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Meran's Current Form

It has been said that Meran likes to pretend to be a mortal. True enough, whatever Meran's 'true' form is, is anyone's guess. The male prefers to keep to his physical manifestation of a young, human male in his late twenties. He appears as a tall, scholarly sort, well dressed and up to date with an intellectual's fashion choice of whatever time period he graces. Well groomed, his blonde hair is styled and falls just above his shoulders, framing charcoal-colored eyes. A cigarette is usually tucked behind his ear, or stuck between his lips.


If there was one thing Meran did not lose in his gifted ascension, it was his mortal personality. Prideful to the point of arrogance, Meran is a brooding, isolated sort of God, constantly calculating his next story for his own amusement. In most roles, he plays the observer, imparting his gifts only on those he deems the most worthy or when it will eventually come to some benefit of his own. It is rare that he dabbles in the affairs of the other Gods, holding a deep rooted disdain for most of them over the years; stemming from the rinse-and-repeat games they play with the world he once called his own.

He skirts the lines of neutrality in all cases, showing interest only in what will entertain or eventually benefit whatever cause he places himself behind; if any at all.


As penance for their rebellion, Earth gave birth to Wraith, the original carrier of the vampiric and lycanthropic curses. War emerged in the form of Seria to incite fighting amongst the races. Zagreus was born, bringing with him mortal indulgence and emotion to cloud their resolve

From these punishments, the mortals spiraled into a Dark Age. Curses ran rampant like plagues, War broke out between them, spurred on by greed and power lust, and their numbers began to decline to a near extinction.

Meran was born a human during the Dark Age after the Mortal Wars. Said to have been a brilliant youth, it was Meran who recognized the need to preserve what knowledge still existed in a world torn by curses and wars alike. Gathering what like-minded individuals could still be found, Meran set out to collect all of the world's knowledge. Hundreds and thousands of scrolls and books were gathered to one secure location in effort to save what remained of Adrasteia's cultures so that future generations might have access to the past.. as well as avoid their mistakes.

Years past, and the collection and library grew. Upon Meran's death, he was buried in a tomb carved out beneath his legacy.

The Gods reconvened at the seats of the Divine Council to discuss ending the suffering of the mortals who still remained. In the end, it was decided that the sentence had been served, and so the Gods gave the mortals gifts. Nyx was empowered to give the mortals dreams, as an escape. Valdek was birthed to bestow Craft upon them, and the freedom to express what was left of beauty in their souls. Meran was given the status of a god, and the mortals were gifted knowledge and Lore.

For his mortal deeds, he was granted the status of a God, bestowing the gift of knowledge eternally on other mortals, as well as crafting lore. He never lost his human attitude of either spiritual or physical things, however, and to be a part of one of Lore's legends may not be nearly so grand as it sounds..

The Puppets

The Story and The Narrator

Constructs of paper, ink and a touch of the Divine, the puppets are the characters of Meran's tales. Whether benign or malignant, free or confined to the skeleton of a story, they are the actors driving the scenes in the Lore He creates. They are immortal beings, confined to the pages of books until summoned to play the part in a tale. They are nearly indiscernible from true, living creatures, though most often they will bleed ink when injured. Some have the subtle hints of a paper scent hiding beneath the smell of whatever being they have been created as.

Who they are and their personalities are usually confined solely to the premises of the Tale and their purposes within them, though Meran has made puppets before who are well aware of what they are.

The Story and The Narrator

The most prominent characters in Meran's tales are the Narrator and the Story. They are nearly identical in all aspects- both tall, pale blonde women, dressed immaculately. Both oversee their own domains and interact directly with players in the tales indiscriminately to push the story along. They seem to have far more awareness of what they are than any of the other puppets Meran has created, and have infinitely more power and freedom within the tales they play parts in.

The Narrator

The Narrator is the black-clad counterpart to the Story. Her place is reserved for the tales the adults of the world weave, and she provides the necessary clues along the way to drive the story forward. It is her place to provide objective aid to all sides of the tale, be that the villains or the heroes. The stories she oversees have far more depth to their structure, though she seems to favor tragedies much as as creator does.

Her hair has a more jagged cut to it, giving her the appearance of a beautifully damaged doll. Her skin has the sort of flawlessness that is uncanny, and her eyes share the ink-darkness of Meran's. Her nature is much more reserved, and she seems to exemplify the classical composure more often seen in painting than in life. Rarely does she seem to speak directly to anyone, either look aside or through those she has come to aid. She carries the scent of old books and a subtler smell of tobacco.

The Story

The Story is the white-clad palette swap of the Narrator. She is the personification of children's tales and has her own realm where she oversees them. She aids the heroes and heroines of her stories, rather than playing to both sides, and it is more often that her tales contain some hidden lesson, moral or more fantastical elements.

Her hair is much softer, falling in gentle waves to her shoulders. She is much more human in appearance, with a dusting of freckles over peach pale skin and other visible beauty marks on exposed skin. Her eyes are a much lighter violet, often shining with mirth. The Story is far more expressive than her counterpart, and seems to have a genuinely cheerful, kind and even mothering attitude. There is no hint of tobacco to her scent. She smells only of old books and parchment.


Meran oversees the gift of Knowledge and Lore for mortals, and has written most 'Legends' to their current status. Given his tendency to bore easily, he never has a shortage of stories with which to supply the world.


Morianna; The Avian Scribe

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