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Jirhai is the God of Earth. The soil, grass, flowers, the trees and leaves.

Whenever the God of Earth appears to mortals and immortals alike, he has- for as long as any can remember- taken the form of an elven child. Wild hair the color of dirt covers the top of his head and often needs to be pushed from his eyes by soil smudged hands. His skin is pale and littered with freckles that cover across his cheeks, nose and shoulders, some even found near wide, round eyes. Said eyes rest under that curtain of brown hair; iris' matching the locks on his head, but ringed in the green he is so fond of. Regardless of his situation, the God is always found in white, greens and browns; be it his usual robes and leggings or something more formal. Feet are always bare, dirt covered and on the soil if he can help it, unless of course he is playing in his tree.


As with the forests found within the plane he calls home, Jirhai can hold many traits. One moment he can be light and airy; joking and laughing with any he chooses to spend time with, and the next he can be gloomy, and almost haunted; the deity growing almost cold towards any and everything.

His favorite thing to do it appear to those whom are unfamiliar with him, and see how long it takes them to realize just who he is. There are times he can spend an entire afternoon with a single person without them figuring him out, whereas others will pick him up easily. There are those he would do near anything for; his Monk, his nymph, and most importantly, his favored sibling of the Sea.


Before the time of the shaking,

before the tainting of mortal blood, and before the beginning of everything,

there was The Continuum.

Light and Darkness flowed never-ending over the void.

The two opposing forces were in constant strife, and the clashing caused all of existences to tremble from the colliding powers.

From this shaking sprang earth, water, the moon and time.

And so Jirhai, Sela, Nyx and Chron took their places in the Divine Council

...and balance existed.


Jirhai exists in the terrestrial realm, and calls the forests home.

There is a rumor that Earth's Palace s hidden within the heart of the forest, though few have ever found it.

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