RP:A Plan is Made

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This rp is part of The Eternal Game Arc.

Synopsis: A meeting of the Nyxian Wraith Pack is called. Leoxander and Arien succumb to Nox's plague. The rest of the group diverges.

Characters: Nox, Meran, Leoxander, Arien, Roelstra, Parsithius, Mahri, Finn, Terra, Keturah, Rhian

Location: Providence

The Providence

Deep in the heart of the west hill country, just off the main trail through the wilds, a serene glade re-grown from a past fire has become alpha territory. Flanked on three sides by the encroaching density of the forest, this clearing carpeted with the velvet of natural grasses, ferns and flowers is now the site of a log cabin home. A single, great oak tree dominates the front yard; a leather wrapped and double roped swing swaying in breezes that flutter leaves into the hand-netted hammock outspread below. Of sturdy construction in oak and pine, the faint brand of the 'Achilles' A on the porch sheltered front door declares who this home belongs to, as does the attention paid to the detailing of its pine lacquered interior. Hand crafted furnishings and surfaces, a cozy stonework fireplace and a fully functional kitchen all make the Providence a dream come true. Outside among the wilderness sounds, there is a murmur of water babbling over stone to betray a source, a mountain brook, nearby.

Leoxander was pacing, shirtless. He couldn't find it in his will or heart to sit with his land disrupted like it was. The den's hearth fire was blazing, not because they needed all that warmth in the early spring evening, but because it was a beacon of life and claim spilling into a clouded sky. The bottle he might have went untouched and he waited, impatiently, for that call to be answered. Even that fire was wasted since the door was already open.

Arien wasn't sitting either, the alpha was standing by the mantle with arms crossed across her chest against the bite of the chill that crept through the open door. Her gaze was concerned, shadowed for that restless energy on the rogue. It was eerily familiar, reminicent of a meeting held, plans made a day before she had almost lost him. She willed the memory to the past, where it belonged and tried to focus on the moment. "Calm down baby.." she murmured. "It might not be as bad as it seems. Nothing's actually happened besides a bad storm that we even know of.." But it was a false hope that rang shallow. "Have you spoken to anyone? Heard anything otherwise?" Their children were alseep, tucked in and read too despite her worry, and had the watchful eye of their aunt still in that room for an extra comfort in troubling times. She glanced toward the door, expecting the arrivals that would answer that call.

Miya had been home with her family when that howl came. Vayne and the girls fought to stay awake after a long day while Ryn slept against Araina's chest and Radu helped Ghast with whatever they were up to. Attention was pulled from their own fire towards the open window as the call was made, and after a quiet conversation with her wife, Miya was out the door and headed through the forest to the Alpha's home. It didn't take much to know things were not right in the world, and the sentinel wasn't going to drag her pregnant mate out through the night and leave the children home and unprotected. Booted feet carried the woman across the yard towards that pacing blonde, and a bow of her head was offered before the elf would look towards Arien to offer a similar greeting.

Roelstra would have to be deaf not to hear that howl. Whether or not her mate was at her side, she would would be advancimg towards that mountain cabin. Feet were swift and quiet over that terrain, emeralds soon clapping upon the ont door.

Leoxander only looked at Arien with that imploring look that she understand. Achilles knew when the gods were plotting. Somehow, some way. He always knew. "I need everyone here, Arien." That was all he said, finally lifting that bottle to drink in hopes it might cool the burning fever that ran with his lycan blood. Hotter than it should be. He moved his sharp blue, gold ringed vision toward the open door when Miya stepped through, but only nodded to her and waited for more.

Mahri had, as had become her habit, when not pretending to be Cal's wife to keep him from having a real one, prowling through the forests. She needed, mostly, just time to think and heal. The ache of loss wasn't nearly as sharp or deep as it had been before but it still lingered and she still needed that bit of time alone. But then, came her alpha's call and the beta changed direction. She might have seen Miya coming and hung back a bit to let the woman go by before she, herself, passed into the house with the same inclination of her dark head towards Leo and Arien before finding a nice wall to perch against. Back to being a woman of few words, the lycan kept an eye on those coming yet.

Terra had been looking for Keturah and stumbled upon her and Finn in the Tumbler. Cheeks remained red from the whip of the cold wind as she watched them for a moment. The call was heard but it seemed they were all expecting it, one way or another. The blonde followed after them, hands shoved into the pockets of her jacket and head kept low as they headed that way. For her part, she was silent and remained that way even upon entering the home to spot the owners. Both Arien and Leo received a grim expression and a wave. The fire beckoned her closer and she would stand near it, lost in the blaze while the rest came.

