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Within the the Isles there are only two main categories of magic. Despite any existing concepts outside of the realms, these here are the only Administratively approved forms that can be found within. Abuse of this system and neglect to follow the guidelines will receive admin intervention.

If you are applying for a custom class that involves unknown magic or magic that exists outside of this defined scope, it will be denied by admin.



Definition: Arcane magic, at its most basic form, is power harnessed via the means of the character in question. Through their specific class, roleplay backing and time in existence, a character has earned what is referred to as mana. This pool of mana, in essence, grows with time, and use exhausts the caster.

Arcane magic is the very definition of the power of self.

Schools of Arcane

There are currently eight schools which can be defined below. These terms might be similar for old roleplayers. All accessible arcane magic fits within these specific definitions.

The School of Abjuration

The School of Abjuration is defined as any magical protection or barrier spells, whether physical or mana bassed, negation spells and banishment of summoned creatures.

The School of Conjuration

The School of Conjuration pertains to any magical summonings that call forth creatures or items from one place to another, for the purpose of bargains or use. *Summoned creatures must be within the realm of Adrasteia*

The School of Divination

The School of Divination pertains to magic that grants forgotten secrets, interpret dreams, to discover hidden locations or perhaps foil spells meant to deceive.

The School of Enchantment

The School of Enchantment pertains to any spell or magic that alters the mind by unnatural means temporarily via charms or otherwise.

The School of Evocation

The School of Evocation pertains to magic that manipulates energy to create something out of nothing. In general these types of spells can deal vast amounts of damage.

The School of Illusion

The School of Illusion pertains to magic and spells created to deceive the mind and or senses of others through imaginary images, sounds, lights and shadows.

The School of Necromancy

The School of Necromancy pertains to magic that manipulates death, via their own means, and powers. This school can accomplish the same things a divine caster of the God of death can. However, arcane is via their own means and can often be looked at as theft.

The School of Transmutation

The School of Transmutation pertains to magic and spells crafted to alter the physical attributes of items or creatures.

Elemental Magic

Strictly speaking, Elemental magic belongs to the Arcane, School of Evocation and is being provided for convenience.

Categories of Elemental





Brief Explanation

Specializing in a specific element of magic grants classes like: Pyromancer, Terramancer etc. The elements can even be combined, through rp backing, to create offshoots such as Cryomancer (ice), Electomancer (Lightning) etc.

However, please note that access to Chronomancy spells/Chronomancer class is forbidden. Any magic pertaining to altering time itself is currently and might always be, unavailable. Unless there is a specific Admin backed RP or situation

Divine Magic

Definition: Divine magic is a source of power procured through faith. Its magic is granted to the user through piety, devotion and prayer dedicated to a God, Aether Spirit or Aether Shade. Generally these powers can be called upon to righteously smite your enemies, whether your a good guy or a bad guy, heal those who are injured or even deal with the natural world around you.

Divine Magic is the very definition of power that comes from a higher being.

Holy and Unholy Within Adrasteia

Outside of the Isles, the concept of holy and unholy are different. When one thinks of these terms they usually define it as life vs death. Within the world of Adrasteia, this is not the case. The counter balancing forces at work here are Astra and Nox. Polar opposites. Light vs dark. Order vs chaos.


Holy magic is weilded by any divine magic practitioner who's power is granted by the Goddess Astra, who is Light and Order.


Divine casting any power granted by an Aether Spirit, who are tools of Astra, also carries this quality, but dual aligned to the Spirits concept.


Unholy magic is weilded by any divine magic practitioner who's power is granted by the God Nox, who is Darkness and Chaos.


Divine casting any power granted by an Aether Shade, as a tool of Nox, also carries this property, but dual aligned to the Shades concept.

Unaligned Divine

Any other Divine Magic granted by the other Gods falls into this specific category. Not that it is any less powerful, it is just not true opposites as the above holy/unholy of Adrasteia.

Rune Magic

Strictly speaking rune magic is written form of either, aforementioned type of magic. In Adrasteia there are two scripts.

Arcane Script and Divine Script.

Arcane vs Divine

Neither type of magic is considered stronger than the other. The only true determing factors, which can be used to decide which is stronger, is always based in the moment. It depends on the caster themselves.

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