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Life Expectancy: Varies
Homeland: Varies
Average Height: Varies
Average Weight: Varies
Preferred Classes: Varies
Classes this race can be:  Any
Preferred Alignment: Varies
Preferred Weapons: Claws, teeth, dragon breath and magic in natural form.
Aggression Level: Varies
Intelligence Level: Moderate-High
Magic Rating: Moderate
Strength Rating: Varies
Weak Against: Varies
Strong Against: Varies
Related Races: Draconian
Allied Races: Varies
Enemy Races: Varies


  • Black Dragons: Black dragons consider themselves the most true and advanced of their race, and often conceal their forms with their shape shifting or mind altering abilities, favoring Deep elf or human disguise. In true form, their scales can rarely be discerned for their more sleek appearance, and both male and female almost always possess a set of wing appendages much like the structure of bats, which can be flexibly used in battle and hunting. They crave not only knowledge, but chaos, and are easily swayed a more evil or corrupted nature. Their breath attack of dark mana hellfire, can induce excruciating psychological distress and disorientation in a victim. The sight of a black dragon is fairly rare, but they can often be defined by an unnatural violet or red eye color.
  • Red Dragons: Red dragons are the most feral of dragon species, generally acting upon instinct over intelligence. Stocky and armored in build, they are revered by other races as capable mounts and companions, and often can be persuaded by their greed and gluttony into a 'tamer' status. They very rarely rely upon magic or altered form, but have a developed gland that allows them the ability to spit and snort fire, particularly when enraged. Although very tolerant to heat, they are susceptible to colder temperatures and magic, and it has been rumored that red dragons are lulled or weakened by the sound of music.
  • Blue Dragons: Blue dragons are a variety of dragon that make the ocean and large bodies of water their domain. Unlike traditional dragons, blue dragons have neither wings, nor legs. Rather their bodies are serpentine in build, with fins to help propel them through the water. The males of the species tend to be more highly decorated with brighter blue scales and lengthy coral horns as well as a finned frill that creates a 'mane' shape around their head. Females of the species are more plain, with duller coloration. While the males tend to possess the strong magics, the females are more aggressive and are the hunters of the dragon family. Older blue dragons are capable of shifting to a form that resembles an elf, albeit with skin that is usually very pale and darker hair. Regardless of age, they are not able to leave the water for extended periods of time.
  • Green Dragons: Green dragons are a shyer subspecies of dragon, rarely seen, even in the jungles that make their natural habitat. Smaller than other dragons, a green dragon also lacks wings. Rather, its body almost seems to resemble a deer with feet that taper into hard hooves. They posses a tail that extends to about half the length of their bodies, and a brightly colored frills against their heads and near their rear. A green dragon's head is perhaps the only part that resembles other dragon brethren, with a somewhat birdlike beak. Though they are unable to shift outside their natural forms, green dragons are capable of telepathic communication. These dragons possess a stronger inclination toward natural or mental magics.
  • Gold Dragons: Gold dragons are not truly dragons. Rather they are spirits that have chosen to manifest in the form of a more traditional, gold scaled dragon. They have a powerful body with large claws and fangs. Their scales along their head form ridges that almost resemble flames in their formation. Gold dragons are among the wisest of dragons, and their spirit origins make them true immortals when they appear on the mortal plane; unable to age. However, taking on a physical body means that they can be injured or killed. They are more adept with holy magic or chaotic magic depending on their alignment, and manipulators of the air and fire elements of the aether. As with any true dragon they are also physically powerful. Gold dragons are capable of shifting to a humanoid form resembling an elf with golden tones to their complexion, and a muted gold eye color.
  • Fae Dragons: Fae dragons are the smallest variety of dragon. While their bodies resemble a traditional dragon form, their wings are more akin to those of insects- and more often than not, butterfly wings. They come in all variety of colors and tend to associate with fae or other magically inclined creatures. Though they are only roughly the size of an adult male human's hand, they lack none of the physical strength of larger dragons and tend to possess strong magic. Fae dragons are highly intelligent, however they are not capable of shifting between forms.


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