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The Entity of Darkness is not known to have a true form.

When the world of mortals was born, the deity observed, and through the cycles of creation he inherited the characteristics of a male. In the primeval struggle for survival, he came to admire the dragon race for their ferocity and self pride. This was the first illusion the god of Chaos abducted for his own.

His black dragon form is not excessive or great. He stands no taller than thirteen feet in an upright stance, and over-sized, solid eyes are set within charming, draconic features, which often give misconceptions to his intention or mood. His onyx skin is too well crafted to discern the texture of scales, while a nebulous, inky mist is often left in the wake of his movements.

With the anticipation of the reverent deep elves, Nox constructed a physical manifestation befitting of their tastes. A depiction worthy of a sovereign figure, to walk among the subordinate: he is an unblemished, flawless display, hair and attire fashioned to suit his egocentric, gothic design. Tall, lean, and often wearing a pyrite coronet that peaks at temples, like horns, rather than at the front or encompassing the halo, it is his eyes that sustain their jewel like quality, betraying his mortal disguise.


So selfishly, so many embraced his influence.

Nox relished in the sins and evil ways that were derived to balance peace and prosperity. He accepted death over life to preserve the value of Chron's precious time, and lusted for the power to once again rule as he had in the Continuum.

It is that power and knowledge that he craves, as the parched and weary desire water. But his goal remains consistent. Absolute Chaos. His only evident fault is his overconfidence, and his inability to harmonize and adapt to the mundane routine of existence.


Before the time of the shaking...

Before the tainting of mortal blood...

Before the beginning...

Darkness and Light forfeit their tentative balance and clashed violently. The black blood of chaos spilled into a fathomless void, and Light's power shattered into a million pieces of broken, burning white. The Aether held onto this evidence of war, and in the time of calm, from the lingering energy of this great battle, the worlds and their respective guardians were born.

Disguised as a single star of red, Nox waited. He recovered, watching and listening as the mortals prayed for many things. With this knowledge, he discovered their every weakness. With a false promise of their desires, so easily did he motivate them to darkness, tearing apart the divine's balance and plunging their carefully crafted world into chaos.

For evil, for terror, whatever his cause, the deity was cunning and clever in his purpose. This could not be denied, and by the year he answered the call to convene with the council, Nox was renewed with his old powers, a force to be considered and reasoned with. Their 'gift' of territory within the Terrestrial Plane kept him content, for a time.

Until the pitter-patter of mortal feet did intrigue the being of anarchy to play.

Illusion being his art, the deep-elf form taken to walk among the lesser creatures was flawless, to a fault. Nothing so impeccable and sublime could be a mere elf of the dark. His narcissistic demeanor and brazen, aristocratic attire do nothing to contest suspicion, but it is still rare for Nox to roam carelessly in the open of any realm...

Save, of course, the realm where you sleep.






Morwen; High Priestess and Sha'fira of Darkness

Insidia; High Priestess and Veldriss of Shadow

Gerrod; Blood Mage and

Nakasha; Nymph of Nightmare

Abure; Berserker, The Ancient Destroyer

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