The dark clouds thunder their disapproval, gathering.

Mahri slanted a glance towards that still open door, silver eyes narrowing at the crash of thunder.

Leoxander crossed his own arms over his chest to stand near the fire at the other side, beside Arien, as more entered the Providence den.

Leoxander looked at Mahri.

Parsithius was shirtless, too! But he was neither pacing nor in particular distress; when the flashes of purple and violet streaked across the skies he paused, twisted his head toward the heavens, and spit derisively. "Fuck you, too." Came his rumble just before howl reached his ears. So the large and muscled man didn't bother with his shirt, as he unbuckled that pauldron that strapped around his shoulder and threw it aside. His gaze narrowed through blonde locks, and the man made his way southward from the courtyard of his own keep, to Providence. He'd enter through the rear entrance, still otherwise garbed in that training attire, with a short sword at either hip.

Arien only nodded her head, faintly, understanding that unspoken need. The red alpha's emerald gaze lifted to meet the eyes of those who filtered in as the came and she tried for smiles that seemed to fade too soon, no words yet, until the fullness of that gathering had been established, though she did extend an arm and offer the comforts of their couches to those not too restless to actually sit.

Keturah's gaze was behind them, watching the gathering clouds above. Finn may have had to suffer through the hold of her hand on his, if not an anchoring loop through his arm. She was quiet, lost to thought and maps and prophecies. She'd almost forgotten how belatedly her warning would come. Everything seemed to be moving so fast now. She wouldn't be one of those sitting when she'd entered, though the windows might have seemed to hold more of her attention than the gathering within.

Roelstra would be too restless to sit, offering an embrace or touch to both alphas. Quiet hellos and hugs were offered to the others, lastly settling at her mate's side. A hand rests at his lower back, lightly. It didn't take a genius to understand that something was going on.

Finn would have to be forgiven if he trailed the two women ahead of him with the watchfulness of the lioness guarding cubs. They may even have suffered the touch of fingers to the spines of each as he guided them through those doors. The runner was on edge, as restless as the alpha indoors and as concerned as all who gathered. He'd not be one taking a seat, though a pointed look might be encouraging the Sehraka and elf to take advantage of the invitation.

Mahri wasn't restless, just quiet and not quite wanting to sit anyway. Idly, the beta moved some hair out of her face and settled her gaze on the alpha pair, waiting patiently.

Terra watched as they all gathered but the thunder caused her to jump, still not used to it. A slight hiss of breath would be expelled and within the pockets of her jackets, fists were made. Since there were plenty of seats, she took one, angled to watch as many of them as she could though it was mostly Keturah she kept turning towards and the picture that window offered for what was happening outside of those walls.

Miya was restless, though not for the obvious reasons. She didn't like leaving Araina alone especially now, but one of them needed to be here to know what was going on, and a pack meeting wasn't a place for giggly girls that would ask too many questions. She'd found a place to lean- a blank wall likely- and watch silently as the rest gathered into the house. Each was offered the same quiet nod in greeting, though the crash of thunder would receive a light snarl and narrowed eyes.

Parsithius turned his head to look upon Roelstra as she moved to stand beside him. He briefly twisted his hand back behind hiim to pat it, but not move it away, as his hand returned. He looked toward Keturah, who watched the windows, "The heavens won't give you an answer, green-eyes," he remarked idly.

Finn muttered low, "The heavens would seem to be the godsdamned problem.."

Parsithius looked toward Finn, "Didn't figure that out the last time? They're always the damned problem."

Leoxander wasn't going to waste time. Whether they were all within the walls of that log cabin home or not, once he had a collect few, he turned his solemn expression across them and said, "Guess peace can't bloody last forever." It was a mournful statement, however. The pirate had truly been enjoying the perfection Nyx Haven granted them. He paused for another drink and set it on the fireplace mantle beside a painting of childish and sinner proportions, leaves and joy evident among the colors that personalized each part of that family portrait. Leoxander, of course, was the netherbloom weed leaf drawn in. A proud evidence of the happiness achieved in that time away from wrath. Once again, Time had changed all that.

Finn might have managed a smirk for that observation, if he didn't know only two well that what was going down was no laughing matter.

Rhian was lurking outside the cabin, but after her ears picked up the bustle from inside, she ventured in. She squares her shoulders s, straightens her posture, and takes a sniff. was the entire pack im that there? Shr peeks in a dark , and nicely brushed mop, presently free of debris.

