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Technical Support For Use of the Wiki

Several of your questions about the creation of pages and other applications and uses for the wiki are answered in the following links provided by mediawiki company. Information affecting administration level access to the site is off limits to users in general, but you are free to utilize any of the resources and information that might make your use of the wiki more efficient.

Consult the User's Guide for in depth information on using the wiki software.

Getting started; Wiki Basics

Wikis are extermely powerful community tools that are often underutilized because players are intimidated by the prospect creating and editing in the medium. We have done as much as we can to alleviate these concerns with the resources that we have provided, from the creation of default templates that can easily be modified in new pages, to the following guidelines that wll hopefully make your experience with our wiki a positive one.

  • Editing existing content:

This is the most commonly used feature of any wiki, and the easiest to utilize. Make sure that you are logged in to the game wiki by making a wiki account; most players will make a user account with the name of one of their characters, and this is the recommended action . If a page already exists in the wiki, and you have found it either via a table of contents search, or keyword search, you can edit or add to the content of the page simply by clicking on the edit tab that will appear on the top of the page OR by clicking the subsection edit button if you want to edit one particular area of the page. This will be especially useful when it comes to making effective use of the available ic and ooc current events news sheets, among others.

  • Creating a new page:

Making a new page for the wiki is as simple as typing the title you want the page to have into the search bar on the top right of the page. If the page does not exist, a link to a new page created with that title will be displayed in red. Click the link to follow it, select the Edit tab in your page menu tool bar, and an editable page of the document will open for your use. Enter your content,(more on this below) hit save, and your new page exits!

  • Categorizing your new page entry:

As wonderful as wikis are, information can get hopelessly buried if a clear system of organization for tracking its location is not put in place. Once a page is created, it can be found again via a keyword search, which is only helpful if you know exactly what you're looking for. In the event that you want your created page to get the most posible 'drive by' traffic, as it were, one effective way to do this is by making the created page part of a family or category of similar pages. Anybody browsing your category will be pointed to your page along with any others that have been made in that grouping.

For now, the Major categories and subcategories that the Adrasteia wiki will be using to organize content are as follows. It is presumed that any page currently made on the wiki can fall into one of them.

  • Character Profiles
  • Clans
  • Current Events
  • Game Guides
  • Maps of Adrasteia
  • Page Templates
  • Races
  • Role Play
  • World Geography (And Its regional subcategories)

The specific descriptions for what type of content these categories cover, can be seen by accessing their individual pages in the table of contents in the navigation menu sidebar on the left of any page.

It is up to the user to determine what category or subcategory the newly created page can be assigned to, and at the end of whatever other content the page contains, insert the code which will link the new page to that category. This is done very simply by using the following format:

[[Category:Category name]]

  • Uploading Images

Adding an image to an Adrasteia wiki page is as simple as logging in as a registered user, and copying the direct url of the image you want to display into the page. (This is the url you get when you right click on a web image, and select its properties to read.) When you save the page, it will display the image you have saved.

We strongly recommend that users establish some kind of personal and permanent holding area for the images they intend to use on the wiki, to help ensure that they are less likely to be broken over time if owned by others. (photobucket or flicker comes to mind) But any image sourced on the web is also postable in this manner.

Sysops users also have a secondary option for uploading images. Simply click on the 'upload file' link available in the Toolbox field of the navigation bar to the left of the screen, make sure that your computer based file carries the name that you want on public display on the wiki, and upload. Once the file is uploaded to the wiki, sysops can embed it in a page by selecting the 'embed' button in the editing menu bar of any open page, and typing in the exact file name of the image you uploaded, within the embed code syntax. Once the page is saved, the embedded file will display as an image. Sysops should use this method sparingly, as it uses more bandwidth than links.

  • Staying Informed

Keeping an eye on the activity that has occured in the wiki is one sure way to make sure that you are never out of the loop. The easiest way to do this would be to click on the 'Recent Changes' link in the navigation bar at least once during your time logged into the game. The resulting page will list all of the edits that have been made to the wiki within the last 24 hours and beyond. This is an excellent means of staying aware of what is going on in the game world in a casual overview.

Many players make it a habit to check both the recent changes page, and the current events news sheets before they even log into the game, but wiki use in the end, boils down to personal preference. Please be aware however, that major administration news bulletins will be posted the the wiki home page as their official announcement spot, so some interaction with the wiki will be required of most players.

Useful Codes

While users are free to generate content in any style with which there are comfortable there are a few codes that are commonly used that might help with presentation of content.

  • In edit mode, the wiki provides a menu tool bar that allows users to perform typical word processing functions such as bolding, italicizing and using divider lines. Quick tools are also provided for embedding external links into the text.

Make use of these features to increase the readability and presentation appeal of your created page.

  • To generate a table of contents for a single page with bulk content in need of subdivisions, use the following code:

==Subheading Title Here==

The code creates a subsection of the page with its individual edit button, meaning that the section can be edited on its own without opening the entire document.

  • Bullets are also a simple but effective coding feature. A single asterix indicates one level of indentation, a pair placed horizontally next to each other indicates a second level of indentation.




  • A very convenient and not often used organization tool in wikis are interwiki links, where the words within one body of text can be coded so that they become clickable to redirect readers to other pages within the wiki. This is slightly more complex, but easily achieved so long as a user knows the exact name of the wiki page they are linking to. The coding would be as follows.

content text [[Name of target page|content text to be clicked]] content text continued.

(Note that if the target page is a Category page a : must be inserted before the page name in the above code, to avoid the page reading the code as a command to simply add the page to that category. )

This organizational tool is especially useful when users want to link content to material related to it, for example a role play log to an in character post in the Regional News Sheets.

  • The more adventurous wiki user is welcome to create pages on which collections of interwiki links can be found organized in lists. This is an especially popular feature with clans who may want to generate various pages on the wiki as a resource for their members. A page can be generated, for example, on which role play logs submitted by clan members can be listed, or another on which links of maps, forums or websites can be added. The format of the code would the same as used above for interwiki linking, except that the hashtag symbol (pound sign) would be added in front of the linked content to generate a numbered list.

Be sure to make sure that the page created as the central reference or resource has its own categorization code embedded, however, for access from the table of contents.

Terms of Use

It is our intention that the wiki become the go-to resource for our players, both as a source for information that might be helpful in character, as well as generally as players of the game. Our expectations for conduct regarding the use of the wiki are as follows.

  1. Users will utilize the organizational structures that have been put in place to maximize the efficiency of the resource. Excessive lack of compliance with this rule may lead to the revocation of your editing priveliges.
  2. Users will fully credit, where possible, the artists of any non user generated images that are linked into the wiki. Uncredited artwork may be at risk of being removed.
  3. Users will at a minimum, inform other players of the fact that role play content in which their characters have participated is being posted to the wiki, and ideally get their consent to do so. (Some players are not comfortable having their writing on public display)
  4. All out of character postings made on the wiki must demonstate respect for the community at large and be appropiate in tone. Private disputes are not to be resolved in the public sphere.
  5. Sexually explicit content should not be posted to the public forum. Character appropriate profanity posted as part of role play,is acceptable.
  6. Users will not abuse the editing privileges of the wiki, including but not limited to:
  • The content of another user must not be deleted without their express permission.
  • Users will not spam or otherwise maliciously disrupt the content or organization of the wiki in any form.

Finally use good judgement. This is a teen rated game created for those who are 15 years old or more. Profanity is fine, along with innuendos. Common sense can dictate what type of content is generally accepted in a community forum within those perameters. If in doubt, contact an administrator.

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