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The Goddess of Dreams and Wishes



Nyx appears most often as a woman garbed in a black gown that seems to also be part of the sky with a field of twinkling stars. Her skin shimmers with an inner light and streaks of her jet-black hair seems to hold the very essence of the stars themselves. Onyx eyes see everything and nothing all at once and they hold so many secretes behind them.

Most times, just before sleep fully takes a person; if they squint really hard, they might see her standing at the side or foot of their bed. Or wherever they might be sleeping at the time.


Nyx cannot feel emotions outside of the dream world. Even then they are a small sampling of what she vaguely remembers emotions to be. What Nyx experiences is a ghost of emotions that people feel when they dream. If someone is lucky enough to know she visits them in their dreams they might note how utterly cold she seems to be.


Nyx has no real history but that she was born of powers clashing which formed her celestial body, the moon. Nyx does have a corporeal form but the story behind what happened to it has long been lost to history.


Nyx's domain is that of the dream world. She grants those worthy the dreams their hearts most desire. Through this she can also grant wishes but be warned: What you wish is not always what you want.


  • Nyxian Wraith Wolf Pack
  • Nasurate
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