Arien's voice would echo softly behind his and into that gathering. "We have been blessed with a home that is still more than we could ever hoped, or dreamed for. If once we were willing to sacrifice all for much, much less.. How much more might we be willing to rise in the face of what might threaten to take it away. We have come too far." her voice was edged with a familiar stubbornness. "I suppose though, we cannot act until we know what is going on. Clearly, the balance of the divine realm is disturbed. Does anyone know why? Or what might be done to restore it?"

Keturah glanced across the room, briefly, though golden eyes might have lingered on Finn. She couldn't sit. Then that same, aether-stamped vision shifted to Parsithius whose words garnered the faintest twitch of her lips. It went no higher than than that, and then she was looking toward the window again, watchful. "Well nothing does, does it?" A quieter response to Leo's words. "But it's not as if we can't reclaim it." Or fight for it, as the case would end up being. She turned her head back to the alphas, then. "Because the Gods are bringing war to the lands. In two moons, when the sun darkens in the sky, Darkness will fall and Chaos descend." Aether-touched vision sparked and the healer turned to face the rest of the room fully. "The storms of late have been caused by Nox.. Darkness."

Parsithius offered Arien a baleful stare; he hated when she talked about 'balances' and 'divines'.

Parsithius extended that stare to Keturah, as well.

Roelstra watched Keturah with the ghost of a frown. The rest were glanced at again, Leo and Arien most of all. Fingers press a little tighter against Pars' back as they speak, worry beginning to gnaw at her just a bit.

Terra kept to herself as the only person in the room that had took a seat. What Keturah said had been heard but it didn't make it any easier to digest. Instead she looked down, towards her feet. "But there is a plan..." One that had been set into motion if that trip to Astra's temple was anything to go by. "She found a way to stop it."

Mahri appeared to be studying the tips of her boots when the talking finally started and information imparted. Dark brows pulled together in a frown when she glanced up with just her eyes and settled a wary look on the healer.

Rhian merely stared with evident confusion and a prominent furrow between her eyebrows at the announcement and even the gathering itself. Weren't these supposed to be happy? Full of warmth among their family rather than sad?

Leoxander turned his attention to the Lotus Eater when she spoke. He'd never witnessed her giving some glazed eyed prophecy before, but kept his focus there while it lasted. It was about then that the shirtless alpha began to perspire a little heavier, and he took a moment to try to breathe through the heat. He had to step away from the fire. "So how do we stop this? Please tell me this isn't another remake of what we had to do before." Leo didn't quite remember the end. He well enough remembered all the strife leading to that moment.

Parsithius narrowed his azure gaze, and briefly looked toward Leo, before he cast his gaze around the room. "Let me guess. Another god gave you the way to stop this one."

Leoxander took a seat on whatever end of couch was available, to sit down and lean forward onto his denim clad knees.

Leoxander glanced toward Parsithius dully. "No..." Sela had been oddly silent to him.

Mahri remained standing, thank you. She did shift her weight from foot to foot before asking, "What do we need to do?"

Arien attention was fixed on the sehraka, taking in that prophecy with the remembered familiarity of one who had once had that communion. She shook her head, in denial of some unspoken thought. " It's so.. pointless. We have done little to earn their ire. And the shadow of evil's touch is light in the lands. It is almost as if it were for the mere sake of trouble, for no fault or reason." Her attention flickered Terra's way, curiosity sparking for that claim that a course had been offered. But if not Sela, who had offered aid before, then who? "It cannot be so simple as war. For what can the power of a mortal do to hinder a god's wrath?" And she had the feeling that bad weather was only the beginning.

Rhian said, "Gods use mortals fer their wrath, righ'?"

Finn held his own lean, arms crossed across his chest. "Who the hell knows what their game is? For all we know they move us around like game pieces and then have their own fuckin' endgame. But it's not like we've got much of a choice but to make the moves they roll out. Too risky to step of script." The runner of all present, knew well how the gods loved a good story

Leoxander glanced at Roelstra. "They do.

Leoxander said, "Too cowardice to fight their own game."

Keturah tilted her head. There was a plan, or at least the beginnings of one. Then the woman nodded. "I went to Astaria to seek council from Astra.." Golden eyes drifted over the gathering. "She asked that one from every race and tribe and kin willing to stand against the darkness. I've.. found a few already. Finn found Della.. It is not impossible." Her lips bowed into the faintest hint of a smile. "Not that impossibility has ever stopped us." She looked toward Rhian. "Yes.." Mortals were pawns on a chess board. The prophet was not so lost to that light that she did not recognize the fact. "..I have the list of all the races that can be found in this realm.." At least the known ones. "We've got maps. And direction."

