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[edit] Isles of Adrasteia Wiki

Welcome to the Isles of Adrasteia World Wiki, an online tool which gives players and administrators the ability to add or edit articles which are directly related to the game. Such content could include logs of role-play to world lore and information on base races, classes and world geography as the game evolves.

It is our hope that the Isles of Adrasteia will provide near limitless potential as an outlet for creative expression. This means that individuals will have a bigger role in the development of the lore and cannon of the races and communities they choose to roleplay, while at the same time respecting what other players and admin have developed in different regions, within the world.

This main page is still under a current overhaul effort, but we believe the new design will make navigation a much easier experience for our player base. Please be patient as we iron out the wrinkles and be sure to check out the provided links!

[edit] Regional News

The regional News is considered IC knowledge.


[edit] Current Game OOC News

Hello adras community! As you know we've recently got the old wiki fired up. But it's a little outdated. We will be working on a new layout to help make navigation easier.

This page already looks very different. If you choose, a backup of the old main page is available here: Main Page Old Version

[edit] Helpful Links

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