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Sela is Water. The ocean, the rivers, the rain, dew. It is her true and unrestrained self that has existed since the time of the shaking.

Often, however, she manifests in the form of a mermaid when partaking in interaction in her underwater realm. She poses as an impossibly large stature, whose elven-appearing upper half is tinged blue-grey, green, purple and blue from the shimmer the scales that cover her. Her tail is of a much deeper blue, that compliments the undertones of her skin. Mercurial silver eyes are framed by the shock of brilliant red hair that, if not for the pearl, coral, and seashell made crown, would flow freely around her in the waters.

For those times that Sela must take a physical form on land, her tail is abandoned in favor of slender legs. She stands taller than mortal women, seemingly dampened and soaked by water. The blue-grey coloration of her skin remains, though the scales are visible only when the light catches the shimmer at a certain angle.

The Sea Queen


Sela is the embodiment of the ocean. At once she can be calm and welcoming, arms open to embrace those who come to her. In the next she might explode with a stormy temper, crashing over islands and attacking coastlines. She is not without her playful side, tossing around beach goers and giving sailors a helping hand.

She can be fiercely protective her of favored in moments, and in others allow to flail about in her waters for spite. For all her wild, chaotic tendencies, Earth remains her favored sibling.


Before the time of the shaking,

before the tainting of mortal blood, and before the beginning of everything,

there was The Continuum.

Light and Darkness flowed never-ending over the void.

The two opposing forces were in constant strife,

and the clashing caused all of existences to tremble from the colliding powers.

From this shaking sprang earth, water, the moon and time.

And so Jirhai, Sela, Nyx and Chron took their places in the Divine Council

...and balance existed.


Sela exists in the terrestrial realm, crafting her domain beneath the waves of her waters.


Solipher; Courtier and Mage

Leoxander Achilles; Captain of the Eternity

Landy; Paladin of the Sea Queen

Calixite; The Sea Nymph

Sylara; The Kitsune

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