountering a herder wandering free, with as many head of sheep or cattle as he can afford.

Settlements of Illynfel

Clan Settlement

The sparkle of light reflecting off of a lazily winding mountain stream, might be the first thing to catch the eye about this lush, tree dotted depression in the land. Nested partially in the shelter of one of the larger rolling hills, the landscape here is a sleepy blend of rugged greenery and rises of weather worn stone. Clusters of brush grows in clumps, especially near the water line, offering cover for the small animals that descend into the sheltered grove to drink. It is not the natural scenery of the vale that might eventually hold the attention of a traveler, however. Wisps of smoke drift skyward, leading the eye back toward their sources; a close knit scattering of several small homes, built of stones fitted together to form rough shelter under heavily thatched roofs.Rough hewn wooden doors seal the weather out, or stand thrown open to offer a neighbor or weary traveler rest, and one structure stands larger than them all close to the center of the community. The constant traffic in and out would seem to indicate it a common area of some sort. Vegetable gardens or fenced in livestock near to many of the homes, hint to the self sufficiency of the clan settlement and there is no doubt of the sense of kinship to be found in the simple pleasures of life here, This is not to say the settlement is without defense. High in the rolling peaks that surround the sheltered vale, watchtowers stand lit and manned by skilled rangers. These individuals stand ready to defend the clans from external threats, and the settlers are not without a means to escape should the unexpected unfold.

Realm of The Fae

Like an insect disturbing the web of the spider, the ripple of magic in the air gives away the sense that one has crossed over into a new realm. The pull of the magics within the land are quite dangerous without a guide to help travelers cross safely through the realm. The rumors of wanderers finding themselves lost with no hope of escape exist for a reason. The colors of trees, stones, earth, water and sky all seem to bleed into muted grayness deeper into the realm. Only the vibrant, lush colors of flowers and plants seem to remain. White light that dapples down from ever-flowering trees leaves an almost haloing effect around the flora. Specks of softly glowing mana fluttering down to the ground might be mistaken for dust particles dancing in the occasional breeze that sings through the forest. It is on those same winds that that the voices of the realm's inhabitants might be heard. Laughter, music, and sweeter coaxing are undoubtedly the voices of the Lyastra Court, while the more malicious whispers and taunts that drift from the darkness of the shadows are likely from the Marki Court. All of them, depending on the mood, either up to some tricks or darker mischief on the guests they so rarely have. If it were not for the occasional rustlings from the Klovian bond pairs that travel through the realm, the forest might otherwise seem void of any other living thing. However, there is quite a bit of life to be found in the Fae Courts, should one only know where to look..

Mahtan Village

A visitor to the island might be forgiven for not realizing that the village of Mahtan is actually a village at all. Following the curve of the north west coast of the island a peculiar natural phenomenon can be seen. What begins as solid land seems to fall away in bits and patches, the quiet waters of the coast creeping inland to separate sections of the coastline from each other, thereby creating the effect of a cluster of islets that have now been connected by a well established network of sturdy walking bridges. While the main coast road winds past the town's eastern flank on solid ground as it wends its way to the largest and most popular structure on the island in the Merrymount Inn, the heart of Mahtan itself can be found in the quaint clusters of store fronts, residential coastal homes and township buildings that have sprung up on its coastal islets. There is some indication that the water continues its steady eroding march into the coast, so its fortunate that the good folk of Illynfel island have found a way to share the territory nature seems so intent on claiming.

Player run Shops and Businesses

Clans with Headquarters in Illynfel

Training areas in Illynfel

Economic areas in Illynfel

Hill Country Market

Tucked into the shelter offered between two more prominent hill peaks, the highland market is one that announces itself to the senses even before one realizes that it is near. The lowing of cattle and the bleating of lambs form the background to a pleasant cacophany of sounds; the music of a fiddle or the calls of vendors all accented with the sounds of the laughter of children. A maypole stands with pride of place, its ribbons of vibrant color awaiting the grip of fingers in the eager dances that might introduce a suitor to his bride, and the aroma of savory meats and candied sweets seems to ever hang in the air over the lush vale like a low sitting cloud. Established at the crest of one of the winding roads that traverse from low to high country, and at a close enough distance to the clan settlements to encourage robust trade, the high market is a popular destination for shopping for the midland and lowland dwellers who appreciate the clansfolk's fresh fare, and is the easiest point of trade for the high country dwellers who are less inclined to leave their havens for the more populated coastal regions below.

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