Leoxander regarded Keturah's words solemnly. He averted any stare to look down toward the hardwood floor of the providence.

Miya looked to Keturah then, "How many more do you need? If we split up the search between us, we should be able to find them all in no time."

Mahri asked, "Only one?" She cast a sharp glance towards the alphas. Would they volunteer? "Does it have to be one or can others come?" Cal would have to understand, right. Fuck. She'd promised him though.. A slight smirk touched her lips. Damned if she couldn't just drag his happy ass along.

Rhian said, "How is that suppose's t'elp? Th'gotta ne somethin' special? Gotta fight?"

Parsithius snorted, "Astra told you a way to defeat her enemy." He shook his head briefly, and offered a insincere smile, "Great." He exhaled, "I don't know about you guys. But I'll stand against this darkness."

Leoxander growled, "None of us need to throw ourselves into a fuckin' fire. You all remember the last time I did that?"

Keturah looked to Miya. "Dwarves, Astaren, Teramide, ..Lycan.. Humans.. Halfling.. Nymphs, Dragons, Fae.. Fermin.. Dhampire.. Drow.. Kitsune.. perhaps the Siren.." She lifted her shoulders. "Their cousins.. too. Reds and Blacks.. All the Fae. I thought we should start close to home first." And then aether-stamped gaze flickered to Mahri. "One champion. But if darkness brings an army a small contingent will do little." Which meant well enough that others were likely welcome to join, even without that title attached. "If they can stand against Chaos.. then they are special enough."

Finn made a sound that was somewhere between a grunt and a groan. "Aye. And by the looks of things this Nox had better watch his nuts if Della's around . She's lookin' forward to whatever's comin' more than should be the case for folks with a lick of sense." He lifted a look Mahri's way. "Reckon if she wants one of each, anythin' extra's a bonus. Can never have too many bodies by my reckonin'" He shifted to settle a look on Miya. "That's what we were thinkin'.. Neer get it done in time if Ket's gotta do all the fetchin'.."

Keturah said to Leoxander, "I am already standing for my people. "

Miya spoke softly, "All the more reason to do it together this time, instead of alone."

Keturah had something particularly steady to her gaze where it rested on the alpha. It took a beat, but she eventually looked to Miya with a smile. "Yes."

Roelstra returned Leo's glance, curiously. Many in the pack would be willing, but how many were able? Many of them had children, or expecting. Fingers brushed her torso without even realizing, wondering just how well she could fare in combat after all this time.

Mahri said to Leoxander, "Couldn't forget it if I tried."

Parsithius growled back at Leoxander, "Don't let me pass up a chance to fight against them. I owe them a fight, the way I see it."

Leoxander tightened his jaw to look away toward the fire, again.

Terra placed her faith in Keturah, what she could do and what she had already done. And she had faith in those that gathered here now. She had made a promise, after all, to remain hopeful. Then again, it could have been the lack of sleep that had her looking less somber than the rest. "I found your halfling."

Keturah said to you, "...Does.. The halfling in question know he is fighting in a war?" Not that the healer seemed to mind. At all. "

Arien hadn't failed to notice the air that clung about the rogue. It seemed something bordering almost a depression for having to step into that place of darkness again. Miya's words rang true. "We have tried standing alone, and it was not worth the loss we nearly suffered. I wouldn't lose any of you..if it is in my power. Any can claim the title, but we stand as one." Their family would not go to that void again. She turned to look toward Parsithius. "I would expect nothing less, brother.." she whispered huskily. The elf reached up a hand to rest against the mantle for support, a slow blink offered with a furrow of her brow, as if focus had been momentarily lost. "We can assingn amongst ourselves the responsibility for the search. "Has anyone been to the nether? Perhaps Leo or myself can descend. It has been some time since we've seen Roran. He may know where we can turn in those quarters for aid.." Arien blinked again, her emerald gaze making a slow sweep of the room as pupils seemed to dilate and contract to some unseen stimuli. "Leo.." She breathed his name, unsteady. Something was wrong.

Roelstra tried to think of how many of those races existed alongside the pack, particularly dhampires. But, thede was her daughter, and then...oh no. Gabriel. He was the only one she knew of fighting age. Lightly tanned cheeks blanched at the thougjt. Did je have any idea of this?

