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Life Expectancy: 50-60
Homeland: NyxHaven, Ankou
Average Height: 5'4" - 6'4" 
Average Weight: 120 - 210 lbs
Preferred Classes: Any
Classes this race can be: Any
Preferred Alignment: Any
Preferred Weapons: Any
Aggression Level: Average
Intelligence Level: Average (Adaptable)
Magic Rating: Average
Strength Rating: Average
Weak Against: No Specific Weakness
Strong Against: No Specific Strength
Related Races: None
Allied Races: Hobbits, Dwarves
Enemy Races: Dragons, Vampires



Rosfjorian Humans


Humans fall into the middle ground of all known races, physically. They tend to be taller than dwarves, hobbits and some elves, but shorter than other races. Humans are not as stocky as dwarves, however, they have a heavier build physically than elves. Human females are usually shorter than males with a lighter build and generally wear their hair longer in more elaborate styles. Human skin tone can range anywhere from a pale pink to deep brown and their hair can grow to all variety of colors and lengths. Humans generally reach the age of maturity by sixteen. While humans may live a decade or two past the average lifespan, it is unusual to find a human any older than sixty-five without some magical intervention.


Of all the races, Humans are most vulnerable to the power of emotions and the lure of the senses. Love, hate, greed, generosity, good and evil alike can grip their mortal souls, and the race is singularly influenced by the effects of the environment in which they grow or inhabit. To compensate for a comparative lack of advantage in strength or innate magic, humans have developed a keen intellect that can be applied to any skill or craft, physical or mystical and can generally master what they set about to study, with enough time. Humans are strong willed, fiercely proud and independent, and do not take kindly to any direct infringements of what they deem to be their rights, freedom or territory. They are a tenacious race that will often go down swinging, rather than surrender.Typically a social race, most prefer to create communities in which to live co-dependent existences, though some adopt solitary lives for reasons of their own. Humans are innately curious, ever willing to investigate and explore, and thus are constantly pressing their advantage and presence out into the furthest reaches of the realm.


Humans currently form the majority of the populations inhabiting the islands of Ennis Ankou and Nyxhaven. They have created well organized societies, forming towns and cities to live in. Because of their short life spans, humans have proven to be one of the more adaptable races. They will usually take one profession in their lifetimes to excel at such as healer, farmer or knights. Most humans tend to prefer order over the barbaric chaos that ensued during the Dark Ages of Adrasteia. Using order, humans have been able to create kingdoms, theocracies and principalities.


Humans are inherently interested in all that they do not understand, and their worship branches to any god who shares their outlook. Humans who take to the sea for a living may worship Sela, and those who work the ground may worship Jirhai.Still other might occasionally call to the lesser Gods for aid. A warrior might pray to Seria to aid them in battle, for instance. Some humans have the ability to channel gifts from their chosen deities into magic.


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