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The News contained within this sheet is deemed public knowledge. If your character might reasonably be aware of the information shared, you may utilize it in your role play.

Global News
As of July, no news has been reported.
Haven Island News Adrasei City News

The corpse of the buxom blonde Anna was discovered upstairs at the Drunken Tumbler. Her chest cavity ripped wide open and her organs eaten..


A brutal attack on Port Haven's judge, Horatio Uldridge on the Devil's Row ends with the death of the judge. Official reports state that chaos magic was likely used in the assault. Mayor Theodore Swain has posted an advertisement calling for recruits to the town Guard.


March 1st: A second incident of murder strikes Lanmere Village. The victims include local woodcutter, Ryan O'Hara, his wife, Amelia, their eight-year-old son Patrick, and thirteen-year-old daughter, Abigail. They are survived by their youngest daughter, Luna. Though initial reports made by the girl indicate the local wolf pack may be to blame, Keturah, the island's master healer, has released an official report stating that the wounds were caused by magic. Further investigation into the matter is ongoing.

March 2nd: A third incident of murder arises in Port Haven. An apparent mugging ended in the death of the assailant. Witnesses claim the death was made in self defense, though rumors further report that the cadaver of the assailant appeared to stand and follow a strange deep elf.


April 6th: After a month's recluse it was today spontaneously announced that Lasarus Fox, Captain of the Guard, has foregone his post and left the village. The townsfolk can only speculate as to who will be appointed his replacement.


The creature known as the Corpse Tearer Tree started to devour all life in the forest, causing alarm and panic in the surrounding villages in Haven Island. A brave many sought to end the terror, and a few lost their lives to it. The Corpse Tearer Tree is no more, but dear ones are now gone, as well. May Astra's light be with Cryso in the afterlife.


As of July, nothing unusual has yet been reported.


July 16th: A John Doe was discovered in an Old Town alley. Officials believe the John Doe was slammed into the wall before getting his ribs and sternum cracked by a heavy object, possibly someone stomping on his chest. His head appears to have exploded, but officials don't know what would cause this. "Magic is the only explanation," comments a local who was later interviewed by authorities. There were no witnesses, but officials advise people to keep off the streets at night.

July 18th: Another John Doe was discovered in an alley northeast of the City Park. Authorities believe he was killed during the evening hours of July 17th. He was discovered by Ilya, face mangled with claw marks and body torn and eaten. Specialists claim the wounds were inflicted by feral animal teeth. "Whatever it was, it was feeding," says one specialist. What kind of animal it might be isn't clear, but locals who were in the area around the time of death recall hearing laughter. "It was the crazy kind of laugh you hear the dogs from Miriton do," says a witness. He did not see the animal, but the local veterinarian informs us that the laughing dog "is in fact a hyena." This animal attack does not appear to be connected to the murder in the slums, but authorities remind locals to keep an eye out for any strange animals and to avoid staying out late.

Ankou Ennis Island News Astaria City News

An earthquake shook the whole island and toppled over some of the weaker, older structures. Several people were injured, but no deaths have yet been reported. The cause of the earthquake remains unknown.


The sands continue to run for the Island of Ankou before the wall protecting West Ankou Ennis falls.


With the aid of Solaris, Astaria takes its home in the skies as it was always meant to be. A bridge across the chasm left behind and a portal have been erected for pilgrims wishing to journey to the flying city.


As of July, no further news has been reported.

Rumors from the East Side The Great Tal News

A seven-foot tall figure reminiscent of the plague doctors of old has been sighted throughout the East. None know of his name, and some suspect it is a ghost or simply not real. Some suggest the fabled plague doctor is but a hoax perpetrated by the West to further instill fear into the hearts of the survivors in the East. Others suggest it's a machine collecting data for the West to use, either in the hopes of a cure or to carry on the centuries-old tradition of abandonment. What this figure is and whether it's real is unknown, but it has provoked interest among East Ankou's population and may ultimately lead to this strange figure's capture. Only then will the East have its questions answered.


An earthquake hit the East and destroyed some of the survivor city's buildings. A lot of people were hurt, but most of them escaped with minor injuries. The fallen buildings have left some people homeless, and there's nowhere to put them. Rogue Easterners from outside the city have reported a giant spire sticking out of the Old City Road. Some daring people left the city to check it out, and when they came back, they told stories about getting bitten but never turning. No one knows what's changed...


