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Life Expectancy:  Dependent on Subspecies 
Homeland: Great Tal
Average Height: 3" - 5"
Average Weight: Very light
Preferred Classes:  Druid, Mage, Bard
Classes this race can be:  Any
Preferred Alignment:  Lawful Good, Lawful Evil
Preferred Weapons:  Staff, Wands
Aggression Level: Low
Intelligence Level: Superb
Magic Rating: Mystical
Strength Rating: Incredibly Weak
Weak Against: Physical Attacks, Untimely Breezes, Fire, Elemental Magic
Strong Against: Light Magic, Dark Magic
Related Races: Pixies
Allied Races: Tallian Hobbits
Enemy Races: Vampires, Elves



  • Edalyian: The Edalyians consider themselves to be the nobler race of the fae. Extremely intelligent and hosting strong mystical powers, they are a wise, proud race. However, they are not above creating mischief. The Edalyians form two fae courts that encompass both darkness and light. Edalyian Fae are capable of shifting to a larger size. The Edlayians live on average between 2600 and 3000 years.
    • Lystra: Known as the Light Court of the Edalyian Fae, the Lystra are known for seeking help outside of their courts, warning those who offend them, and returning kindness with their own. Though they are often inclined towards benevolence, they will still avenge insults and can be prone to mischief. Fae from the Lystra Court tend to be fairer in skin and hair colors, and can sometimes be seen at the twilight hours.
    • Marki: The Dark Court of Edalyian Fae consists of the Marki, malicious and evilly-inclined fae. Unlike the Lystra, no offense is necessary for them to carry out assaults. They appear at night and assault travelers, often carrying them through the air, beating them, or forcing them to commit vile deeds. Like members of the Lystra, Marki fae are not always malicious, however, they prefer to harm rather than help.
  • Klovian: The Klovians are a wild variety of fae. Unlike the other species, Klovians savage and while rare, the magic that occasionally crops up in a Klovian is particularly weak. Rather, they rely on a deadly toxin their bodies naturally produce, inflicting the poison through bites or scratches. The toxins range in a variety of types, from neurotoxins, to poisons capable of freezing a victim solid. As they are able to shift sizes, it is not unheard of for Klovians to tend toward warrior classes, often times coating weapons with their poisons. Klovians pair up with a single bondmate and will produce only two children during their lives. While it is possible for a Klovian to survive after the death of their bondmate, many will die not long after the passing of the first. Klovian are prone to mischief, and prefer gestures and song to speech unless necessary. Klovians live on average between 600 and 1200 years.
  • Domestic: Perhaps considered the lowest species of fae by all others, the Domestic Fae are descendants from a generation of fae to be captured and tamed as pets by the elves. Domestic Fae are often duller in pigmentation and have lost the ability to shift between sizes. Domestic Fae have a much shorter lifespan of between 150-200 years.
  • Seasonal: The Seasonals have a very special and specific skill set. They are in charge of helping with the change in the weather and scenery when their particular time has come. Each is strongest in their own season and weakest with elements and seasons that are opposite their own. They are between four to seven inches in height, though it isn’t unheard of for them to learn the ability to change size. Seasonal Fae live and average of 1000 to 2500 years.
    • Spring Fae: The happiest of the breed. Spring Fae are known often times by leaving small multi-colored flowers in their wake while flying close to the ground. They usually lean towards becoming druids, though they are not tied to any certain class, though each spring fae is responsible for the blossoming of the flora and fauna. The common tie with all of their kind is the similar colors in which they harbor; their hair, eyes and skin range from a pale fleshy color to that of newly sprouted leaves. Their weaknesses include cold weather, ice, snow, and winter. Their wings come in a wide variety of shapes, though the colors are always pastel. Elemental magic: Air
    • Summer Fae: The boldest of the breed. Summer Fae are easily spotted by their deep tans and love for fun. There is no pattern to their class choices; they can just as easily be an assassin as they could a bard, though they are normally a peaceful kind. Their charge it helping to guide the animals born the spring prior to learn the lay of the lands. Often times they are drawn to young that have lost their parents, be they beast or domestic, and will do what they can to place them in a proper home. Weaknesses include cold weather, ice, snow, winter, and fire. Their appearance has no common thread with others of the same kind, their hair, skin eyes and wings being of any color. Elemental magic: Earth
    • Autumn Fae: The most colorful of the breed. Autumn Fae are given away by their wings and eccentric colorings. Being as colorful as they are, Autumn fae are usually prone to becoming anything in the artistic class, be it bards, druids and even artists, most love a wide splash of color with everything they do. With Autumn as their season, these faeries are in charge of the change in the color of the leaves, hence their class choices, and in the beginning of fall they can be found coaxing dark green leaves into any color from brown to gold to crimson. As with the shades of the season, their hair, skin, eyes and wings are any mixture of the deep colors of fall. Elemental magic: Fire
    • Winter Fae: The fairest of them off. Winter Fae are as any would imagine; thin pale beings that almost shimmer when in the right light. Just as their autumn cousins, that are very artistic, choosing to stick to jobs and classes that have to do with unique shapes and pure colors. They are the creators of snowflakes, and when enough gather in the same areas, they have been known to cause snow storms. Like the world around them, these fae are normally pale in color; pale to light blue skin, blonde or white hair, and crystal blue eyes. Elemental magic: Water/ice


The fae are a lithe, slender race of creatures, characterized by their small size and the various types of wings they are capable of growing from their shoulder blades. Rarely growing any taller than 5' in height, some Fae are capable of magicking themselves to the size and weight of a small elf.

Like elves, they have tapered ears and long, slim faces. Their eyes are large, have a slightly upward slant and tend toward almond-shaped. The coloration of a fae can range from more "natural" colors, to bright pigmentation such as blues, greens, and oranges.


Fae posses a strong intellect. They have the ability to learn, comprehend and ultilize not only practical application, but arcane abilities on a level that is superior to many races. Even the more barbaric Klovians have a strong suit in strategy as a necessity to survival. They are crafty, clever creatures and a proud race that does not take kindly to insults against them.


Edalyian Fae are the only known species of Fae to form societies. Their courts are comprised of monarchies with the order of power as follows:

  1. Queen and King
  2. Princesses and Princes
  3. High Councilors
  4. The Grand Druid
  5. The Court Seer
  6. Citizens

Klovian Fae do not form societies. Rather, they are nomadic by nature, and rarely seen in larger numbers than a single pairing of bondmates.


Fae as a whole do not practice religion, preferring to keep amongst themselves.


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