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Life Expectancy:  500-1000 Years 
Homeland: Dependent upon Clan
Average Height: 4" - 6"
Average Weight: Very light
Preferred Classes:  Mage, Bard, Ranger, Druid
Classes this race can be:  Any
Preferred Alignment:  Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral
Preferred Weapons:  Staff, Wands
Aggression Level: Low
Intelligence Level: Medium
Magic Rating: High
Strength Rating: Weak
Weak Against: Physical Attacks
Strong Against: Elemental Magic
Related Races: None
Allied Races: None
Enemy Races: Fae, Elves



Pixies are known as being generally benign, mischievous, short of stature and childlike; they are fond of dancing and gather outdoors in large numbers to dance or sometimes wrestle. They have pointed ears, large round eyes, angular features and often dress in the colors of the forests in which they live, some even going as far as to create clothing out of fallen foliage if they even bother to dress at all. Their skin tones are often a visual representation of where they are from, and can vary from a more natural pinkish-tan to blue to green pastel shades, and they have dragonfly shaped wings, which is one of the defining features that separates them from their counterparts, the Fae.

Some pixie can shift into a larger size, though they are only able to take on a height of up to about five foot. This change requires a large amount of concentration, energy and magic, and because of such those holding that larger size may be unable to use other magic’s at the same time. The older the caster the more control they might have in remaining steady in that shift, though once the pixie's energy starts to wane, they will revert to that smaller shape until they recharge.

They have a natural ability to release an often glittery-like dust, which under the prowess of a skilled Druid, can be changed into a weapon with special properties, depending upon where said pixie originated. Those in warmer climates might have the effects of poison ivy or poison oak, while those in the cooler islands might cause a sudden burning sensation or even create icicles on contact.

While this is a natural gift, not all pixie will utilize it. Some Clans forgo the practice completely, seeing it as a detriment to their fun by causing more harm than simple trickery.


Child-like in both spirit and mind, the pixie have a strong desire to cause mischief and laugh, especially if it is at the expense of others. They often take items from unsuspecting victims and make it a game for them to earn it back. Though they are smart and have the capability to learn, most are more interested in playing and dancing over any kind of scholar type activities. They are a highly social race, and will often gravitate towards larger groupings or areas where there is a lot of sound.

As a general rule of thumb, some of the pix-people find lying under any circumstance a form of cheating, though only because it often ruins the flow of the games in which they play. While not all clans share this ideal, it is a wide-spread tale that they do not, or cannot lie; which in and of itself is false. There is nothing that prevents them from not telling the truth, and they can and will sometimes twist things with carefully crafted phrases to mislead and redirect those that have become a target of their tricks. Whatever the case may be, according to pixie clan hood -which is secretive to non pixies- there are no laws against lying. There are no laws of speaking truth only. On average, most pixies will be like little devils, twisting your words, and their own, to gain advantage. When dealing with a pixie, be careful.

In the same line of trickery, it is said that to thank one of them is considered an admission of debt in which they take seriously. If said debt is refused, those light-hearted tricks will take a turn most foul, and others might lend a hand to the offended.


Clans make up the social structures of the Pixie race, though the hierarchy within is completely independent from other systems. Where most races might follow a king and queen, or some kind of elected leader, the pixie craft their internal ladders by way of trickery and playful deception. He or she that can pull the best, most grandest of tricks is seen as the one with the most to offer, and as such ascends to the head of the clan. This concept goes a step further as well: the clan housing the best ‘head’s is revered throughout all clans as the leader of them all. Such is an ever rotating title, as with each new generation comes more and more thoughtful, cunning and emboldened youth that each seek to best the rest, and earn that coveted title of Head Pixie.


As a free people, Pixie will often worship fun and laughter over any deity, though there are the few exceptions.

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