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The God of Time

Chron is a God of Adrasteia



The deity isn't far too subtle when it comes to his appearance; he only takes one form except on extremely rare circumstances, albeit the form is far from simple. A human male with sun-kissed skin like the Sehraka or other desert-dwelling humans, what sets him apart is the glittering flecks of golden sand all over his skin, and that same color of irises that hug hourglass-shaped pupils. He is always wearing a keffiyeh, be it around his neck like a scarf or upon his head to keep the blazing sun from his neck and skin. The god wears clothing more like his favored tribes, and fit to travel in the desert with sandals and heavy desert travelling garb.


Chron befits Time to the letter; he is indifferent, and callous in almost all cases. Time does not care about mortals or their workings, but rather the simple flow and continuation of its existence; like Time, he does not usually meddle in mortal affairs. He does not care about them. Although if someone were to muddle the flow of time itself, his response is usually swift and with a vengeance unparalleled -often they result in the erasing of a person's timeline, which would leave not a single memory of their existence.

Even with his indifference, there is something special about the God of Time. He knows all mortals; as Time he would have been a presence in every character and NPC's past, witnessed every good and bad in their life. Unbeknownst to them, he would've cried beside them as they cried, rejoiced along with them when they rejoiced. He is a being that knows all beings. It is for this reason that Chron does not take part in wars, because every single death in a war is the death of a being that he knew intimately.


There is much lore about the God of Time. There was once a city that eventually flourished and became too ambitious, and strove to conquer time itself; Chron, with the urging of the council of gods, appeared and destroyed this city entirely, and had a desert swallow it whole.

Aside from that, his history is the usual motif; a traveler in the sandy sea of time, constantly walking alone in search of the end of the desert. It's an end that never has arrived, and Chron is quite content with that.


The domain of the God of Time is technically in the Aether, but it is not an area accessible by any being aside from the Divine; it is an endless desert that spans in all directions. Every speck of sand represents a moment in a being's life, their past, and the infinite possibilities of the future.


Chron does not avidly look for followers. He does not care who follows him, or why; he is unconcerned. If someone claims to follow him, they can list their name here.

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