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Ridgemourn was once a great city of trade, of gothic beauty and architecture. Filled with prospering businesses and a strong economy. It used to house great thinkers, scholars and mages of all types. The people were once considered jovial and carefree, but those days have long since passed.

What happened to this island is unknown, though there are rumors aplenty. Some say divine retribution smashed away their facade and arrogance. Others claim that this place has always been damned and only time would reveal its true nature. Regardless of the truth, Ridgemourn is but a shattered image of its glorious past.

Now home to the monstrous races of the isles this place has become a nightmare for mortal kind. Undead walk the streets. Vampires claim homes and live carefree. Even creatures of legend call this place home sweet home. The once spotless streets have become tattered and are in disrepair. The local inns and taverns show obvious wear and tear. Their government is non existent and is run by brute squads who claim random portions and enforce their own sort of laws. Even the once great forests are decrepit and diseased. Claimed to be haunted by many unseen spirits.

So mortals beware, this place is dangerous...

Sub Areas of Ridgemourn

The forests of Ridgemourn Island are a sight to be heard of and never seen. Known by the locals as Dreadwood, this place carries a magical scar. A mark that haunts the forests itself. Filling a passerby with a sense of dread. Of loneliness. Of abandonment. It is within these darkened woods that many stories of monsters derive. Ill stories of missing persons are often posted for those who wander in, only to find desiccated corpses and remains weeks later. Shadows of creatures unknown lurk behind trees, shifting from one point of coverage to another. What's worse still are the local stories of possession. They claim that spirits haunt these woods and are eager to find new bodies. Scattered throughout these forests are ruins, remains of things that might have been great. Whatever they once belonged to is unknown.

Ridgemourn city itself might be a little run down, but its gothic architecture and art truly are something to behold. This cities style is obviously to die for and inspiring in its own way. For a place so largely at chaos, there is still plenty of businesses running daily. People still call this place home and can be found wandering the streets at all hours.. However certain aspects can be downright dangerous. The gangs and syndicates that claim certain areas rule their carved out sections of the city with an iron fist. Evidence of their crimes can be found with minimal searching. Regardless the city does seem to be planned well with specific and organized districts dedicated to certain things.

The Districts

Ridgemourn is broken up into three distinct districts and has been organized by city planners to stay this way. Each district has a unique layout and its own special touch of gothic style.

The Government District
This district is the oldest of the three and is situated in north Ridgemourn. It is a grand castle of stone, adorned with all the accoutrements that go with such facilities. Despite being updated by the local gangs and citizens, this section still does not house a King and Queen like it used to. Now wars happen within its halls for control which seems to change hands daily. Regardless of the power struggles, there are stationed guards, provided by whatever group holds sway and committing an act of theft would be difficult.

The Housing District
Situated in the eastern half of Ridgemourn rests the district of houses built by or for their citizens. Following the same gothic victorian theme as the rest of the island. Once cozy cobblestone streets are riddled with potholes which can catch a weary traveller off guard. Old brick and stone chimneys which used to spit plumes of smoke to signal signs of life have all but been crossed out of existence. Dark alleyways veer off here or there and are filled with shady figures. Though most call this place home, there are still things one must keep a lookout for.

The Market District
This particular area is situated in western Ridgemourn and is decidedly the busiest and most extravagant area of the entire city. Despite most of the worlds views on slavery, this district has a slave market. It also harbors a black market where many hard to find and illegal items are bought and sold. As for the authenticity of these items? Who truly knows? There is also plenty of other businesses within this district to fulfill your shopping needs.

Player run Shops and Businesses

Shops yet to be established by the following players:

(Whether by Discord Name or character name)

Lex Aegis Lucas Hugo

Clans with Headquarters in Ridgemourn

There are currently no clans with headquarters in Ridgemourn.

Places of Interest

The Necropolis
The Necropolis is Ridgemourns training grounds for Necromancers and dark priests. A place of study and practice. A place to experiment and design new theories and spells. A plethora of teachers, scholars and fellow practitioners can be found within. If you need to further develop your own skills, look no further than the Necropolis.


There are three major religious concepts here in Ridgemourn and they are pretty well developed.

There's a well developed organization behind the teachings of the god of death. Many citizens here worship and practice some form of necromancy, whether by arcane or divine means.

There is also a well developed belief in Nox and chaos. Hence the constant struggle between gangs.

Lastly there is also a few groups of people who are faithless.

Characters in Ridgemourn

  1. Larewen
  2. Jalal
  3. Jeremiah

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