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Snowcaps of Rosfjorn

Rosfjorn Island



Rosfjorn is currently the northernmost island and has been cut off from the rest of the world. This island is home to three sub-species, one species of Human, one of Centaur and the other of Harpy. All three species have evolved in harmony with the environment, adapting to the cold weather, harsh winds and scarce supply of resources. Much of the land resides in ice and snow as they have a very long winter season and a very short summer. During the winter or restless nights as the locals refer to them, the sun does not even rise to gaze upon their faces. During the summer month there is a two week period where the sun itself does not set. The Arctic Ring sits upon the massive mountain range which stretches across the center of the island. Creatures unknown to the rest of the realm reside north of these mountains and decimate all who dare enter. None live today to tell the tale of these horrible beasts, these White Wraiths. Recently bodies have been showing up along the ridges of the mountains and within the forests. Their defiled corpses tell tales, tales of which has only one culprit.

Geographic sub-areas in Rosfjorn

Northern Peninsula of Rosfjorn

The Northern Peninsula of Rosfjorn is deeply shrouded in magic, mystery and vastly unexplored. However the Rosfjorians know this area to be inhabited by creatures known only as the White Wraiths and filled with frozen tundras, glaciers and untold horrors. The White Wraiths are said to come and go with the storms, being practically invisible to all of the senses. For all of the encounters the Rosfjorians have had with the White Wraiths, this is all that can be said about them: "The White Wraiths? They've teeth like a lion, a head like a bear, claws that could tear a plank to kindling. That is if you can see them before they strike you down for being their natural prey." Whether the White Wraiths actually resemble the stories remains to be seen as none alive today have had the grim pleasure of meeting one face to face.

  • White Wraiths: Much about the White Wraiths are currently unknown. They only come with blizzards and white-outs and are completely invisible within them. They live beyond Svaldifari’Njall, which was created by god Jirhai, to keep their blood-lust at bay. The White Wraiths, though unknown, were created by the god Nox for reasons yet known.

Central Rosfjorn

Central Rosfjorn is made up of an enormous mountain range named Svaldifari’Njall (Pronounced Svol-Duh-Far-Ee Knee-All.)The name means; The Fanged Range.

Svaldifari’Njall is scarcely populated by local animal life. Creatures such as Mountain Goats, Snow Owls, Snow Leopards and Snow Rabbits inhabit this area.

Southern Rosfjorn

Southern Rosfjorn is home to two tribes, known as The Rognvald (Pronounced Rog-nuh-vald) and The Gunlaug (Pronounced Goon-loug.)

The Rognvald live to the south west area, tucked away in a valley named Hrolf (Pronounced Ha-Roll-Ph).

The Gunlaug live to the south east area on a frozen tundra named Eskylnir (Pronounced Eye-Skill-Near).

The valley and tundra are separated by the frozen forests named Hag’Audun (Pronounced Hog-A-Dawn).

South East of Rosfjorn

ooc note: This area is home to the Harpies. Content pending.

