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The Isles of Adrasteia World Wiki is an online tool that allows every player of the game to add and edit articles directly related to the game world. These can range anywhere from logs of actual role plays that have taken place, to details of the lore of the various races and places that are developed as the game evolves.

Wikis are powerful community tools that can be used to promote role-play, give feedback to administrators, and in general, form a closer-knit online community.

It is our hope that the Isles of Adrasteia will provide a near limitless outlet for creative expression, which means that individuals will be largely responsible for the development of the cannon of the races and communities that they choose to role-play, while respecting that which as been developed by other players in kind.

There are a few rules for the use of the wiki that you should be aware of, however. Please read the terms of use section of the wiki guide page carefully, before posting any content to the World Wiki, or your content and editing rights may be revoked. Rules for the Isles of Adrasteia game may also be found under the Rules page.

To search for a specific page, there is a search field on the top, right hand side of the page where you can input any term/person/place you are looking for and if that page exists, you will see links. If not, feel free to create the new page and add to our community content. Every page created on the wiki will be linked to one or more of the main categories found in the Table of Contents, so that is also a good place to begin your exploration of this community resource.

Game Features and Modes

While you are currently viewing the World Wiki of our game, we'd like to take a moment to point out a number of other means by which you can interact with our game world and community.

  • Adrasteia is, of course, a Multi User Dungeon, which you log into to participate in play by post free form role play. This is our live play dungeon, but is by no means the only way for you to role play on our site.

  • Our Community Forums, which you can access in the sub-menu of any site page, or in the wiki's navigation bar to the left, also allows a place for you to play by post in the game world, forum style. This is especially useful for role play meant to help establish realm areas that have not been built in the dungeon yet. Feel free to join or start any thread or region story on the boards where others can follow along, until your area rooms can be built. Since the game rules allow for significant alting, the most effective way to register might be with an all purpose screen name that can be used to post any character to the boards.

The Forums also allow you a space for out of character interaction, provide a log archive board that helps to facilitate earning Fame Points for your characters, as well as a space where site contributors and sponsors may post advertizing of their own role play games or services to our player base.

The Dungeon, Boards and Wiki work symbiotically together, to provide for a truly multidimensional experience that we hope you enjoy. Have a look around, and come on in.

NOTE: The current window for peak live play dungeon activity is between 6pm and 1am EST (U.S) during the week and 12pm and 2am EST on the weekends.

Welcome again, to our community, and happy Gaming!

Game News: World Updates

  • Thursday, February 27th 2014: Launch of second advertising campaign
  • Sunday, February 23th 2014: Opened Adrasei City
  • Sunday, February 16th 2014: Completed Expansion of Haven Island
  • Sunday, February 9th 2014: Completed Expansion of Astaria
  • Saturday, October 6th. Launch of advertizing campaign across multiple search platforms and listing sites.
  • Saturday, September 15th Isles of Adrasteia launched to the public.
  • Sunday , September 9th. Beta version of game database brought online.
  • Thursday, August 30th: Alpha version of game database installed.
  • Saturday, July 15th: Adrasteia Community Forums brought on line.
  • Sunday, July 8th 2012 : Adrasteia World Wiki installed and brought online.
  • Friday July 6th 2012 : Adrasteia game database updated with room levels for the island of Haven

In-Game Updates

We fixed so many bugs and updated so much with the game, we had to make a brand new page to fit it all. The new Updates Page can be found by following the link.

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