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Adrasteia is a growing and evolving world, where opportunities for in character discovery and exploration abound. Islands as large as small continents, or as small as sandbanks can be written into existence and added to our game database as explorable dungeon tiles, along with the new terrains and races that might occupy them. So long as due creative process is expended in developing the new geographical region, and enough players are engaged with the idea of playing and or poupulating it, the opportunities for expanding the game world are limitless.

The following links lead to the pages that have been generated for the geographical regions that have already been created in Adrasteia. Each island will be its own subcategory, to allow for the maximum organization of multiple pages of content to that region specifically. New page content should be coded to the appropiate level of category where available. (For example, The Hobbit Shire page should be linked to Haven Island, and not directly to World Geography)

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