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Miriton Island
Area Map
General Information
Area Leader: None
Area: 663,300 sq miles (1.718 million km²)
Population: 731,449
Distance From Haven Island: 311 miles (502.115 km)
Travel Time from Haven Island: avg. 62 hours
Seasons and Weather: Rainy and Dry (Average 86° to 32°)
Notes of Interest
Miriton is cursed by the gods to never develop great civilizations.

Miriton Grasslands

Miriton : Located in the southern reaches of the realm, the sprawling island continent of Miriton remains one of the larger territories in Adrasteia, despite the loss of nearly half its mass as a punishment of the gods.It is, in contrast, one of the least densely populated, the vast majority of its surface being expanses of hostile desert or unsheltered grasslands. The communities it hosts, tend to cluster near the coastlines of either the twin large bodies of water it supports, or that of the island itself as well as in or near the few forests that remain. Signs of the ruin of a once great civilization abound; statues, monuments and ruins of buildings are plentiful. Most of them are buried by the sands, or sunken below the surface of the land and overrun by the claim of nature. Rumors of great treasures to be found in these ruins are the single lure to outsiders to this otherwise placid land. The locals guard their peace ferociously, and efforts to taint or claim what they have managed to rebuild here, will not go unanswered.


Geographic sub-areas in Miriton

The Desert of Miriton

Located in the far south of the island chain is the peaceful continent of Miriton. Sporting miles of sprawling grassland with few forest patches and a desert that stretches on to the southern coast, Miriton is one of the few mostly uncivilized land masses that yet exist in Adrasteia. Though a few small settlements have stubbornly cropped up, it seems the most that truly remains of any great civilizations before are the variety of ruins that can be found peppered throughout the lands.

Settlements of Miriton

Syovae Fishing Village

The scent of brine and fish hangs in the air like a heavy cloud over Syovae. A single packed dirt road loops like a ribbon throughout the village. The population is only a little smaller than the village itself, and is home to just over fifty people. Though it is the island's only true center of trade, it seems to be just large enough to accommodate visitors and passing merchants on the trade route, along with those who live here. The road is lined with a number of houses that sit raised up on stilts in the event of floods, and often have shops built into the front of them. It seems the only businesses that have been given a building of their own are the tavern that doubles as an inn and the fishing company where most of the males in the town are employed. Many fisherman can be seen making their way along the road with their carts filled with their catches, and a few desert dwellers be found dotted among them; sticking out from Syovae's population by virtue of their darker features and brightly colored clothing. There is a peaceful atmosphere to the centuries-old settlement. Though strangers are rare enough to come by, they are always greeted warmly by the villagers; most of whom are willing to give food and shelter to any who may need it.

Se'Tona Town

Nourished by the A'Maher Lake found just over the eastern rises of its borders, the desert settlement of Se'Tona Town has been a flourishing civilization for countless centuries. Decorative architecture carved from sandstone and clay might blend in with the sands that surround it, but the bright, colorful, tapestries, banners and even decoratively clothed citizens stick out in sharp contrast to an otherwise beige tinted world. In the air hangs a perfume of exotic spices and foods, as well as the earthy musk of pack animals, while the twanging sound of desert music seems to reach across the town at nearly all hours of the day. Se'Tona Town is a thriving heart in the vastness of the desert, whose population far surpasses the other settlement on the island. It is here that merchants and nobility of the desert make their homes, and during the cooler hours of the day, quite a few townsfolk might be found taking strolls through the sandstone carved streets of their town. Ever welcoming of visitors to their town, most will direct travelers wherever in the settlement they may want to go; be that to one of the many inns, the southern bazaar, or toward any number of the street performers that add to the bustling energy of Se'Tona Town.

The Ka'Anch Ghiri

The Ka'Anch Ghiri

In short walking distance of the nearby oasis, the colorful tents of the Ka'Anch Ghiri rise up like flowers blooming from the sands. The goat and camel hair woven tents are organized in such a way that more affluent members of the Ghiri gather around the center of camp, with other tents spreading out in a circle around it. Within an hour the tents can be packed up and moved to any location necessary to accommodate a nomadic life. Waterproof and capable of providing both shelter from the cold of the desert nights and relief in during the hotter part of the days by virtue of sides that can be rolled up- the design of the tents have been adapted to desert life. The floor of each tent is cushioned and decorated to the individual families who call them home. Perhaps the most important part is the coffee hearth dug into the sands in the center of each tent with coffee making and serving implements nearby for treating guests. At the center of the ghiri stands the largest tent, though it often goes unused unless the Menjlis are in council. Other areas have been sectioned off to keep herd animals such as camels, goats, and horses, while a small market for trade has also been placed. All around, the dark featured Sehraka can be seen going about their chores or daily lives, while the ever vigilant Ghazii stand at the ready in the event of threats to their home.