Settlements in Rosfjorn

The Rognvald Tribe

  • The Rosfjorian Humans live to the south of the mountain range Svaldifari’Njall, directly west of the frozen forests and tucked away in a valley named Hrolf. This village is very small and unable to sustain a large number of people. Food is scarce, but they are known to eat many berries which grow naturally in the forest to the east. They also eat plenty of meats including, but not limited to: Fish, Walrus, Whale, Caribou and Mountain Goats. This village is generally referred to as the Village of the Rognvald simply because it has no name and without need of one. As previously stated, resources are very limited on the island and therefore, they make sure to put to use every animal they kill. Whale bones are used to form frames of homes, Caribou hides used to create fur walls, oils from Whales and walrus alike used as a fuel source to heat their homes. Furs from Mountain Goats are used to create boots and scales from fish used for the sole of their shoes. The scales provide a natural traction to the ice and snow. Among all of this there are a few homes constructed from wood and these are reserved for special purposes such as: Mead halls, religious buildings and leadership. Most would consider their way of life a severe case of poverty, but they see it as a full and healthy life and they would have it no other way.
    • Rosfjorian Humans: They are a much hardier race of humans adapted to the extreme cold of the frigid north. Each one is born with a bloodline trait deciding their future class within society. There are three aspects of the bloodline trait. The first aspect is the bear. Those born with the aspect of the bear are born leaders and chieftains among the tribe. The second aspect is the wolf. Those born with the aspect of the wolf are hunters for either resources or of enemies. The third aspect is the hawk. Those born with the aspect of the hawk become shamans/scholars/sages. The aspects are an innate ability to gain senses/strengths of the animal they are akin to. This is a spell like ability given to them by the goddess Wraith, in order to fight off the White Wraiths. These aspects however are a curse as Wraith dabbles in only such. Unknown to the Rosfjorian humans, the more they call upon the power, the more animalistic they become. This eventually drives them berserk, basing their existence upon pure instinct instead of rational thought. The Rosfjorian humans believe this state arises from the extreme colds they endure. The berserk humans eventually leave the tribe to inhabit Svaldifari’Njall and Hag’Audun, forming pack like groups which destroy anyone they come across.

The Gunlaug Tribe

  • The Rosfjorian Centaurs live to the south of the mountain range of Svaldifari’Njall, directly east of the frozen forests upon the tundra. Like the humans, their life is very similar as they share the same resources. However this tribe is nomadic and constantly moving around the tundra, following the herds of caribou which feast upon the grasses there. These Centaurs are led by the eldest mare during times of peace and are ruled by the strongest warrior in times of war. Their nomadic village is generally referred to as The Gunlaug, using their tribes name as a city identity.
    • Rosfjorian Centaurs: The Rosfjorian Centaurs are a hardier race of Centaurs who have adapted to the frigid north. The Centaurs were also given an ability to help combat the White Wraiths by the Goddess Wraith. Their ability allows them to control the wind and snowfall of the area. This ability reveals the White Wraiths so they may be killed. Unknown to the Centaurs this ability also acts as a beacon, alerting the White Wraiths to their whereabouts, almost like a summons.

Khadasa H’vek

  • Arctic-Sea Harpies: Content Pending.

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Clans with Headquarters in Rosfjorn

Training areas in Rosfjorn

Economic areas in Rosfjorn

Areas of note in Rosfjorn

Mirror Lake: This place is an oddity of nature, being warm, full of life and drastically different from the areas outside of it. The local lore suggests that a Doppleganger lives within this magically enchanted area, awaiting a passerby to take a sip of water. At that moment it would drag you beneath the surface and wipe you from existence. Note to players, people have gone missing in the area.

The Reach: This place resides directly north of Mirror Lake and just like it is an oddity of nature. Within the warmth there is a cottage which belongs to the witch responsible for the magics around. Local lore suggests that she is not much different than the boogey man. Note to players, people have gone missing here.

The Thundering Chasm: This massive rift is used by both tribes in a ritual for their dead. In fact even during war it's considered dishonorable to attack anyone on their way to the Thundering Chasm. It's also considered honorable to help them reach this place regardless of which tribe they belong to. The bodies, once they reached this place, are then blessed and tossed into the cavern. Local lore believes this place to be an entrance to the underworld. Note to players, this place is sacred.

Useful information about Rosfjorn

  • Rosfjorian is actually the spoken language and none know the common tongue simply because they have been cut off from the outside world for so long.
  • The forest Hag'Audun, which separates the two tribes, is considered no mans land and many small battles have occurred within them. It's said that the ghosts of those slain still haunt the place and it's generally considered foolish to enter them alone.
  • They have their own customs and codes of honor which they follow strictly.
  • Both tribes fiercely defend their borders from outsiders of any kind. Entrance is only permitted with an escort.
  • There are a few packs of Berserk humans roaming the mountains and forest who kill all they come across.