Terra did not answer Keturah's question because it didn't require one. Kirikae would do it, he had a reason to do it, so she assumed. "We can pair up. Arien and Leo can do the nethers," she paused, unsure if she should continue since it seemed Arien was a little off but she assumed it was the pressure of all the news. "See what they can find. No one should go alone." This, this part was said towards the healer who had a bad habit of it. "I'll..make a list." Because she wanted to feel useful, even if she had a feeling that she would be sidelined as time continued to drag on. "And," she added, using the edge of the couch to push herself upwards to ease some unknown pressure. "You might want to be careful, find someone who can fix a charm for you because it seems Nox likes to play games, tempt you..." It was a warning. "Kets? Outside, just a moment?" There was worry in that look.

Leoxander was staring hard at the floor. Curious, that dark crack on the floor panel. He kept gazing in that direction and seemed oblivious to Arien's state of his name.

Nox whispered something to Arien.

Keturah watched Arien for a moment, lips slightly parted as though to say something. And then gaze turned to Terra. "Maybe we can find someone to put up wards." She caught that look too, and with a nod, the healer was drifting toward the door, a bow afforded to those inside. "Sure.." The others likely needed that moment, anyway.

Arien's already pale face grew paler, and the green of her eyes was almost lost for the sudden dilation of the dark pupils there. A soft gasp escaped her lips as her fingers curled more tightly into the stone of the mantle and it seemed she was lost to those others gathered in the room , suddenly as her focus turned inward to that voice that raked across her mind. There was no choice, no chance given to fight the power of that spoken word, but a single one of her own would past her lips, intended for all who were gathered around in that hearth and home, a whispered defiance to the dark soul who was claiming her now. "Stand.." And then the alpha was falling, graceful even in that crumble to the wooden floor of their home, and the first veined tendrils of darkness threaded from her heart where it beat, travelling the length of the column of her throat toward that flame crown that now rested on her arm, in the depths of a sleep touched by the torment of the darkness to come.

Leoxander finally snapped out of his daze and stood up off the couch, feeling some pull from his alpha female that Dal'ken might experience. A glazed blue gaze found the elf in his sight just before that sensation stung him, and he visibly flinched before he could take a step toward her. "...Keturah..!" He managed to call the healer's name when he found it valid, staring in a dazed confusion toward his alpha mate. She was falling, and he rushed toward her side, blindly.

Mahri wouldn't be far behind Leo and leaping across the prone form of Arien, against the hearth fired or not, to crouch next to her with one hand outstretched towards the middle of Arien's back, "Arien"

Keturah was turning at the call of her name. Oh. Shit. "Give her some room, then, yes?" The desert-born was already lowering to a crouch alongside the highborn alpha, and her fingers had instinctively reached to see to her pulse before the darkness in her veins was noticed. Whoever was listening had the healer's directive. "One of you help me get her on her back.."

Finn's curse was bitten out. "Fuck.." And he was moments behind Mahri in her move toward the red alpha where she lay. He knew better than to crowd that space, however and was already making room for Keturah to pass through between them. "Pars.. He's fuckin' here.." He knew it, the hairs of his nape were standing on end. They needed to split up before they were picked apart one by one in their grape like cluster. "It's a bad fuckin' idea to be all here like this right now." Eyes were locked on Leoxander. If Arien was .. He didn't let himself finish the thought. "Mahri.." he almost barked at her. "Could be catchin'.." Infectious. She should back away until they knew what the hell they were dealing with.

Miya didn't want to crowd, though she couldn't stop that single step towards the fallen red alpha. Honey eyes widened as she turned to look for Keturah, and she damned herself for making Araina stay home. It was to the beta that she spoke, the elf clenching her fists at her side, "What do we do?"

Parsithius 's body flexed as his hands snapped to the hilts of his swords; he didn't know how it would help, but immediately he drew his blades. The resonating sound of metal sliding against sheath and weapon echoed in the home, and he sliced his eyes to Roelstra. "Go make sure the children are safe." Provided they're home. His sight sliced back toward Finn, "Just like a coward, he attacks a mother. With magics no less.

Miya said to Roelstra, "Gather Alruika and come to Eventide? I could use help watching the girls, and you two shouldn't be alone."

Leoxander took a knee at Arien's side to grip her shoulder and see her face. Despite the healer's orders, he would not be the one giving his lover room, and gripped her cheeks as others worked to turn her, to move her expression toward his, so he could see her state. Although focused on Arien, he caught Finn's words, and yelled sharply at those who could not help produce awareness from his elf. "Get the fuck out of here, now!" He hardly had time to worry whether or not Arien was dead. A few seconds later, the pirate blinked, stared at nothing for the pause of seconds, and then as he tried to turn away for escape he collapsed on the floor not far from where his lover lay, unconscious.