People have ventured out of the city just to get a look at the spire, and everyone comes back without turning, even if they've gotten bit. Plenty of them get attacked, but no one's dying. What's more is that the older folks used to no man's land, the Rogue Easterners, say the Infected aren't as fast or mean anymore. They say a lot of them look like they're dying, but it's going slow. The rest of them are changing, too. Color's returning to their cheeks and their eyes are clearing, but they all still act feral. Is the spire curing them?


A strange, Western woman who people call La Croix has begun taking supplies to the East. She gave a couple of horses to the survivor city and plans on bringing over more supplies. People from the city have left to help round up the Infected and quarantine them off. Word says La Croix is behind organizing the operation. The grapevine calls it Operation Blood. Buildings marked with blood-soaked banners are said to be the buildings holding the captured Infected in, and that's how the operation got its name. Other folks have left the city, too, but no one knows for sure if they left to help out with Operation Blood, to check out the spire, or something else. There's a lot of talk about joining La Croix to help take back the city.


Soldiers of the guard go missing. Reports indicate an abduction, though the source has yet to be discovered. Losille and Elronien launch a full investigation. The implications of war are clear.

Illynfel Island News Jangalan News
As of July, no further news has been reported. February 2015:

Many taverns and towns across the world will find this notice on their board: "To all interested denizens of the Isles: each year, the Jangalan Navy holds a tournament where participants test their strength, dexterity, and wit in a variety of water-based contests. Some take place on the shore, while others will be found beneath the sea. In the past, the tournament has been exclusive to Jangal, but this year, we are extending the invite to all Islands. If you seek to test your mettle beneath the waves, or if you simply wish to learn and improve, this tournament will likely have something for you. For non-Jangalan citizens, please send inquiries to the shaman Kumorohyou. May Sela guide you in safety.

-From the Office of Fleet Admiral Nazara, Jangalan Navy"

Miriton Island News Rosfjorn Island News

Village locals and nomads appear to still be going missing. Rumors of a slave ring still circulate, but no one has spotted any of the abductees. (OOC: Contact Sylara for more details)

September A Festival of the Ancients is held at Rognvald Mead Hall. Things start off with an announcement of marriage between Signe and Current War Chieftain Skjaldbjorn. They drink laced honey wine, sing songs and have entertainment with a fight between two brothers. However the white wraiths attack the village!


An odd portal has been located at Mirror Lake. The corpse of Brynwulf, a local human has been discovered at the scene. Those who have entered have not come back!

Two Drow were captured in Rosfjorn and given their freedom.

During some political negotiations a heated debate arose between Dyzz and the Rognvald elders. The elders have been deemed unworthy of their positions and are currently being held prisoner inside their own huts. All reports must now go straight to the Chieftain Skjaldbjorn.

The Goblins of Rosfjorn and the two tribes are now allied!


As of July, no further news has been reported.

Soteri Island News News from the Abyss
As of July, no further news has been reported. March:

The Ordinance is still in effect. Head Matron Insidia of House Qi'Sek has yet to be sighted, but the sentinels continue to patrol the streets regardless, maintaining her rule. Tension carries high in the Abyss still, but dutiful drowesses continue with their pregnancies. A few have miscarried and have been branded for being suspected of foul play.

Several sentinel camps were raided in the last weeks, resulting in the death of both sentinels and rebel drow. A faction of supporters have also started a cult of Nox. His name grows more common in the wake of all the unrest.


Head Matron Insidia of House Qi'Sek has returned, but sentinel activity has not diminished since. The cultists have done nothing. Life, otherwise, proceeds as usual.


Tier Breche, the once-Academy now in Patron Avidasino of House Si'Kaie's control, has been reopened to the Abyssian public. Aspiring prietesses, necromancers, assassins, and warriors flock to its gates regardless of income or creed. All are welcome once again.

Guild News
Keturah Ka'Anch is looking for healers to join The Healer's Guild, as well as qualified individuals willing to work in the Haven Clinics or the South Haven Shelter.

Serafim is looking for any holy workers, such as Paladins, Clerics, Priests and other qualified individuals willing to join the new guild Order of Radiant Light. (Adras version of a paladins guild.)

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