History of Rosfjorn

In the beginning there were multiple tribes of humans and centaurs living peacefully with one another. Trade was in abundance and all life thrived in Rosfjorn or as much as it could. In an attempt to further expand, a scouting party was sent further north, over the then flat lands. This scouting party made their way to the northern peninsula where they encountered beings that came and went with the wind and snow. These beings, later on named the White Wraiths, scythed into the scouting party. Only a few survivors made it back home to report what had happened. Soon thereafter war befell the once peaceful tribes of Rosfjorn. The White Wraiths proved to be too much for the tribes to combat. In a last ditch effort the people prayed to the gods for a solution to their problem, as most of their people had already been slaughtered. The goddesss Wraith responded to their pleas, granting them the bloodline traits you see today. The god Jirhai created the mountain range known as Svaldifari’Njall, to keep the White Wraiths at bay. Quickly, peace spread once more among the remaining tribes of Rosfjorn. Due to the dwindling of their numbers, the Human tribes banded together, forming the Rognvald, and the Centaur tribes formed the Gunlaug. As time went on and the bloodline traits grew, these two remaining tribes began to wage war between each other. For centuries this war continued, neither side gaining victory, which led to the bitter rivalry seen today between them. Recently, murders have sprung up, the bodies indicating only one source; the White Wraiths. Because of this, a cease-fire has been established between the two tribes, in order to unify against this greater evil. As of now, a member of both tribes have been sent to find land elsewhere, in hopes of gaining new resources, numbers, and power to combat this re-emerging threat.

  • Freya was chosen as the representative to the Rognvald tribe for her mutation of the bloodline traits, which have given her all three aspects.
  • Ragnar was chosen as the representative to the Gunlaug for his mutation in size and sheer power.
    • These two were given this task as neither tribe knew what would await them. With the aid of their abilities they must surely succeed at this task or none would.


  • Skjaldbjorn is seen as a strong leader among the Rognvald and carries the aspect of the Bear. He has been sent to join Freya as an emissary. Seek him out should you wish to gain access to Rosfjorn, without hostile attacks against your PC's.

Rosfjorn Religion

Unlike many other regions in Adrasteia, Rosfjorn has a universal religion where all Gods and Goddess’s have their place, their purpose and direct things which a Rosfjorn native will seek out. Below is a list of each deity which holds sway over their religion. Yes, some are not revered or even worshiped as an individual God. This by no means, negates any deities’ specific powers or abilities. It just means that the natives, either don’t know of or don’t believe their abilities need a representation of godhood.

Astra: Giver of life and balance. She, along with Nox are considered to be 2 sides of the same coin. Their understanding or belief is that by day, Astra is the Goddess of Light and by night, she flips and turns into Nox. This is obviously a mortal’s viewpoint, a twist on the idea of Adras Gods. She is considered to be far too powerful to consider praying to for an advantage. She (and Nox) are considered to be the ruling Gods and far too busy to mettle in Mortal affairs.

Nox: The Ruler of Darkness, shadow and chaos. By day, Nox returns to the form of Astra.

Jirhai: The god of the planet, of all living creatures, of rock and stone, of plants and clouds.

  • Valdek: Valdek is considered to be an aspect of Jirhai, much like Astra and Nox. All things of craft are gifted from Jirhai and when one works with the items gifted from Jirhai they pray for the ability to mold them. This aspect is actually one of the big three deities worshipped in Rosfjorn.

Meran: Meran is the god of storytelling and lore. Of ancient wisdom and knew knowledge. Meran is one of the big three most worshipped deities in Rosfjorn.

  • Zagreus: Zagreus is considered to be one of two aspects of Meran. The idea of indulgence whether good or bad, is an experience to be told and crafted into story.
  • Nyx: Nyx is considered to be the last aspect of Meran. Dreams, in their opinion, are only crafted through storytelling and lore. Which is part of Meran’s domain.

Seria: Seria is the last of the big three most worshipped dieties in Rosfjorn. Their habits in life means that existing is more than just a struggle it’s war. It’s battle among each other, healthy rivalry, and the hunt. They believe that Seria collects those who have died in battle or personal conquest to hold in her personal armies for the war of existence which is still yet to come.

