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Life Expectancy: can live 1000+ years, but known to die young (btwn. ~700-800)
Homeland: Abyss
Average Height: varies
Average Weight: varies
Preferred Classes: necromancer, mage, priestess, assassin
Classes this race can be: any
Preferred Alignment: lawful evil, chaotic evil, or chaotic neutral
Preferred Weapons: varies
Aggression Level: very high
Intelligence Level: very high
Magic Rating: high
Strength Rating: moderate but agile
Weak Against: light and poison
Strong Against: dark magic
Related Races: elf
Allied Races: none, though anyone if it's strategically advantageous
Enemy Races: elf, especially Deep Elf



The drow are similar to the deep elves in many ways, but these are not so much a product of common ancestry as a product of evolutionary change within similar environments. The drow are derived from their simple elven cousins, of which High Elves also arose, while deep elves are a daughter race to the High Elves. The drow and deep elves developed similar adaptations to their environments but remain as different from each other as the other elven kinds. One notable physical difference between the drow and deep elves is skin tone; the drow is dark, their skin colors ranging between ashy grey to true black. Drow commonly have white hair, but may also have auburn or brown hair; any hair color besides the white norm is rare and could result in stigma. Most drow have red eyes, but they've been known to have yellow, violet, green, and blue eyes. Those with yellow eyes are believed to be sick, and those with violet, green, or blue are assumed to be of an impure heritage. Drow are generally fanged, though not to a great extent. They see with infrared vision, and although this gives them heightened sensitivity to warm-bodied beings, this also gives them a great weakness to light. A sudden flash will momentarily blind any drow and cause some pain. All drow are agile and fit, a necessary result of a vicious society, and they're all born with innate magical abilities. Drow women tend to be stronger than their male counterparts but exceptions do exist.


Sick, twisted, and manipulative are the staple characteristics of the drow people. They are intelligent, cunning, and self-centered. They express no compassion or sympathy in the public's eye and act only to their own ends, whatever those may be. Any drow who shows weakness through kindness or hesitation is eventually killed off. Affection is never publicly displayed and is oftentimes presented as mere lust to avoid seeming weak. They're thought to be power-hungry, seeking to prove themselves through the art of killing or, alternatively, becoming avid scholars and using their wit to dominate and conquer instead. They're a cruel people who don't hesitate to torture, maim, or kill others and are known to enjoy such sadistic pleasures.


Drow society is a matriarchal one, neatly organized into Houses which are headed by Matrons with a few exceptions where Patrons rule instead; in these cases, the Patron overpowers the strongest female drow of the respective House. Because of their physiological superiority to male drow, female drow have an easier time mastering their magical abilities, and therefore tend to rule. The male drow who overpower their Matron, and therefore assume the title of House Patron, tend to conquer because of their magical ability and martial training. The most powerful House is referred to as the Head House and rules over all other Houses.

Almost all drow are under the reign of a Matron or Patron, a majority of them being ruled indirectly by the control of sectors. The Abyss population is great and their distribution wide, and to maintain governance over unaffiliated drow, the vast society has been divided into sectors which are designated to one of the Houses. Though the Houses govern their own sectors apart from each other, the Head House would have dominion over any sector it wanted, which means the Head House has the widest reign of power over the Abyss empire. Those that are directly controlled by a Matron or Patron are closely affiliated to the particular House in question and are considered nobles, House siblings, warriors, or House slaves, and all members - with the exception of slaves - are purebred drow. Half-breeds are outcasts and therefore are oftentimes unaffiliated to a House directly or have been captured as a House slave. Half-bloods are generally hated as much as the drow's fair-skinned counterpart, the elf. A half-blood's heritage can be overlooked if the half-blood proves to be useful and worthy of nobility. In such an event, the half-blood is ascribed a pure breed and would henceforth be known as such.

Because of the way drow think and act, drow life is viciously competitive, a constant struggle to survive and conquer. Only the most clever manage to live long without having to engage in battle, but drow life is essentially a constant battle of wit and blade.

Drow have traditions that have lasted for millennia, many of which were designed to repress male dominance. One example is the exclusion of male priests from sacred libraries where more archaic knowledge is contained, allowing only priestesses access to powerful magical knowledge which limits the possibility of males rising against the matriarchal order. Those who operate the distribution of sacred knowledge are known as the Clergy.

