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Ezra, The Spirit of Justice
General Information
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Living Aether Yellow
Height: 6'0"
Favored Weapons: Swords and Spears
Class: Crusader
Race: Aether Spirit
Notes For Those Who Seek to Worship The Spirit of Justice
Virtues: Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Faith, Discipline, Diligence, and Self-Reliance
Favored Race: Humans
Favored Class: Paladins, Crusaders, and law officers.
Known Power Manifestations
The Eyes of Justice: The eyes of Ezra see through machinations to disguise oneself. Seeing into the souls of mortal kind, where he can view every sin commited, every virtue upheld, like tally marks written upon parchment.
Light of Justice: When called upon, the light of the aether himself breaks free of his form, directed at specific targets. Those found to have the light placed upon them soon realize that its presence turns every misdeed on their soul into physical weights where the user can be simply pinned with little effort.
Light Weapons: These weapons are manifestations of the divine power he wields and can take any form. Because of his long standing service to Astra, they are divine, holy and aligned to justice.
The Chains of Justice: These in particular, are a mystery and have only been revealed a few times...
Known Followers
Currently Blessed or Empowered By Justice
Araina Araina has received favor from Ezra due to her past injustices. The spirit of justice now helps to carry her weighty burdens and struggles, easing her mind. Rp Can Be Found Here: Three Gifts

  1. Passed his variation of judgement on Ridgemourn
  2. Restored Vaan by tying him into the Aether
  3. Brought the shade lust by tying Eliandra to it
  4. Brought the shade envy by tying Cryso to it
  5. Blessed Araina
  6. Learning what emotions mean
  7. Searching for the gods
  8. Searching for the aether spirit of hope
  9. Learned of a crack in the aether
  10. Growing in power by bathing in the swirl of the aether
  11. Has vowed to meet the gods head on
  12. Seeks a better form of balance


[Show/hide] What Is an Aether Spirit?

Like the gods, an aether spirit too, is born from the aether; a swirl of power which all life stems from. As such, an aether spirit does not harbor a soul. Unlike mortals, should they actually die, they return to the aether where a new spirit is born to take their place. We call this recycling. And for all of you who are curious, they are only able to be slain by gods or when they are most vulnerable - within mortal form, and even then, it is no easy feet.

Every aether spirit in existence is a gift from the gods. Each represents a complete ideal at its very core. This ideal is birthed into mankind and given life solely by the spirits life. For example, if Ezra should die and be kept from recycling, the word and ideas behind justice erase from the minds of mortals. As if such things never existed.

An aether is considered a higher life form, above mortals (vamps, dragons, lycans, nymphs, are all mortal), but just below the gods themselves.

What Can an Aether Spirit Do?

An Aether, whether Spirit or Shade, are divine casters - holy and unholy respectively. However they are also aligned to their personal concept. Below is a small but ever growing list of things they can do.

  1. Grant Favor.
  2. Bless.
  3. Imbue.
  4. Grant divine power from their domain.
  5. Receive worship.
  6. Push mortals in certain directions.
  7. Plane walk to imagined and unimaginable places.
  8. Heal great wounds.
  9. Smite (some more so than others).

Ever expanding

The Spirit of Justice

"Before the time of the shaking; before the tainting of mortal blood, and before the beginning of everything, there was the Continuum. The swirl of the Aether oversaw the balance, and Order and Chaos, Light and Darkness flowed never-ending over the void."

A Millennium has passed since the dispersing of the original spirits, which created the race of Aether. The shattering of such power left a void unfilled by them. A bereft existence filled without the ideology they represented and birthed into mankind. Those gifts found themselves dispersed among the spirits, creating a new race of beings which represent smaller particles of their former selves.

Ezra was born into such an existence, a millennium after the war of gods and mortals. In this abrupt breadth of time the being came into creation with naught but the reigning powers of Justice. The idea of Justice is more than some measuring tool for only the good. Justice exists for all or it exists for none.

Over the entire span of the immortals life, good, and evil have fought to gain dominance; Ezra siding with neither. There have been at times, fingers of accusation flung in his direction, but the idea alone is his to understand. The idea of true Justice and accountability goes beyond their comprehension.

Ezra can and will appear in many different forms, even calling himself by different names, but any who have witnessed his true purpose have met the Spirit of Justice.

Philosophical Justice In Adras

Justice within Adrasteia, comes close to the words morality, righteousness, and fairness. It properly includes within it, the whole duties of man. It also covers a broad area of individual conduct as it pertains to others. Justice is the quality of soul, in virtue of which mortal kind set aside every irrational desire to taste every pleasure and obtain self centered gratification from every object.

Justice is more than a sword for the oppressor and more than a shield for the weak. It transcends class and is not an external force applied by man. It is instead, the very state of being, the balance within when all the pieces click into place, while not oppressing others and not claiming to be oppressed by others. It is a fine line between both concepts of good and evil, for both exist within, but balance must be maintained.

Justice implies superior character and intelligence while injustice means deficiency in both respects. Therefore, just men are superior in character and intelligence and are more effective in action. As injustice implies ignorance, stupidity and badness, it cannot be superior in character and intelligence. A just man is wiser because he acknowledges the principle of limit.

Unlimited self-assertion is not a source of strength for any group organized for common purpose, unlimited desire and claims lead to conflicts.

Life of a just man is better and happier. There is always some specific virtue in everything, which enables it to work well. If it is deprived of that virtue, it works badly. The soul has specific functions to perform. When it performs its specific functions, it has specific excellence or virtue. If, it is deprived of its peculiar virtue, it cannot possibly do its work well. It is agreed that the virtue of the soul is justice. The soul which is more virtuous or in other words more just is also the happier soul. Therefore, a just man lives happy. A just soul, in other words a just man, lives well; an unjust cannot. --Quote by Socrates

The laws of men can and will be taken into account, but what they dont understand, that the spirit of justice does, is that within the world just mortals arent just goodly. Some souls live happiest within the dark...

Someone may ask, 'How is justice greater than all the other virtues?' The other virtues gratify the one who possesses them; justice does not give pleasure to the one possessing it, but instead pleases others. --Quote by St. Jerome

The fine line to remember here, is whether or not the actions pertain to self gratification or for the benefits of others.

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