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Players please be sure to sign your update with your character name, so that players know who to get in touch with if they would like to get involved. Be sure to include a synopsis of the rp, and where possible a short interwiki link to a sample of the current story play to inspire others to join. Thank you. (See the wiki guide for linking directions)

Please check the Regional News Sheet page for In Character details of regional news about ongoing rp, and the Upcoming Role Play Events page for role play in the planning stages.


Realm Wide Global

  • February- March '16
  • A long, long time ago, in a kingdom far away, the rise of an empire almost led to the fall of a realm. The arrogance of a king, the deception of a god and the rebellion of a forbidden love, all wove together in a tale that ended with the growing human empire of Miriton and its capital city of Ankara, being swallowed by the sands; forever sealed and dammed to an existence that was not life, in the divine prison matrix that was their doom. In a twin realm of mercy and judgement, the spirits of the less guilty continued existence in the mercy of an illusion of the city long destroyed and separated from the world above, while the spirits of the offenders served their sentence in chaotic torment. All but forgotten by the realm and the gods who have ruled it for millennia, Ankara and its lost inhabitants are about to give the realm cause to remember them.. because only the dead should be forgotten. And Ankara has found a way to live, again.

Continental Adrasei

  • February
  • Life in the large, bustling metropolis of mainland Adrasteia has never been better. Every possible luxury and opportunity for entertainment and urban misadventure awaits in the city of Adrasei. From employment opportunities, to the possibility of establishing and operating your own business. Live life on the good side of town or descend into the underbelly of Old Town. Be a constable or a rogue, a theater actress or an arena champion. You are only limited by your imagination. If you are interested in developing a story arc for the big city, please contact Astra or Sela to share your ideas. We look forward to seeing this new addition to our world develop and thrive as a base for role play.


  • December
  • In the middle of the night, in the quiet streets of Lanmere, an attack began after a monstrous lycan unlike any seen before, snuck into the home of the local baker and his wife. Both were felled by the massive anthro, with many more falling victim throughout the evening. All wounded and dead have been taken to the Harborside Clinic to be treated by the head healer, Vayne Redrun. Any showing symptoms of lycanthropy are asked to remove themselves from the town of their own accord, least they be forced.


  • February
  • The arrival of Solaris, the ancient avian general and fallen God, by means of a rent in the fabric of time, has initiated a sequence of events resulting in the discovery of the ancient mysteries of the mountain top city of Astaria. It was actually designed and built to be a flying city fortress. The awakening of the pilot from stasis, has led to the launch of the city which now hovers airborne over the island of Haven. All aspects of the Astaren way of life are available for explorations, from roles in its political arena, to that of the military. Scholars, mages and philosophers all have a place in this most ancient of civilizations. Players interested in participation in Astarian life and rp can contact Ethan or Ihteram for information about the city and life there.

The Abyss

  • February
  • After the horrors committed during Insidia's reign, an end to it all has come. Cieo has overturned Insidia's Ordinance, sacrificed Insidia to Diiroehn himself in front of the drow population, and had every drow who helped carry out Insidia's horrific decrees sacrificed with her. Cieo plans on toppling the Three House system and replacing it with a matriarchy where she will sit at the head. So far, no one has challenged her newly claimed authority. Contact Cieo to get involved.
  • The Abyss has been expanded to include more tiles and a bigger, more dynamic and playable world. There are Shops For Rent and Houses For Rent. Contact Astra or Sela if you'd like to ICly purchase a tile and contact Cieo or Angelo if you'd like to get involved in drow arcs.


  • February-March
  • Something is amiss in the rolling dunes and forest outskirts of the Miriton desert. The mutilated carcasses of an already scarce food supply have been discovered by hunting parties and by the travelling caravans of various tribes and town dwellers on their journeys and patrols. There are increasing rumors of strange noises echoing across great distances on clear, cold nights. Screams and wails that sound like no animal known, precede occasional earth tremors, and mysterious symbols and marks have begun to appear on what is left of above ground ruins of the once great Miritonian empire. Rumors abound within the tribal communities of the sands, and fear has begun to take root. The familiar is becoming the enemy; the lonely expanse of sand, a home to something that threatens to shake their way of life out of existence.


  • February
  • Soteri has taken a position of isolationism in recent months. No news has left the area, and no travelers have returned.

Ankou Ennis

  • February
  • A giant spire broke through the ground at the Old City Road and ever since, the Infected have either been dying off or gradually recovering. Some of them still try to bite, but their bites do nothing now. The rise of the spire caused an island-wide earthquake and shook every building, knocking over some of the weaker structures in the West as well as the East.
  • Croix has met with the survivor city's district leaders (Mara) as well as their main leader (Jakec, pronounced 'Jack') to establish a good faith relationship. Supplies from the West are now delivered regularly to the survivor city, but resources do continue to be limited. The survivor city now owns two horses.
  • Bands of people from the survivor city work day in and day out to help round up the infected and quarantine them off in buildings marked by blood-soaked banners under the direction of Croix. Soon, those buildings will be visited to care for those recovering and kill off those bound to die anyway. Contact Milon or Ahab for details.
  • Croix has gathered another group of volunteers to help clear out buildings and fence them off with barbed wires to create safe, habitable places where her workers can eat and sleep in peace. Soon, the number of buildings acquired will expand, and she'll begin offering room and board to residents of the survivor city so that they can reclaim the rest of their land. Those who work for Croix are compensated with either free meals and a bed or in "crosses", coins that represent number of hours worked. Crosses can be traded in for extra goods brought over from the West. Contact Croix, Milon, or Ahab if you'd like to get involved.

Great Tal

  • February
  • All quiet. Boy, these elves need to get out more.


  • February
  • Role play has begun in the Fae regions of Illynfel island. If you have ideas for fae kingdom plot lines that you'd like to GM please send an Adra mail to Sela.

The Jangalan Sub-Continent

  • February
  • The following letter has been addressed to the public: To all interested denizens of the Isles: each year, the Jangalan Navy holds a tournament where participants test their strength, dexterity, and wit in a variety of water-based contests. Some take place on the shore, while others will be found beneath the sea. In the past, the tournament has been exclusive to Jangal, but this year, we are extending the invite to all Islands. If you seek to test your mettle beneath the waves, or if you simply wish to learn and improve, this tournament will likely have something for you. For non-Jangalan citizens, please send inquiries to the shaman Kumorohyou. May Sela guide you in safety.

-From the Office of Fleet Admiral Nazara, Jangalan Navy


  • February
  • Role play to establish the White Wraiths has begun! Check out War in the North for current details. Contact Skjaldbjorn, Ragnar or Freya to join in the rp fun!
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