Roelstra pressed her back to the wall, gasping quietly. Her bow had been carried with her, but leff by the doorway. A few arrows rezted in jer quiver, grabbing them and turning her baxk towards the wall again. "...fuck...", she muttered. A questioning look was slanted towards

Terra lingered inbetween, half in and half out, when she witnessed the collapse of Arien and the following cry from Leoxander. She remained frozen in that spot, unsure what to do until Finn was barking orders and bringing order to the chaos. Was it Nox...? Of course it was. The color raced from her cheeks. She should leave, like Finn had mentioned but she would not go, not yet and definitely not alone. So she lingered and in the mean time, tried to recreate the vision that Astra had given her, anything to keep the darkness at bay.

Roelstra said to Parsithius, "Gabriel lives near the Inn, but Ill grab Rika."

Keturah said, very calmly, "Sticks and stones and swords will do little against a god." She was still checking for the woman's pulse. "Parsithius.. if you are to claim the title of champion I will need you here to help recruit others." Her fingers lifted to brush away the fallen strands of red. Golden eyes shifted to Leoxander, and the healer pushed herself to a stand before making her way over to him. "Go home tonight. I will come in the morning and we will figure out what to do.." Because the alphas would need to be tended to.

Roelstra looked to Miya next, nodding quickly. " I will, but my son and daughter-in-law may need to come as well." Parsithius earned another glance, before she'd wander close enough to brush a kiss against his cheek. "Eventide. Meet us there."

Parsithius said to Roelstra, "No, she's safe there with Verja. Check on my brother's children."

Miya dipped her head Roe's way, "All are welcome." That included anyone else that would rather not be alone.

Parsithius nodded toward Roelstra after the kiss, and then looked toward Keturah. "Then I shall claim that title, and we will bring the god to his knees."

Terra did not want to go without Keturah. She could not be coaxed to move from that spot, even as everyone started to make plans and arrangements. Watching Leoxander fall almost led to her retreat, however. But when she took a step back she found wall. At some point in her daze she moved forward, towards them without realizing it. And then... the voice. "Stop." It wasn't said to anyone that could be seen but the determination may suggest otherwise. When she caught whiff of the smoke, something akin to relief was felt as she looked out the window expecting... well, something more than nothing.

Roelstra said to Parsithius, "Right, then. Give me just a moment.."

Mahri's eyes snapped up and she looked around sharply, peering into every nook and dark corner. A low growl rumbled in the beta's throat. She'd help Keturah roll Arien to her back and then look over to Leoxander with a low curse. Everyone was doing something; giving orders and taking up arms but she was concentrating on her alpha. Smoothing a lock of fiery hair from the elf's face, her fingers traced down to find the pulse at the wolf's throat. To Finn, the beta spoke, "Don't be ridiculous, Red." She did not share what had been the cause of her growl; the sound still lingered with each word spoken. The alphas were down and she was the beta. Well. Fuck.

Mahri said to Miya, "Lan and Sharice are with Micah at the cottage. Can you check them?" They should be okay but Mahri wasn't going to take chances, "Bring them with you if you can."

Roelstra disappeared into the interior of the home, checking on Lex and the twins, moving in total silence.

Finn had helped in that adjusting turn to get the red alpha to her back, another soft curse ecsaping when Leoxander followed her to that darkness. Fingers reached out to touch the rogue where he lay, a reach of his pulse. "He's alive..reckon they both are. But this isn't natural. Help me get them to a bed." His eyes lifted, registering the bodies still present and he was about to bite out a harsher request that they follow the fallen alpha's direction when those first traces of a familiar scent teased his senses. Great. Just what they all needed. "Story fuckin' interestin' enough for you yet?" He bit it out to the God he knew lurked unmanifested. "Enjoyin' watchin' the pawns fall?"

Mahri's nose twitched with the subtle scent of smoke and paper. She didn't have the time just then to pay much attention to it as she was looking Arien over with a healer's eye and druid senses.

Miya said to Mahri, "Don't worry, I'll get them,. We will be at Eventide with Rain. Radu is there too." It was the safest place she could think of, not that magic could save them from a God. "I'll go now."

