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The Abyss: Located beneath Haven Island's tainted forest, the Abyss runs from fairly shallow to incredibly deep below the surface. Very little light makes it below but some regions are illuminated by bioluminescent crystals and fungi or narrow shafts from the surface. The stale air ranges from very chilly to suffocatingly humid, depending on where one is in the Abyss. Strange geologic forces have carved out massive caverns, which have become populated with drow cities and towns. Underground streams cut through the inhabited areas, some more calm than others. The rich waters of the subterranean world and poorly understood magical forces have allowed for the biological life in the Abyss to diversify and grow in abundance. The Abyss contains several biomes, which each have their own unique and hostile flora and fauna. Numerous tunnels have been carved out by the drow themselves to connect regions together, creating an intricate underground network to get lost in if unfamiliar with the territory. With the water flow so abundant in the Abyss, it's no surprise that lakes and rivers become commonly occurring geographic features.


Settlements of the Abyss

Drow settlement

Player-run Shops and Businesses

  • Blind Wyvern Cornerclub owned by Reicia

Clans with Headquarters in the Abyss

None currently

Economic Areas in the Abyss

  • Marketplace
  • Gaping Cavern Plaza

Useful Information About the Abyss

  • The waters of the Abyss are sweet, tantalizing, and intoxicatingly delicious because of the abundance of minerals that seep into the water from the underground aquifers. The wildlife, both plant and animal, are lethal and highly aggressive with varying ranges of territory. It's best to keep one's distance.
  • The Stygian Forest is home to a magical creature that is very rarely sighted. The stygian unicorn, originally thought-up in another MUD by a certain monochromatic dryad, has been adopted into the Isles of Adrasteia and reinterpreted to fit into drow lore. In drow lore, the stygian unicorn is a beast of Diirhoen, the god of death (stygian means 'relating to the river of Styx'). They have blades for hooves, are faceless, and very hard to tame. This is because of how rarely sighted they are. It has been believed they'd gone extinct until recently when they resurfaced.
  • Some, if not most, regions of the Abyss are dark enough that one's eyes never adjust because no amount of light travels to said location.
  • There are many slaves, all of them dressed in abayas and hijabs. Any non-drow caught wandering the Abyss without an abaya and hijab will be immediately executed for trespassing. Drow mean business. Fortunately for foolish wanderers, the Abyss is expansive enough that travelers can get lost in tunnels drow don't happen to pass through on a particular day.

Characters in the Abyss

Role Holder
Matron of House Qi'Sek Insidia
Patron of House Si'Kaie Avidasino
Matron of House L'inya To'ryll
House L'inya High priestess Jyslin
House L'inya Firstborn Rizlin
House Qi'Sek Firstborn Cieo
House Qi'Sek Slave Nakiera


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