Sex is a cruel and traumatic experience for most male drow. The women are fiercely aggressive and dominant. By an early age, most male drow will have scars across their backs because of said unspeakable experiences.

Traditional House Ranking System

  1. Matron/Patron (also referred to as 'Head')
  2. High priestess (if not the Matron)
  3. Firstborn: although called 'firstborn', this rank goes to the strongest of the Matron/Patron's children, regardless of birth order.
  4. Secondborn: goes to second strongest of Head children; third child is sacrificed to Diiroehn to gain favor unless the First- or Secondborn die before the birth of the third.
  5. Lover of the Head of House/Consort
  6. Priests, mages, and other sorcerers
  7. House warriors/assassins
  8. Slaves

Note: Common slaves are denoted by the abayas and hijabs they must wear. Everything but their hands and faces are covered. This is so that neither their race nor sex is readily apparent and doesn't elicit behaviors from the drow that would otherwise interfere with the productivity of the slaves.

The Houses

Note: Since the sacrifice of Insidia to Diiroehn, Cieo has dismantled the Three-House political system and has converted the Abyss to a Matriarchy where she stands as Queen. Players can start their own Houses if they choose now that Houses don't represent a political power anymore. NPC slots are open for filling by PCs.

House Qi'Sek

  • Matron: Cieo; formerly Insidia, Cieo's aunt, now deceased
  • Firstborn: Na'qisek; Cieo's only living child
  • Secondborn: None
  • Consort: None
  • Nobles:
    • Priests, mages, and other: NPCs
    • Warriors/assassins: NPCs
  • Slaves: NPCs

House L'inya

  • Matron: To'ryll; previously To'ryll's mother, Myrarra, who is now deceased
  • High priestess: Jyslin, To'ryll's sister
  • Firstborn: Rizlin, To'ryll's younger brother
  • Consort: Nicola (NPC)
  • Nobles:
    • Priests, mages, and other: NPCs
    • Warriors/assassins: NPCs
  • Slaves: NPCs

House Si'Kaie

Note: Formerly House Aeir'Teris

  • Patron: Avidasino; Matron of House Aeir'Teris assassinated (NPC)
  • High priestess: None currently
  • Firstborn: None; NPC of House Aeir'Teris assassinated
  • Secondborn: None; formerly Neiros of House Se'Tier, now missing (NPC); none existed under Aeir'Teris rule
  • Consort: formerly Insidia, Matron of House Qi'Sek
  • Nobles: Note: some slaughtered and some spared from Se'Tier rule
    • Priests, mages, and other: NPCs
    • Warriors/assassins: NPCs
  • Slaves: NPCs


The primary deity among drow is Diiroehn, but a small few do pay homage to Nox, oftentimes in secrecy. There is conflict between those who worship Diiroehn and those who worship Nox because of the deep elves' association to Nox. Drow who pay homage to Diiroehn perform sacrificial rituals to their God in the hopes of getting to bargain with him to gain some advantage.

One of many drow rituals involves the sacrifice of 18 individuals in the light of a blood moon while chanting an archaic spell, a spell accessible only to the most knowledgeable of female drow scholars who've studied to become high priestesses. The sacrifices must be drained of their blood and the performer of the ritual must bathe in the blood within the light of the blood moon to gain unknown power. Most priestesses found to be studying to perform the ritual are killed to avoid a dramatic shift in the power politics of the Houses. It's in the best interest of all Houses to keep as many drow from the ritual as possible. For this reason, the ritual is rarely ever performed.


After breaking off from their mother race, the drow moved below ground and began to expand their society in isolation away from all other races. They were able to build tunnels to resources, never needing to surface for their goods. Because of a competition with the deep elves for underground territory, a grand feud was forged between the two races as they continuously clashed. The drows' hatred of their mother race persisted long after the generations that knew why had died and was further fueled by the hatred of the deep elves. A precarious harmony has been temporarily established between the drow and deep elves. After so many millennia, some drow have decided to surface, reminding the Isles of Adras of a long-forgotten people. A new history begins.

