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Life Expectancy: Immortal 
Homeland: Varies with subrace 
Average Height: Between 4foot 9inches and 5foot 7inches 
Average Weight: Undetermined
Preferred Classes: Druid, Mage, Illusionist, bard 
Classes this race can be: Any  
Preferred Alignment: Neutral 
Preferred Weapons: Magic 
Aggression Level: Low 
Intelligence Level: High 
Magic Rating: High 
Strength Rating: Average
Weak Against: Varies with subrace 
Strong Against: Varies with subrace 
Related Races: Possibly Dryads but this is in doubt 
Allied Races: Unknown 
Enemy Races: Unknown 



Nymphs of the Celestial Plane

  • Celestial Nymphs are bound by the cycles of moon and stars. Opposite to them are the Underworld Nymphs. Celestial nymphs, when they are seen, seem to carry an inner glow to them. It ranges from the gold of sunshine to the silver shimmer of the stars and moon. Not much is known of Celestial Nymphs though stories abound that they are garbed by the very light that emanates from the stars. It is not often that they appear in their true forms. Most, when appearing before mortals choose a physical body. These tend toward fairer, though celestial nymphs can be given away by the elf-like point to their ears, and a pendant somewhere on their body that houses their celestial glow and powers. Of all the nymph types, Celestial Nymphs are among the only two who are capable of taking a non-corporeal form as well as a physical form. While it is unknown exactly where they reside, there are rumors that they abide in the Aether, though it seems far more likely that they abide among the stars themselves.

Nymphs of the Underworld

  • Underworld Nymphs are darker versions of their sisters. They are the spirits which accompany a soul to the after life. They preside over all that has to do with death and decay. Underworld Nymphs often appear darker than their Celestial counter part. While beautiful, it is a dark and haunted beauty. Like the Celestial Nymphs, they are capable of taking a corporeal form. Usually it is a dark hair, beautiful maiden, given away by the redness of their eyes. However, they can appear as nearly anything they please, and often do for the sake of fun. Underworld Nymphs are among those who are tasked with ferrying the lost souls to Death's plane when they are incapable of taking themselves. They, like their fairer, celestial sisters, are capable of manifesting in both a physical and non-corporeal form and reside in the Underworld.

Nymphs of the Terrestrial Plane

  • Wood, or nature nymphs, are those nymphs which watch forests and meadows, glades and mountains. They are tied to the very earth itself. Unlike the Dryad they are not bound to any particular tree or rock or glade. They roam as they please and ensure that Nature is healthy and thriving. Often a Wood nymph is mistaken for a very powerful druid. Wood nymphs often appear to have hair in a myriad of shades which reflect the many colors of the world they inhabit. Wood nymphs are the most common to be seen. While they have the ability to shift into trees, flora, or any other piece of nature, wood nymphs are physical beings with physical bodies and are incapable of shifting to a non-corporeal form. They serve Jirhai who created them to protect his lands.
  • Water Nymphs are those which dwell in streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Like the wood nymph they are not tied to one body of water but care for all sources from which water emerges. Their skin tones range from a pale blue tint to a mossy green. They can be seen wearing what looks like kelp or other water plant life for clothes, though not much of any. Water Nymphs have small gills just behind their ears but they can breath outside of their natural habitat. These are the most elusive of Nymphs as they don't often leave their underwater world. It is written that Sela claims to have mothered all water nymphs that live, and that her protectiveness of them knows no bounds.


Nymphs are nubile and lithesome creatures. They can live for a long period of time and come from several different planes of existence. Some are more spiritual than others even in physical form. All are capable of taking the form of beautiful young women and have been known to lure men, and even some women, with their allure. They are incapable of having children, though it has been speculated that they may be able to reproduce with Gods. Their children will always be female and will always be the same subrace of nymph as their mothers.


Nymphs often come across as childlike in emotional maturity and mental capability due to the fact that they enjoy games, singing and dancing. Nymphs are impulsive creatures and do not often think through the consequences of their actions thus giving the impression that they are pranksters on some level. They do not see physical attraction as something to be shied away from and have no discerning tastes when it comes to those they enjoy. The only aspect of their lives in which they seem to maintain some level of seriousness is their duty to the planes or aspects they represent, as well as the gods they serve.


Nymphs live in groups called Communes but they don't have any problem venturing out on their own. Through their long lifespans, they often get bored and leave their Communities to see what is going on in the world. They do not leave their homes for long periods needing to return after a time to replenish their strength.


Polytheistic-- Depending upon the type of nymph, the deity they worship varies.


Nothing much is known on the history of nymphs.

Notes About the Race

  • Nymphs live for a very long time, and many will claim to be immortals. It is quite possible that what they say is true, though there is no evidence to support such a thing. What is known is that they are capable of being killed as with any other living thing when they manifest physically. When a nymph dies their soul does not travel to the underworld as with other mortals. Rather, their essence returns to their affinity and becomes a part of it. An underworld nymph will simply become part of the underwold, a celestial nymph will return to the aether, and water and nature nymphs will become a part of their world.
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