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The Island of Soteri

The island of Soteri is one of the most unusual habitats in the realm of Adrasteia. Suspended in the Aether (atmosphere) by the chaotic magic of the God Nox, the small island constitutes of a volcanic, mostly barren and rocky terrain that is almost entirely threaded through with some of the rarest minerals and ores to be found in the realm; pyrite being the most valued of these. These precious trade commodities make the island a popular destination for adventurers, prospectors, profiteers and the criminal element that might typically follow in the presence of these elements. The favored domain of the God, Soteri has become home to the races of the red and black dragons who both have the physiology to survive the thick sulfuric smog that often hangs in the Soterin atmosphere. The dragons have been known to hoard the precious pyrite that prospectors seek, and those looking for a short cut to fortune have been known to risk an attempt at looting directly from the dragons' lairs.

The island is also the home of the Delanian Deep Elves, the renegade daughter race of the Tallian High Elves who parted from the neutral order of that existence to align themselves with the will of the chaotic God of Darkness. The presence of these hostile and isolationist races on Soteri, makes it a place where outsiders are neither wanted, nor welcomed, and travelers to the island face the potential of an assault, or capture by any of the local residents. There is no open trade between Soteri and its sister islands, what resources are exchanged between regions occurs on the black market or by outright theft. The island is accessed only via the magic of the chaos sustained portals hidden throughout the lands. Portals that can be closed at the whim of the God at any time, the island's first line of defense.


Geographic sub-areas in Soteri

The Satellite island is small, magic infused wasteland that constitutes primarily of three subregions; the mountainous, almost inaccessible territory inhabited by the Soterin dragons, the barren desert plains, and the minimally habitable sonoran desert mine hills.

Map of Soteri

The Portal Gate:

The Bone Pit: A large crater gouged into the stone, clearly formed by some sort of powerful magic. Red rock stairs descend down into the pit of this dueling arena at either end, while plateaus serve as seating and standing area. A sturdy, wooden spike rises at least twenty feet into the air like a decapitated tree from the center of this pit, sharpened into a blackened point at the top, and covered in old blood stains down it's worn exterior. Broken skeletons riddle the ground. (This is a strict dueling zone.)

Dragon's Territory: Home to the more aggressive red and black Dragons, the terrain here is a difficult blend of red rock and black spines. Odorous gases fill a remote silence, while gaping maws of stone caverns stretch open to the east and west, neither easy to access without the ability of flight. A dark fortress is seen as a silhouette against the toxic sky to the north.

The Dragon's Citadel:

The Soterin Mine: North of the Saren stronghold, the terrain of land empty land hints that it is not completely desolate. Water can be found on the surface by those with the skills to do so, but snakes and ground dwelling creatures provide the only living fare for the prospectors who make it so far. Exposed to the elements, and without the means of resupply, the journey to the Soterin mine is one that few but the most daring, or the most desperate are willing to undertake. The value of the ore and gem that can be harvested there is a lure many find hard to resist.

Saren City: West of the arid red desert, the near barren expanse of volcanic copper, rust and ash hued badlands begins to show signs of life. Carved into the quartz rich rock, the craggy peaks that come into view are the first markers of civilization. The above ground entrance to the Delanian Capital of Saren city waits on the fringe of the badlands.

The city of Saren thrives as the pulse of the Deep Elf kingdom. Wide, carved and paved access tunnels make for journey from the surface, providing little natural light and ventilation filter down to this level. The city is cast in a permanent wash of translucent blue from the natural gas lamps that burn within the under-city. Saren is a secured territory built up on flat plateaus and around the edges of perilous chasms that offer only a fall into a dark abyss. The most important buildings; mage towers, the warriors’ training complex and the chambers of the Delanian ruling council, rise toward the cavernous while muted, lesser lights dotted along the roadways indicate those places that the nobles and wealthier merchants have established homes.

Passage and Exploration: If ever there was a place seemingly incapable of sustaining life, it is the Soteri. Steam and sulfur rise into the air from stone, creating a smoky yellow haze that hangs in the air. Rust colored buttes jut out across the landscape at treacherous angles, making travel very difficult for those on foot. A misstep might land on the more fragile rocks, or in one of the many steam vents hidden throughout the expanse of red earth.

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Useful information about Soteri

This island can be accessed either by using the command available in the ooc Departure Lounge east of the Limbo Spawn point, or, by manually travelling to the 'Potal to Soteri' tile which is located on the Western mountain perimeter of the island of Haven.

This island is a PvP Zone. Meaning that it is established as a hostile territory in which brawl or duel challenges should not be ignored. It is not a place for loitering or casual role play that is not anticipating the possibility of hostile disruption of some sort. Consider yourselves warned.

This island is the ic Domain of the God of Chaos. Chances of some kind of direct encounter with the God are increased with rp activity here.


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