Deep Time

  • Matron of House Se'Tier takes a leave of absence, location unspecified. She returns with twin boys. In a covert operation, Firstborn of House Se'Tier is kidnapped and Secondborn goes missing shortly thereafter. All but certain nobles and the slaves are spared their lives in a successful full House massacre. A new order is established, and House Se'Tier becomes House Aeir'Teris. Avidasino Si'kaie is brought into and raised by House Qi'Sek.
  • Matron of House L'inya dies of old age. Firstborn high priestess Myrarra ascends to Matron in her mother's place and takes noble Solrak as her consort. Within a decade, Firstborn To'ryll is born. Firstborn To'ryll develops a magical touch before maturity and begins her training as high priestess.
  • Matron of House Qi'Sek gives birth to her first child and, decades later, her second. Firstborn Cieo begins her studies as a high priestess with some interest in illusions at an early age, and Secondborn Merko is sent away for combat training. Insidia, sister of the Matron, ascends to high priestess. Head assassin Diartes Avi'Laeyk of House Aeir'Teris is enlisted for a job by the Matron and moves in temporarily.
  • Matron Myrarra of House L'inya gives birth to second daughter who is ascribed Secondborn Jyslin. A healer's touch manifests around Secondborn's puberty. She begins her training as a priestess under Firstborn high priestess To'ryll.
  • Matron of House Qi'Sek dies of poison, and high priestess Insidia claims her sister's consort for herself while taking the title of Head of House. Secondborn Merko of House Qi'Sek returns and continues his studies in combat arts among House Qi'Sek's militia. Assassin Diartes takes a leave while completing a mission but returns soon after.
  • Matron Myrarra of House L'inya miscarries due to unknown reasons. Sex never known.
  • Matron Insidia of House Qi'Sek uncovers Firstborn Cieo's relationship with assassin Diartes and has all of their children, as well as Diartes, executed. Cieo loses her title as Firstborn and is replaced by Secondborn Merko. Cieo later loses her eyesight. The Matron gives birth to her first child who is ascribed the title of Secondborn, beneath Firstborn Merko. Her child is killed decades later, and Insidia covers it up. She behaves as if her child never existed. Cieo ascends to the title of Secondborn. Assassin Avidasino of House Qi'Sek later claims his title as head assassin and is frequently seen with Matron Insidia sometime thereafter. Head assassin Avidasino assumes the title of House Qi'Sek's consort.
  • Matron Myrarra of House L'inya gives birth to third child, a male named Rizlin. Before his sacrifice, he disappears. Many assume his death. Within a week of the disappearance, Firstborn high priestess To'ryll goes missing as well, assumed dead. Secondborn Jyslin takes claim to high priestess in Firstborn's absence. Within six years, consort Solrak dies, and the Matron doesn't take a new one. A year later, To'ryll and Rizlin return, and Matron Myrarra dies months later. Firstborn To'ryll assumes title of Matron. Rizlin begins his training for House L'inya's militia. Matron To'ryll takes a drow by the name of Nicola from distant lands as her consort, though none knows who he is.

Recent Events

  • Drow begin to rise to the surface.
  • Secondborn Cieo of House Qi'Sek acquires a slave and brings her to the Abyss. Secondborn Cieo conceives with an unknown lover.
  • Head assassin Avidasino of House Qi'Sek infiltrates House Aeir'Teris and assassinates the Matron. He takes claim to the title of Head of House and has remained unchallenged. House Aeir'Teris becomes House Si'Kaie.
  • Secondborn Cieo kills Firstborn Merko in front of an audience of nobles and the Matron, reclaiming her title as Firstborn.
  • Matron Insidia of House Qi'Sek bans Patron Avidasino of House Si'Kaie from House Qi'Sek. He is henceforth forbidden entrance.
  • Firstborn Cieo's slave goes missing.
  • Caterina Qi'Sek is born to Firstborn Cieo. Angelo, previously a human lycan and now a wight, guards Firstborn Cieo.
  • All the children of Adras Isles vanish. Caterina Qi'Sek has not been seen.

Common Phrases

Note: Work in progress

In Drow Literal Translation Means in Common
V'dri al pholor olath iston Sleep well on dark nights Sweet dreams/goodnight

Translator: http://www.grey-company.org/Maerdyn/resources/translator/

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