Mahri looks up at Finn with a frown; just about to do as suggested and help put the wolves to bed. "Who are you talking to? G'damn it Red.." then she paused and cocked her head. There it was again, the smell of cigarettes and paper. Silver eyes searched out again, looking for the source. Disembodied voices and phantom scents. What was next?

Mahri said to Miya, "Thank you, Miya. Take care of them, and yourself."

Miya offered another scan of the room before she was off to gather the children.

Miya said to Mahri, "You too."

Meran's appearance was fluid, and he stood in the center of the room, looking for all the world like another mortal. "Did we not chat about making assumptions, Finn?" A gentler reprimand. Dark eyes lifted to seek out that which could not be seen before turning back to the alpha couple where they lay. There was something more to the two dropping that had tweaked a nerve in the otherwise passive god. He lifted his fingers, bringing his cigarette to his mouth for a drag. "And no. This is illogical. I am not interested in this story in the slightest. But my library has been tampered with."

Keturah glanced up from her tending. She couldn't leave them on the floor and if she had been about to request help in getting them to a bed, it was cut off by Finn's words.. and the appearance of the man in the room. "Your library.." She didn't recognize him or the smell, but she could guess.

Parsithius 's nose curled, "King nothing," he corrected something unseen, and perhaps unheard. "I'll bring you to your knees." His nose curled upward at the smell of smoke, "The storymaster. I'm going to burn every book I find."

Meran said to Parsithius, "Try, little king. Try."

Parsithius narrowed his gaze at the deity.

Mahri could give a shit less about this person or his library. She had more important things to do and at least her lycan blood gave her the strength to heft Arien up and over her shoulder (fireman style) to carry the alpha to her room and lay her on the bed. Of course all the necessary things are done to make her comfortable before the beta returned to the main room and Leo still there. Of course, she wasn't quite that strong.

The shadows whisper a laugh of amusement.

Mahri broke in, "Parsithius, take Leo and lay him down with Arien." Her words were an order from beta to sentinal and would not allow for argument. Neither did the hard silver stare she leveled on the former king.

Terra remained careful to avoid shadows... and the smoke from Meran and the wrath of the Knight that stood nearby. The laughter caused a chill to settle in her skin. "How can we fix your library then? Fix the story?"

Keturah's gaze did shift to Finn, as she was relieved of those bodies whom she had been tending to. He'd spoken with the god before, then. The healer said nothing, instead flickering her vision back to the blonde storyteller.

Mahri looked at Terra from the corner of her eye. She wasn't unaware of what was going on, entirely.

Finn was. That strong, now. And the rogue had already been hoisted to his own care. If he felt a twinge for the assumption that had been made his mask would not reveal it. He was about done with the damned lot of them, and the games hadn't even started yet. "Good. Cause its a fuckin' bad story.. Figured anythin' of yours would be better anyway.." He lifted a chin to the healer. "You can talk to her." Till he got back. Even in their unconscious state it didn't feel right that the alpha pair should not lay side by side. The runner was walking with his burden toward the place Mahri had taken the alpha's mate. He too, was laid in that bed, a deadweight in the grip of a seeming living death.

Meran answered, "Take out that bit of false information planted.. regarding your plague. That is what this is... Nox's plague.." Eyes fell on the prophet then. "I supposed he would rather watch you twist in the wind, little prophet.. while he targets those around you." Rather than targeting the voice, chaos had chosen two alphas. "And that does make for a more interesting story.. does it not? Perhaps you will martyr yourself for your cause.. But I do digress. Information about the plague can be found in my archives. Get rid of that false nonsense while you're there."

Keturah pushed to a stand, eyes on the god for that message delivered. She managed to keep her features to the composed neutral that she had once practiced, even when the word martyr dropped. "Someone will need to come with me to Astaria.. I need to find an Astaren who will stand.. We can go to the library then." Since she knew it a little better by now. If she had been talking to the room while she looked at Meran, her next words were addressed to him. "And remove what was tampered with. Thank you for your assistance."

Mahri glanced around at who was left still standing. Finn, Parsithius, Roelstra. Rhi who was keeping as unobtrusive as possible, Finn. The last was his own man and friend of the pack but she expected him to jump at the chance to accompany the healer so.. what now? For the first time the beta was uncertain. She did not quite know what she was dealing with.

Meran shook his head. "Do not mistake my irritation for assistance." Meran had no true side in the battle that would come. Nor did he care beyond the war becoming a decent story, and this particular plague hiccup had the author less than amused. "I hope you do die, little prophet. The wars where the prophet has died have always been the most intriguing." With that, though, the man was gone and all traces of that smell had gone with him.

