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Rules of Behavior You Have Agreed to By Entering The Isles of Adrasteia.

Welcome to the Isles of Adrasteia rule page where you can find all of our guidelines, rules, strictures etc. It is ultimately up to you, to know these as you will be held responsible for breaking them. As we have just relaunched with new features these might change from time to time. We will do our utmost to keep you informed, but do check back here from time to time.


Basic Rules

1. You will not abuse any system, bug or glitch within Adrasteia, it's wiki or corresponding forums (WIP coming soon). You are expected to report bugs or glitches to staff.

2. You will notify the current admin of anyone who does abuse the systems.

3. You will not impersonate any admin or moderator for any reason whatsoever.

4. You agree to accept direction from staff where it is given, including any judgements made by staff that pertain to the game, it's direction or disciplinary actions. Admin have the final say.

5. You will not abuse or spam the chat channels.

6. You will not take ooc disagreements out on players in character.

7. Defamation of any player is strictly forbidden. We hope to provide a safe environment for those who are part of the old and new community here.

8. You will not post any pornographic materials such as pictures, links or anything of it's like in game, chat or bios. Full on nudity pertaining to genitalia is Forbidden and will not be tolerated. For any reason.

9. Inappropriate jokes, derogatory name calling, intimate topics, racist anything's, are strictly prohibited.

Rules of role-playing

1. You will not engage in cyber sex in or out of character anywhere inside of the game.

2. You will not unmask any other players.

3. You will not mock any players legitimate attempts at roleplay.

4. You will accept the ruling of any character or persons put in charge of the fate of your character.

5. You will do your best to legitimately follow the guidelines and rules established in Adras to the best of your ability.

6. You understand that you're able to have as many alts as you like, provided you follow the rules, without having to ask for permission.

7. You will not mix OOC and IC.

8. Godmodding is forbidden.

Discord Rules

Because we also operate a discord server for a multitude of reasons, here are our list of rules while chatting or participating in it.

1. Cybering, sexual conversation, and pornographic materials of any kind are prohibited. We cannot know the age of every player. However, innuendoes, just like in game -are- acceptable.

2. Do not spam any channel or admin. This is self explanatory.

3. Use the correct channel for your topic of discussion.

4. Ooc drama is to be strictly kept away.

5. Name calling, racist jokes, derogatory, inflammatory or sexist remarks made against any one in our servers is grounds to be banned.

6. Further still, harassment of any kind against an individual's religious views or orientation, whatever they may be, will not be tolerated.

Additional Warnings and Information

This site is rated TEEN.

This site may contain scenarios that include suggestive themes or violence, and exposure to simulated gambling or profanity. It is not recommended for children under the age of 15, or people who are easily offended or upset by satire, parody, or opinions that do not agree with their own in regards to religion, art, entertainment, gaming, history, politics, sex, mature situations, language, or the nature of the universe.


Profiles may contain partial nudity, with the only limits being on the full frontal or partial exposure of genitalia. The posting of explicit sexual content, commonly refered to as 'cyber sex' whether in character or out of character is NOT permitted in game, and is a punishable offense at administrator discretion. By entering the MUD, you are stating that you have fully read and agree to abide by all of the rules as stated in our rules, and that you acknowledge the content warning given.

If you do not fully agree to the terms of service and rules, then do not enter the game. You will be held to the standards provided here.

Punishment for breaking these rules depends upon the severity of the crime and will be meted out by at least two admin to insure that parties involved receive fair treatment and have the opportunity to explain themselves.

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