Sela: Though Sela commands the water and the sea’s depths, she is not often worshipped. Though Rosfjorn history shows that at one time she was a highly worshipped goddess, back when they were a sea fairing people who fished daily or when they performed raids on other islands. However, due to the harsh conditions of the north, most Rosfjorian people have strayed from their sea fairing ways.

Diiroehn: Is the god of the underworld and believed to be the torturer of a man’s soul if he should die peacefully. To die peacefully means that one did not accomplish much in life and is generally a coward. They believe Diiroehn is the guillotine to cowardice and feasts on the fears of men for eternity.

Wraith: Is the giver of Curses, an imbalance to life, a disrupter of flow and a follower of Nox via means of chaos. Though she is not considered evil she is not considered good either. Generally she is revered as the trickster of the Rosfjorian pantheon.

Chron: Chron is seen as the keeper of time, the gates of eternity are at his beck and call. The ultimate knower of when all things must come to an end. Chron is not worshipped but respected beyond all other gods, for it is by his generosity that the end of days has not yet swept through the land. People who believe in Rosfjorian knowledge believe that Chron knows of the exact time the world will come to an end.

The Void: The Void, is a place that is the counter balance to life, the end of all things living, the end of the gods. It is believed that when the powers that created the Gods collided, a place void of existence was created. A place dubbed the Underverse. A place which is so counter intuitive to life that it cannot even be fathomed. It is widely believed that Chron knows the exact time-frame when the Underverse will return all existence back into nothingness, including itself.

Rognvald Worship

The Rognvald tribe worships their departed ancestors above all else. Deities are indeed still important to them, and it is not uncommon to hear a prayer murmured to any given one, but their ancestors are regarded at a higher status. Only the truly revered in life are added to the practice of worship, once they have departed from the living.

Skadjir the Unbroken: He is seen as the founding father of the Rognvald tribe, and patron of their people. When the first war arose with the White Wraiths, he was left for dead on a battlefield scattered with Rosfjorian's. It is believed that in his final moments, he prayed to the Gods for a power, the power to stop the White Wraith's... and his prayer was answered, for he rose up and defeated the remaining Wraiths, his strength growing immeasurably with his rage. After the battle, he returned to his people a new man--baptized in war. It is because of his actions, that the Rognvald abide by such rigorous rules of life. And under his leadership, all of the Rognvald were given power to halt the Wraith advance.

Amedri 'Mother' Oskev: Matron of the Rognvald, it is told she guided their people as a Shaman for untold years, when the aspect of the Bear nearly disappeared entirely from their people. It is because of her actions, that the rare Hawk Aspect is regarded so highly among the Rognvald tribe.

Unfyk the Soft-Spoken: A curious fellow in life, it is told, with the aspect of the Wolf. Despite social norms, he refused to become a hunter for his people, claiming it was not his desire. Instead of glorious battle and conquest, he sought history. With this desire, he created the written language of the Rognvald, etched their history into tablets, and promised their life never to be forgotten.

Dive Into the End of Days

OOC NOTE: This is what the people of Rosfjorn believes will happen in the future, it -does not mean- that it will happen. It's just part of their religion.

The land has been cracked and torn asunder, ripped open as though it were a living being bleeding out into every plane of existence. The terrestrial, aether and underworld lie in some grim and twisted union of realities where man, gods, souls of the slain and the void intermingle. Storms unlike any could imagine wrack the world with power previously unseen. The very breadth of existence hangs in the balance and all gods fight against the end of days. The armies of Seria, the Einherjer, fight beyond the brink of exhaustion. The powers of Nox and Astra work in unison to attempt to stem the tide of utter annihilation, brought on by the other half of creation; the void. All hope is lost and it seems that there is nothing which can be done to end the loss of all creation. Everything that lives seems to be coming to an end. For now, the outcome of life and nothingness is unknown, even to the gods. However, nothing will stand in their way to attempt at salvaging their own life. For if the void wins, all is lost...

Current Ongoing Arc

War in the North


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