Finn stepped back out into the den of wolves, a look offered around the space, pensive. Mahri would be surprised to find herself mistaken in that assumption. "Pars can go with you. We need to stick to the plan.." His expression was grim. "Somebody's got to go to the Nether. Might as well be me.." He glanced Mahri's way. "You game for a roll in the dirt rider?"

Finn glanced Meran's way. Nobody's dyin'.." Not while he could stand. And he had every intention to do so.

Mahri quirked a brow towards Finn. Somehow she found humor in that, "I've rolled in worse with you, Runner."

Mahri would second Finn's answer to Meran.

Terra said to Keturah, "Guess it's you and me again then? Only, last time I think you almost forgot me up there..."

Roelstra returned to view, holding the twin boys she would let Miya carry Lex. " Well go to Eventide, make sure the cubs are safe.", she promised. She trusted Verja would keep Rika safe, but she'd also have to get to her son somehow.

Keturah brushed her fingers over her pants. "Alright. I'll find the Avian while I'm there. Pars and I will stop in the library.. and.. if you're going after the dwarf, that still leave the Drow to be found.. and those on Soteri.." That nearer, floating island. "But I would prefer more than just two to find those places." Particularly Soteri. "And then all the Haven races will have been found.." A grin flickered toward Terra. "You sure you're up for another adventure with me..?"

Another sharp strike of lightning did ricochet across the dark sky.

Terra said to Keturah, "I... never thought I would say this but you're my best chance at staying alive."

Mahri flinched subtly at the strike of lightening but she was already moving without thought to leave.. No wait. Crooking a finger towards Rhian, Mahri left instructions, "Watch them and don't let anything happen to Leo and Ari. I'm trusting you, wolf." Rhian might be crestfallen to not be part of any scouting or search parties but Mahri would promise a good hunt on her return. At least the omega would be useful as a watch in the warded cabin. "If everyone is set, I say we head out."

Lola had been reluctant to give up the care of her charges, but the older woman was standing now at the hallway exit with that practical and prepared look that said she was ready to take things in hand. "They are resting.." if not peacefully. "I will not leave their sides, do what you must." And that would seem to entail departing at the moment.

Terra moved away from the wall and that window at the sight of the bright sky, tried not to watch as it turned into darkness once more. There had been faith in what she had said to Keturah, a hope that was placed on her shoulders after being witness to the many miracles that occured in her presence. Another miracle? That Terra hadn't pulled all of her hair out at that whisper. Her arms wrapped around her torso. "Stop." It provided a brief reprieve, a sense of control when it was uttered. And yes, maybe she looked a little crazy for it.

Keturah could guess at what was happening. The healer might have recognized the other's aversion to touching for the way a hand merely stretched out to hover over the woman's shoulder. "We'll figure out those wards.. while we're in the library. I promise." There had to be something written in that vast collection of knowledge. Golden eyes flickered toward Finn as she lowered her hand.

Finn nodded grimly. "As set as we're likely to be.." he runner offered a final glance around the room before he was making purposeful strides to the door, ahead of or alongside the bodies who finally seemed prepared to move toward action. It was only as he crossed the threshold that he paused to offer his own directive to those not of the pack. "Stay out of trouble.." That was offered with a brush of lips to the mouth of the Sehraka and the temple of the elf. Mahri got a nod, she would be with him. "Need to swing by the Artrium to pack. Meet me on the town border with the sun..." And whether she chose to answer in the affirmative or not, the runner was slipping into the darkness beyond.

Mahri pushed back the bit of envy she felt seeing the easy affection the runner showed the healer and empath. "Sure," she mumbled turning away from the house and the rest of her pack. She didn't need to pack anything; just let Cal know she, or they along with Red, were going somewhere unexpectedly.

Keturah's eyes lowered and she dropped her hands into her pockets. "Let's go, then. There is much to do and little time to do it in." She might have pushed to the door, then, as though intending to hold it open for those who needed to pass through. Finn would find himself briefly caught by the arm, for that contact offered. She might have anchored herself to him for a heartbeat, before her fingers were dropping into her pockets again. "Say high to Rory for me.." And she smiled before she was heading out with her group as well.

Terra tried to smile at Keturah's attempt at reassurance and Finn's own version of it. The mood hadn't changed, if anything it become darker as the night seemed neverending. Everyone was moving out so she followed and added, "Dunno why everyone looks so sad. None of you has to go tell Kirikae he's a volunteer." That was an attempt at humor as they all went their ways.

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