Mehara, The Underground Oasis

The seeming unending ride along the pit fall deposits one into an incredible sight. Far below the surface is a large cavern, almost one hundred feet deep and fully a square mile large. At its center is a lake of average size, fed from below by a large underground reservoir, and directly above it at surface level, a significant opening that allows sunlight to shine down unhindered. Around the lake and carved into the walls of the cavern is a small settlement. Upon the lake are boats, apparently the lake is not only a fresh water one, but it holds fish as well. The people walking about, each and every one of them, has one or more fox like tails extending from the base of their spines.

Player run Businesses

Business Name Owner Location
The Hook, Line, N' Drink 'Er Tavern Zoya Syovae Village

Clans with Headquarters in Miriton

Training areas in Miriton

Economic areas in Miriton

Outdoor Marketplace(Syovae Fishing Village)

A special segment of road on its winding way through the village has been dedicated entirely to the open air marketplace. Aside from the tavern, it is perhaps the busiest portion of the otherwise sleepy village. The smells of fresh pastries and fish blend into a surprisingly pleasing aroma in the saltine infused air, along with the exotic scents of desert spices. It seems that the villagers are not the only ones who have set up stalls for themselves. Several desert merchants can be found hawking their more exotic silks, spices and jewelry from their own stalls as well. It seems each has something to offer to the other, and most traders can be seen slipping over to other stalls to purchase goods their own settlement might not otherwise offer. Everything from produce, to craft, to jewelry to weaponry might be found here. Visitors to the island might find themselves targeted by tradesman who are ever on the lookout for new blood to whom to sell their wares.

Se'Tona Bazaar (Se'Tona Town)

Nested in the shade of taller buildings is the strip of roadway that has become the Se'Tona Town Bazaar. While most of the town provides a peaceful walk, the Bazaar is a bustling center of trade that most will find to be almost unnervingly crowded. Merchants and buyers alike flock to the bazaar, usually slowing down near the stalls that offer what is rarer commodity in the desert. Fish merchants from the northern village have their own stalls set up here, and find business to be particularly booming for that which the desert-folk cannot easily find on their own. Produce, furniture, craft, jewelry, weaponry, and a myriad of any other goods one might come to think of can be found in the bazaar. How most of the merchants come to acquire their wares is a trade secret, but it seems as though there is never a shortage of commodity. A few musicians and dancers have found out of the way nooks for themselves to perform, giving a lively ambiance to an already thrumming marketplace.

Useful information about Miriton

  • Miriton is a neutral zone. As of now, there can be no area leaders of the area.
  • The Nomadic people of the Miriton Desert are known as Sehraka, most of whom live in the Ka'Anch Ghiri.

History of Miriton

Once the greatest of mortal human civilizations in Adrasteia, Miriton offers up a cautionary tale. A sprawling land mass of prosperous feudal provinces, the island had boasted of great military might, and a rich and diverse culture for the multitude of tribes and people groups who had come to live as one in its shared prosperity. Great palaces, luxurious temples and massive monuments to the superiority of the civilization declared their influence to vying races at territories of the realm, and their pride rose as an offensive incense to the council of the Gods.

It was the Chaotic Darkness who sought to use the pride of men against themselves, and he found willing ears and greedy souls with which to knit His greatest treachery, here, in the heart of the first mortal civilization. The war against the gods was conceived in this place, and for that fact it faced the greatest punishment.

The sands of time erupted from the depths, spilling a cover over life producing land. The blazing fury of the aether light beat a constant punishment upon its surfaces without reprieve, and fire raged through the fertile woodlands to leave scorched bands to territory in its wake. The waters rose to claim sections of the land to its depths, that never again might mankind lay claim to the expanse of its surface to grow and prosper, and the earth moved with a shaking so violent that the monuments of a civilization fell into the gorges and caverns that were formed.

Miriton was laid to waste, a cursed patch of desolation for millenia.

When the Council of the Gods reconvened to extend their mercy, there was little hope offered for the island. One gift only, the gift of peace. Miriton would never again rise as a civilization, but it would be a refuge for those who enjoyed the quieter, simpler things of life. It's deserts would become home to the wandering nomads, it's forests to those seeking an escape from the rush of civilized living, and its coasts to the intimate communes of fisherfolk who would brave the loneliness and emptiness of a vast and useless land in pursuit of a simple existence. War on the scale of a civilization lost, would never touch its shores again, even if the foibles of men might cause them to rise one against the other within its borders.

It stands a lesson to the world in time, for all time, and ever under the watchful eyes of the Gods who have decreed its demise.


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